The Confederate flag, which was to be removed from the main courtroom in the renovated York County, South Carolina Courthouse will be displayed there after all.

York County Clerk of Court David Hamilton said Friday removing the flag would violate South Carolina's Heritage Act.

Hamilton's decision to put the flag back in the courtroom reverses his decision that we reported last week, when he believed he had authority under state law as clerk and legal authority to move the flag and other Civil War items to another spot (storage room) in the building.

Hamilton said he had met with two lawyers and others about the decision before announcing it in The Herald on Tuesday and did not believe it violated the state law, which requires legislative action by the S.C. General Assembly to change historical markers, monuments or buildings. The plan was to keep the items within the walls of the courthouse but not in a viewable area.

But Hamilton, a Republican who has been county clerk of court for 21 years, said after his decision was reported, he was contacted by state officials who did a more formal legal review. Hamilton said he was told that removing the items could violate the law. So the flag, and five other historical flags, pictures of Confederate generals and other items, will go back into the courtroom.

"The decision to change course and put the items back in the courtroom came after additional research, and is one hundred percent not my personal feelings one way or another," Hamilton said late Friday. "This decision is to be in compliance with a more strict interpretation of the Heritage Act."

"Next week I plan to ask the House legal team to look at the issue and provide a legal interpretation," King said.

York Mayor Eddie Lee, who has studied the Heritage Act as part of Winthrop University's committee looking at how the Heritage Act affects the name of Tillman Hall, said his interpretation of the act showed a decision to take the flag out of the courtroom was a "clear violation" of the act.

Yet Lee, a Winthrop professor specializing in South Carolina history who has Confederate ancestors, said he understands and agrees with removing the flag from the courtroom to another place because "the year 2017 is not 1861."

Hamilton said he will convene a "diverse" committee to look at how the items, which are currently in storage, will be displayed when the courtroom is used again in the coming weeks. No one has been named to that committee.


"He's personally my favorite teacher in the whole school," Ana Kneisely told CBS Sacramento, in reference to a middle school American History teacher, Woody Hart, in Rancho Cordova, California, who was forced to retire by the Board of Education.

Hart, a 70-year-old teacher at Suttle Middle School of the Folsom Cordova United School District, was ousted after using a Confederate battle flag, along with a period United States flag, as part of a lesson on the War Between the States. The school's superintendent, Deborah Bettencourt, released a statement late last week that the board of education had "accepted this Sutter Middle School teacher's retirement ... and he will not be returning to school this year."

In an interview with the local CBS affiliate, KCRA, Ana Kneisely, one of Hart's students, explained what had happened. "We just came in and we saw the Union Flag on one side of the room and the Confederate Flag on the other side of the room."

Apparently, this was typical of the way Hart taught. "I actually very much appreciated the way he taught history," Kneisely said. "I felt that we were getting more involved than what our other classes did."

For example, Hart used the two flags of the opposing sides in the  War to create interest. The two hanging flags were part of Hart's lesson, as students were members of one of the two armies.

Kneisely added that she did not understand why Hart's display of the flag of one of the two sides involved in the war was controversial, considering that the flags, including the Confederate flag, are also used in the textbook for the same purpose.

But the school district argued that it did not really matter how the flag was used during the War; it should not be seen by students today. "We recognize that regardless of context, to many of our students, families, and staff, the Confederate flag is a racist symbol of hate. Although this matter is under investigation, it is important to reiterate: Any employee who is found to engage in behavior that creates an unsafe environment for students will face full consequences, including the possibility of initiating termination proceedings."

Bettencourt, the superintendent, said that the district's action did not mean that they were attempting to "limit the free speech of our teachers." Then, in an Orwellian addition, she stated that she expects "teachers and staff will do this work using culturally appropriate strategies."  The district statement added, "It is our schools' responsibility to provide a safe learning environment for all children."

t is not clear how the display of a flag, which was actually used in many battles during the War, creates an unsafe learning environment for children. And, exactly what is meant by "culturally appropriate strategies?"

The obvious meaning is that certain events and symbols in history are to be censored - or as George Orwell described it in his classic dystopian novel 1984, some things should be disposed of in the "memory hole."

The Sacramento chapter of a group calling itself Showing Up for Racial Justice has also weighed in, now demanding a public apology from Hart.


In response to the Flag's return to the York Courthouse, a new bill was filed Tuesday in the South Carolina House of Representatives.

Introduced by state Rep. John King, the new bill would prohibit the "South Carolina Infantry Battle Flag of the Confederate States of America or any other confederate flag" from "being flown or displayed in or on any public building, whether owned by the state or a political subdivision thereof." The ban includes public school grounds, but does not extend to public buildings that serve as museums. The bill was referred to the House Judiciary Committee.

Some may remember Rep. King as the democratic state official who introduced a resolution in January of last year to officially declare that then-presidential candidate Donald Trump "is not welcome in the state of South Carolina." We all see how well that worked out. 


In old news that has travelled slowly, the members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp No. 2283 celebrated, with permission, Confederate Heroes Day on Thursday, Jan. 19, outside the Palo Pinto County, Texas Courthouse. 

County Judge David Nicklas ordered them to remove and put away banners and flags bearing the Confederate Battle Flag saying he found it inappropriate and offensive to "some who complained." 

SCSP and SCV taking different approaches to the same flags

Officials in South Carolina are reporting contacts about the 2015 removal of the Confederate flag from a memorial on state property.

City manager Nancy Goehle told the Anderson Independent Mail that calls started coming in on Tuesday questioning the decision to replace the Confederate flag with the South Carolina flag in the city of Walhalla, about 15 miles west of Clemson University.

Luther Lyle, a local historian who maintains the site, said he switched the flags in the summer of 2015, about the time state legislators removed the flag from the Statehouse in Columbia. He said only one person complained at the time.

The chairman of the South Carolina Secessionist Party, James Bessinger, says he's sent a letter to Walhalla officials demanding the flag be restored. Bessinger says his organization just learned of the flag's removal.

Under legislation that removed the Confederate flag from the front of the Statehouse, lawmakers changed the Heritage Act to prohibit any state agency or local government from changing a memorial without the approval of two-thirds of the General Assembly.

Bessinger said there was no approval of Walhalla's move, meaning the Confederate flag should be restored.

"There were 25,000 men from our state who died fighting under that flag," he said. "It's not right to demonize them based on modern standards. This is cultural censorship."

Walhalla Mayor Pro Tem Jennifer Crawford said the City has received Bessinger's letter, but no immediate action is planned because the property is state owned, and the city agreed more than 10 years ago to let Lyle and the Sons of Confederate Veterans handle the memorial maintenance.

Crawford said council members could address the issue later this month.

The Joe Friday look is out. Tattoos, turbans and beards are in. Fox News reports this week that police departments, compelled by a hiring crisis and eager for a more "diverse" applicant pool, are relaxing traditional grooming standards and getting away from rules that used to require a uniformly clean-shaven look. More officers are on the job with tattoos inked on their forearms, beards on their chins or religious head coverings like hijabs and turbans in place of - or tucked beneath - their blue caps.


Since releasing his Executive Order regarding immigration and refugees the Southern Baptist Convention has been one of many religious groups officially opposing the President and his necessary and temporary suspension while our government reexamines its policies and vetting processes. 

Below is my reply to three recent proclamations by SBC leaders recently published in the online edition's of some SBC State publications: 

I want to point out just a few things that should be obvious.

The first is that the Great Commission commands us to "go ye into all the world." It does not command us to bring the world to us. Acts 1 instructs us that our missionary outreach is supposed to begin ay home and then spread to Judea, Samaria, and the uttermost parts of the world. The scripture does not teach us that our government is supposed to import the mission field to us - nor should we expect our government to do so.

Before someone gives the worn-out argument that its not safe or "legal" to go to certain fields that is just an EXCUSE. The history of missions is that of God's men venturing to forbidden places without regard for their safety.

Secondly, the command to minister to the "least" of the brethren is actually fulfilled under President Trump's refugee policy. The President has ordered that priority be given to those refugees in the religious MINORITY (meaning Christians). The Obama policy was to take in multitudes of MUSLIMS (the religious majority) as refugees resulting in the PERSECUTORS being admitted as refugees while the persecuted (Christians and Jews) were left to remain in their persecution. President Trump saw the stupidity of that as far back as 2012 and actually wrote about it at that time. Now as President, he is instituting a policy where the refugees received into the United States will be chosen from the persecuted minority (Christians and Jews) rather than from the group that is persecuting our brethren.

Currently, I am preparing to lead a team into Cuba. We will be directly assisting 30 pastors in that nation. That is where my burden is and where it has been for several years. After much prayer I am finally going and doing. I am not complaining about our government's "Cuba policy," or about the economic embargo, etc. Nor am I planning to bring a bunch of Cuban people home with me. I will, as my Lord commanded GO and I will WORK, and I will do what I can, with the Holy Spirit's help, to strengthen pastors and churches in Cuba. Are you burdened for Syria, or Yemen, or wherever? Then by all means GO, and WORK, and strengthen the pastors and churches in those places.

And pray for President Trump and for our nation.

Would you consider contributing to the CUBA PROJECT!

We can provide a Cuban pastor with an iPad mini and our entire curriculum on an external drive for just $270 (about 65% of the cost of providing an iPad 4). 

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From John Merlin:

Did you catch the SAG (Sick Actors Guild) Awards last night?  

Shouldn't surprise anyone. Since the inauguration, the violent rabid left has taken center 
stage and last night, at the Shrine Exposition Center, was literally no exception.  

Every time you turn on the TV news, all you see are their juvenile antics:
  • Their marching. 
  • Their blockading. 
  • Their vulgarity. 
  • Their violence. 

If you know anything about 20th Century history, you readily recognize that this, minus the brown shirts, is how the Nazi fascists came to power in Germany.  The parallels are becoming undeniable. 

All you hear from the American left (still calling themselves "Democrats for now)  are their complaints and their demands. The Empire, the monied Establishment, the crony crapitalists and their mouth-pieces in the 
legacy media, are all striking back against the people and the policies who were on the ballot in November.

The left is freaking out because it was all supposed to be rigged in their favor, as it always is. Like the Canadian Mounties, they are supposed to always get their man (as the Bush's were) or woman (like the Hildabeast) was supposed to be). Having an "America First" president was NEVER supposed to happen.  

Even if you can believe the exaggerated numbers repeatedly cited by the same group of caught-lying fake alphabetical news networks (which, of course, you can't), it is still remains only a TINY fraction of Americans, less than 1%, who are participating in these anti-American shenanigans.

Anybody who thinks introspectively, even a little bit,  can see this is really all political in nature.

Women's march - all political.  

Demonstrations about a 90 day travel ban imposed on 7 war-torn Jihadi strongholds - all political. 

It's all politics, all the time. 

The left, and its propaganda ministry t
he (alleged) "media" just cannot accept their defeat graciously. We can seen these mobs becoming 
domestic terrorists on their own. Many Americans will eventually die from their anti-Trump actions, and they 
will be fully to blame for those deaths.  They will NEVER acknowledge their role in these deaths, just as 
the actions of Black Lives Matter has greatly increased the black-on-black homicides due to the "Ferguson Effect" THEY (and Obama) created.  Are they being held accountable?  (don't laugh - it's not a laughing matter)

(Up)Chuck Schumer was even on TV yesterday boo-hooing as he shed his crocodile tears.

The Screen Actor's Guild put on a political show last night, instead of an awards cemetery. 
They were so smug in spouting their lofty rhetorical bull. Such phonies.....yeah, they're actors, 
so what else can you expect? Honesty?  Sincerity? Patriotism?  No, none of that will be had
because they are paid representatives of the Democrat Party, trying to "massage" public opinion to oppose what is being rightly done to protect this nation and its people.....all of US.

I'm sick of it.   WE need to show Trump we appreciate his efforts to protect us and we will support him  
in his efforts to avert more mass killings of Americans by these religious zealots, and to avoid becoming 
the same dangerous continent that Europe has already become. Think of the children - our children and how they are endangered by those who want to come and kill them, and already have, on numerous occasions.

The question about our hard-working President becomes:  

"how do we best support him in his tireless efforts to make America great again?"

Al Benson submits the following:

One thing we have noticed since just before the recent presidential election is the amazing number of Hollywood  "personalities" that claimed that if Donald Trump was elected president they were moving to another country. It sounded so dramatic when you all said it that we have wondered, since the election is now over and Mr. Trump won, just how many of you have left? We have seen nothing in the "news" media anywhere about any of you having departed the scene, and our intrepid "news" media would definitely have taken note of any of you that left for parts unknown, just to give you credit for fulfilling your threat.

That being the case, the question arises--Why are you all still here? Why have you not booked passage for one of the socialist utopias you all profess to love so much and that you claim are so much better than this country with Trump as president?

We are left with the conclusion that you never really intended to leave to start with--that your braggadocio was just your painless way of expressing your contempt for Mr. Trump because, in your narrow perception, you viewed him as some sort of a "right-winger" and you wanted to issue a political statement that sounded good but really didn't cost you anything. In other words, to put it politely you are a bunch of frauds! But, then, from the political and cultural Left,  we would expect nothing else. Bombast and fraud! 

You have the good life here and don't really plan on giving it up and moving to someplace less comfortable no matter the pompous statements you issue to the contrary. No wonder some of you do so well in the movies. You are all just actors playing parts--on the screen or off.

So it seems that the vast majority of you, instead of buying plane tickets to Hanoi or Peking, have decided to stay here and content yourselves with issuing incendiary statements.

We have heard about comments from Gloria Steinham, the supposed Women's Rights advocate and Abortion Promoter, along with Exhibitionist   "Madonna" and so-called performer of  "Burlesque-like" performances, both of which have degraded decency in this country, all in the name of women's choice. Madonna uttered, among other remarks, some about "blowing up the White House. The comments of these people are among the more bizarre and ridiculous uncivil statements of many entertainers.

Well, here are our thoughts about such low class and Un-Christian  behavior. We think it's a good idea to Boycott them and all those with similar attitudes. Let's see what would happen if conservatives and Christians (and their friends) completely boycott all of their movies, videos, recordings and performances to the fullest extent. Actually these people and their lowbrow, nearly pornographic behaviors play right into the hands of those Muslims who are offended by their displays of indecency and may even contribute to the inexcusable and outright flagrant public group raping of women "in the name of Allah, and ridiculous Jihad and Sharia-like rights." 

And this is not just hearsay. It has been happening all over the world, due to basic indecency and immodesty, which is part of the reason Muslims claim to have no respect for Americans, especially women.

Furthermore, the utter stupidity of most American TV "sitcoms" make people all around the world think that ALL Americans are "stupid fools" just like those they see on American networkds. There is some programming out there that required intelligence, but such programs are few and far between.

There are rumors that a Trump administration might be considering slashing federal funding to entities like National Public Radio and others that take federal funds. That might not be a bad idea, because it is a known fact that "he who pays the piper calls the tune." That might be a big step in getting the federal government out of the propaganda business.

There is also information out there on several websites about the Chinese Communists buying up movie studios in Hollywood. One of the best articles was on   for November 3, 2016. There is another good one  on for the same date. And if you are interested in Leftist influence on television we would recommend a book that came out several years ago called The Left Leaning Antenna. You might check and see if you can still find it on Amazon.

Use this link to see our Heritage items, books and more @ - the prices @ Amazon will not be discounted but this link will give you the convenience of shopping through Amazon.

The image below appeared in this re ent issue of The Howling Dawg:

In 1962, South Carolina Governor Fritz Hollings raised the flag that Nikki Haley so unceremoniously drug down from the South Carolina Statehouse. 

The image conveys  South  Carolina Governor Fritz Hollings presenting President John F. Kennedy with a miniature version of the flag that was to be raised. 

Austrian Opera Diva Criticized for Posing with Rebel Flag.

In St. Petersburg, Russia the renowned opera singer Anna Netrebko has placed herself on the side of the secessionists in eastern Ukraine, by posing with a flag of the Federal State of Novorossiya (or "New Russia," consisting of the Donetsk People's Republic and Luhansk People's Republic) during an event at which she donated 1 million rubles to the cause of building an opera house in the war-torn city of Donetsk. 

She posed with the flag and with Oleg Tsaryov, a former member of Ukraine's parliament who sides with secessionists.

A spokesman for the foreign ministry in Austria, where Netrebko lives and has dual citizenship, said, "Her meeting with a separatist leader and having a photo taken in front of a separatist flag is highly problematic. Given the really difficult situation we are facing in Ukraine, this is anything but helpful."

Austrian Airlines also severed its celebrity-endorsement contract with her, adding, "We distance ourselves from extreme political positions and the use of armed violence."

Is it just me? Or does the Ukrainian secessionists' flag look familiar? 

The flag of New Russia, or Novorossiya, has been around for a few months. The Moscow Times reports that similarities to the Confederate flag are apparently not intentional.

They located the Ukrainian credited with introducing the design; he says he merely found it, in the Times' words, "online somewhere." And in such a manner is the course of history determined.


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Our friend, H. K. Edgerton, submits the following:

This morning Wednesday, February 1, 2017, I don in the uniform of the Southern soldier, to mark the beginning of Black history celebrations. I would post his Colors in the public easement at the entrance of Asheville High School, where almost two and a half decades ago, I would be attacked by two Black men for doing the same.

The first to warmly greet me would be a White school teacher. Then three young Black students would do the same as they passed me by. And, many more would do the same .

Down hill things would quickly go, as I was approached by a young Black woman, and a White man of whom I correctly guessed to be the janitor, because of the abundance of keys on his belt, and the large phones they both carried.

Good morning, I would say! "Don't good morning me would come her reply," rather gruffly. "You gonna have to get your dumb a _ _ off of our property with that racist flag." 

"Mam," I would reply, "this is not a racist flag, and I'm not going anywhere until I decide to leave."

"Oh yes you are , with your stupid, ignorant dumb a_ _. I'm calling the police. And, you being a Black man standing in front of our school where people can see your stupid a_ _!" 

"Mam," I said, trying to reason with her. "It is Black History Month, and you should be telling these babies about the Black Confederate soldier, and the integrated army he served in with honor. And, his families at home who without , the Confederate army would have ground to a halt."

Another walkie talkie carrying White man would exit the school just in time to hear the young woman unleash another round of expletives at me. 

"Mam, you have called me a lot of nasty names."  Interrupting me, she said that she had just got started calling me what she really thought of me. 

It turns out that she was Dr. Poore, the Assistant Principal.

Shortly after the lady and her entourage stormed back to the school, an Officer from the Asheville Police Department would come to where I stood. "Good morning Mr. Edgerton," he would say with an out stretched hand. "How are you doing this morning?"

I told him that I was doing just fine until the Assistant Principal had unleashed her vulgar diatribe on me for celebrating the Black Confederate soldier and his family who had earned a place of honor and much dignity alongside a man that he called family , and friend , on this Black History Day.

He asked what she had said, and I told him.  

"Mr. Edgerton, some of these people are new to the school. I shall go and see if I can calm things down. And, in the mean time, you can stay as long as you like. And, please try and have a good day."

Pastor Louis Grant, a man that I had attended school with would stop and give me his blessings, tell me to keep up the good work HK. "We hear you, and we love you!" 

I would stay until 10:30 AM, accepting the waves  and many accolades from those who passed me by; with a few middle fingers, and "stupid nigger go home" thrown in for good measure from some Black, and White Yankees to boot. 

Black History Month has begun. 

God bless you !
      Your brother ,


I just received a video of an animated movie produced in 1940 by  Friz Freleng and  Leon Schlesinger. It is an animated version of  Gone with the Wind, and features an early appearance by  Elmer Fudd in his most familiar form.

This cartoon has not been shown in full (or at all) in many decades because Warner Brothers has deemed it "demeaning to African-Americans."

The cartoon characature of General Grant alone makes this video worth viewing. In  one scene, Grant is giving a speech to his assembled men warning that the other side is pitching Stoneball Jackson, "a southpaw" against them, and if they win, they will meet the South in the Cotton Bowl. 

In another scene a nervous Confederate officer paces in a tent with information coming in by telegraph, it turns out to be horse race results.  Meanwhile, the Colonel is dispirited to hear, on the radio, that "The Yanks" have won again, announced before a victory for the Brooklyn Dodgers (and all others rained out), and curses the Yankees.

As the war continues, later in the movie, a signal rocket turns into an advertisement "After the battle eat Southern Fried Chicken at Mammy's Shack."

Remember, its a Warner Brother's Merrie Melodies movie. 

Everyone who donates $5 or more to Dixie Heritage this week will receive a link to dow load this tremendously funny cartoon where all the heroes are Confederate and Elmer Fudd plays the Clark Gable role. 

Receive your copy of this great banned movie:  undefined

Most people remember Mary Tyler Moore as one of Hollywood's great funny ladies, and for good reason: her characters Laura Petrie and Mary Richards left an indelible mark on American society. Her death this week at age 80 was major news.

What many don't know is that Mary Tyler Moore had deep ties to the Confederacy.

Her great-grandfather was Lt. Col. Lewis Tilghman Moore of the 4th Virginia Infantry, part of the legendary Stonewall Brigade. Col. Moore helped to lead the regiment during its many famous engagements from Henry House Hill at the First Battle of Bull Run to the end of the war in 1865.

During the winter and spring of 1862, Jackson established his headquarters in Moore's home in Winchester. That house is today the Stonewall Jackson Headquarters Museum, Mary Tyler Moore was a generous donor to help pay for its restoration. Her great grandfather's house's connection to the War remained important to her for the rest of her life.

She was also the great-great-great granddaughter of Conrad Shindler, who lived in Shepherdstown in what is today West Virginia. In approximately 1795, Conrad Shindler built a sturdy brick home on the main street in downtown Shepherdstown that still stands. In the 1990s, Shepherd University, which is roughly a block away from the Shindler house, undertook a major project to create a massive database of WBTS soldiers. That project needed a home, and when the Shindler house came available in 1995, Mary Tyler Moore purchased the house and then donated it to the University. The Shindler house today is called the George Tyler Moore Center for the Study of the Civil War, named for Mary Tyler Moore's father. The image at the top of the post is of the Center's original director, Prof. Mark Snell, and Ms. Moore on the front porch of the house at the ceremony dedicating the Center.

Through the years, Mary Tyler Moore made significant contributions to the preservation of sites and education about the War Between the States in the Shenandoah Valley. 

During the 1960s and 1970s, Moore had a reputation as a liberal and even endorsed President  Jimmy Carter  for re-election in a  1980  campaign television ad.  In 2011, friend and former co-star  Ed Asner  said during an interview on  The O'Reilly Factor  that Moore "has become much more conservative of late." 

Bill O'Reilly , host of the aforementioned program, previously stated that Moore had been a viewer of his show and that her political views had leaned conservative in recent years.

In a Parade  magazine article from March 22, 2009, Moore identified herself as a centrist who watches  Fox News . She stated, "...when one looks at what's happened to television, there are so few shows that interest me. I do watch a lot of Fox News. I like  Charles Krauthammer  and Bill O'Reilly...If  McCain  had asked me to campaign for him, I would have."  

In an interview for the 2013 PBS series Pioneers of Television,  Moore says that she was recruited to join the feminist movement of the 1970s by  Gloria Steinem , but, did not agree with Steinem's views. Moore said she believed that women have an important role in raising children and that she did not believe in Steinem's view that women owe it to themselves to have a career. 


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