Click the above image to see Linda Hughes as this week's Lenten character, Mary of Bethany.

This was from Wednesday night. Coming Sunday will be Pastor Leeper's sermon and service.
Next Wednesday Rosie Baldus is scheduled to present "Peter's Mother-in-law."
An e-Skinny will come out Sunday and Wednesday when I get a link to the Youtube services for those of you that don't follow on Facebook. Check your email.

There are no activities or services at St. John during these few weeks of social distancing.
That doesn't mean we can't do things. We are God's People and we are " God's Love in Action ".

From the Church Council: A Time of Opportunity
  • Pastor Russ is working on an audio and a video presentation of the service during these times of national trial. This may be a chance to see his hidden talents tech-wise, and an opportunity to do something new.
  • We would like volunteers to call some of our members during this time of isolation. Therefore, we would like to make a list of people that would like to call and also those that would perhaps enjoy that call.
  • Another volunteer opportunity would be a "errand group" to help those of you that are older or more health compromised that might need something picked up at the grocery store, etc. We would like to make a list of people that could use help with this and those that can help.
  • We do have a prayer chain at St. John. If you would like to join or if you have a reason to need those prayers please call the office and Kathy will take care of it.
  • If you or someone in your family wants to be on the prayer list we will ask if you want that name spoken on the air in Pastor's audio or video services. If not, they will only go on a .pdf Order of Service that will be available on the website to coordinate with the radio, podcast and video presentations.
  • You can keep track of updates on the church website, Facebook page or e-Skinny.
  • Be sure to let the church know if you have a need we haven't addressed.
  • The Council will reconvene at the end of the month to see what the situation is at that time.

To keep up with your offerings: they can be mailed to St. John at 200 S. Main St, Charles City, IA 50616
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