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August 2, 2016
Summer Vol. No. 1

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Mayor's 5th Annual Senior Symposium
Mary's House to Participate on Panel

Mary's House for Older Adults will participate in the D.C. Mayor's 5th Annual Senior Symposium to be held on August 4, 2016.  Dr. Imani Woody, President and CEO will be presenting on the Panel entitled, "Chronicling the Lives of LGBTQ Older Adults." The symposium is sponsored by the DC Office on Aging and participation by Mary's House will help highlight the unique challenges facing LBGTQ older adults. The Symposium is FREE and open to the public. For more information:  Visit the Symposium Website.

Community Day & Health Fair
Mary's House will host its annual community day and health fair on Saturday, August 13, 2016

Come join us from 12 noon to 3 pm at 401 Anacostia Road SE, Washington, DC for our Annual Community Day and Health Fair. FREE CONFIDENTIAL SCREENINGS and REFRESHMENTS, Volunteers NEEDED! Please contact us at for more information.  For more information about the event: Click here.

ART Auction Fundraiser with Local Artist Coming in the Fall

Be on the look out for more INFORMATION.
CEO Note
A u gust 2016

Why Mary's House. Again.

People often ask, "Why do we need a place for LGBT old people to live? Don't we have enough nursing homes and retirement homes for them to use?"

So I often share the story of John, a well-to-do gay elder who was found deceased - in his welcoming, upscale retirement complex, after five days because he had ceased to interact with his friends. He had stopped going to church. He had stopped playing cards and going to the clubs. I sometimes share the sorrow of my older friend, Helen, who after the death of her life partner, was asked to leave the home they shared by her partner's siblings. And how she now lives with her brother, who she says "harasses me for my gay lifestyle."  

Aging as a LGBTQ/SGL person can bring different challenges than aging as a mainstream elder. Often, we don't have the same support network of children and spouses [read care-providers and pensions]; we may be estranged from our family of origin; we have lost many of our peers, our friends through the HIV/AIDs epidemic; and we as a group are more likely to live alone. In addition, research is verifying what many of us have known for a while: that the stigma and discrimination associated with being old and being LGBTQ/SGL can be just too hard. It can be so hard in fact that many of us go back into the closet. As we begin to access the senior/wellness centers, retirement complexes and nursing homes, this fear of discrimination makes us unable to be our whole selves, increasing the potential of drug and alcohol addiction, neglect of our health issues, depression, and suicide. Increased social isolation among LGBTQ/SGL elders is at an all-time high.

Mary's House for Older Adults, Inc. was organized to create welcoming environments for LGBTQ/SGL elders in their golden years. Our first major initiative is building a physical residence in Washington, DC for 15 elders. However, we acknowledge that we cannot BUILD enough LGBTQ/SGL welcoming spaces. So our mission includes training and education of the staff and residents of existing spaces - senior/ wellness centers, retirement complexes and nursing homes that serve and house us. We also are involved in public policy advocacy that impacts LGBTQ/SGL older adults and elders locally and nationally. We invite you to join our small, mighty band of volunteers and help us CHANGE our City and the Country, one residence at a time! Feel free to reach out to me at  or complete a volunteer application I look forward to hearing from you!
Warm regards,
Dr. Imani
Welcome to Kylar Broadus
Kylar Broadus joins the Mary's House Board of Directors

Kylar Broadus is the Founder of the Trans People of Color Coalition (TPOCC), and became the first transgender person ever to testify before the US Senate when he spoke in support  o f the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) in June 2012. Kylar has a background in finance but was forced out of his field when he transitioned. A transgender advocate, lawyer and former law professor at Lincoln University of Missouri, Kylar has worked with the National Gay  an
d Lesbian Task Force  and the National Black Justice Coalition on matte rs of  pub lic  policy and transgender   civil rights.
Watch Kylar's Senate Testimony!
Watch Kylar's Senate Testimony!
Refurbishing Project
Old House Gets A Face Lift!

MANY THANKS TO Jim, Charlene, T, Thomas, Derrick, Kinnith, Molly, Andrea and Dr. Imani ( and her grandboy, Henry ) for providing the 401 property with a new facelift.  It now has flowers in the windows as well as a very gay cat. We found antique artifacts and had loads of fun!!  Many thanks to this wonderful crew!!  We can't wait for the NEW HOUSE to begin construction - fingers crossed - 2017.
Board of Directors and Executive Volunteers
Quarterly Retreat held in July

The Board of Directors and our volunteers have been tirelessly working.  We had a successful quarterly retreat in July to continue our work, planning, and strategy.  Watch the retreat video.

All work and no play - NOT: Thank you for a Successful Party with a Purpose

Thank you to all our volunteers and supporters who joined us for our annual Party with a Purpose. We presented awards to the following persons for their work and leadership:
  • The Honorable Eleanor Holmes Norton received a new Mary's House award named after the congresswoman
  • Dr. Ron Simmons received the Celebration of Life Award
  • Ms. Cecelia Hayden-Smith received the Volunteer of the Year Award
  • Montgomery College Advanced Media Production Class (Professor B. Milenov and students Adrian Zlotescu and Jacob Ehlers) received the Youth-in-Action Award
  • D.C. Eagle received an award in recognition of its choice to locate in Ward 7 and its commitment to LGBTQ/SGL older adults.

Watch the PWAP 2016 Video: 

The vision of Mary's House is to create independent, communal housing for older adults that eliminates the intense isolation experienced due to aging, subtle and not so subtle discrimination and intolerance based on one's sexual/gender identity or orientation. Mary's House will be a model and set the standard for future housing of its kind, that is, to create a living environment that celebrates and honors the 'whole person' as they age, no matter who they are.