Guided Hands ~ Mary's Message

Key of Laughter
  ~ Unlocking the Treasures of Life ~
~ There is one thing for Certain ~ no one has to Learn how to Laugh ~

Laughter is an inborn energy that is organic and natural. A Happy Center is stimulated and awakens within us at many different times, ways, and reasons, at any given time, erupting in Laughter ~ Shall we allow it too. 

We have come into this world with an energy of happiness, like a baby that can laugh at almost anything ~ They Trust and are Free to Just Be ~ Without judgment or opinion! As we grow older, somehow, sometimes that Laughter ceases. Maybe because we take on responsibilities, tasks and duties, that may tend to become Serious or humorless. 

Seriousness ~ can be described in many ways. A character whom may display deep thought, a somber disposition, taking literal, that of which may be in contrast of the opposite, heavy, important, sincerity or apprehension. This element or trait is considered to be of importance, when it is used in times of situations, that would lend to a behavior when required. As we put forth the attention of the matter-at-hand per se, and / or are getting something processed or completed on time.   This is a great trait when it is balanced with The Key of Laughter.   

Laughter is a natural reaction brought on by a response to certain external or internal stimuli. There are many reasons one may erupt in Laughter. Being tickled, hearing a joke, someone's story or self thoughts. Commonly Laughter will emit when the self says something out of character, backwards or making no sense at all ~ typically brought on by a very calm effect on the embodiment, a sense of tranquility, relaxation, a freeing feeling and or being very comfortable with someone, or a situation. 

Laughter hasn't any boundaries , in fact it breaks the ice per se. Let's say we are in a room full of Executives, CEO's, Presidents, people that may take on a serious productive Role in their position. 
Those in a Lesser profile position, who do not carry as much weight per se, are more likely to be open and free. If we bring these two groups together in one room ~ there will most likely be a bit of tension at first. One Serious, the other not so Serious. It tends to be a bit off-balance. 

Shall Laughter erupt by any one person of either side of this particular group or bracket, guarantee it will break the "thickness" in the room, it will break down the barriers between sides or the situation.  

Laughter is a cut loose, break free, unwind, feeling of togetherness. No matter if you are laughing or not with the person or situation, just being in the energy of Laughter, will stimulate a chemical response within the embodiment, that will instantly calm or neutralize the tense energy of the seriousness of where it started. 

Laughter hasn't any Divide ~ no matter where one is, even if they cannot understand the language, Laughter is of Oneness. EVERYONE understands Laughter.

Have you ever wanted to get closer to someone, say a friend of a friend, or a co-worker? You potentially have a new career opportunity and have to go to an interview, and you immediately feel an intense anxiety or restriction of going near this person or situation because of the seriousness of it?

Taking the level of seriousness out of the air is a necessary part of getting closer to someone.  Now, it doesn't mean we will go crazy-goofy or be totally relaxed, telling jokes and being rude or non-professional, it simply means to break the ice, and deliver the message that you want the other to absorb an easiness first ~ Bringing forth a relaxed, yet professional and balanced energy. 

Having a Happy Heart, is to first Love thy Self. When one loves self, they build confidence and encouragement from within, that will then Send and Deliver the Same Message without!
Learning from the Happy Buddha

Your Daily Dose of Laughter
Happy Buddha has had a great deal of influence in Asia.  Buddhism, Taoism and Zen Buddhism all see the Happy Buddha as the embodiment of HAPPIENESS and PROSPERITY .  Happy Buddha is also recognized as the Smiling Buddha and the Fat Buddha. The Energy of this amazing enlightened One has now entered into the Western world and more. His laugh is created with PURE LOVE and LIGHT. The laughing Buddha represents that a good life is indeed attainable in self and in this world. It is UP to each individual to seek that Treasure, and that Treasure is carried right inside, deep into the core center of your OWN being. Humans search most lives to find happiness on the outside, in careers, relationships and material items. Happy Buddha’s teachings consist of a self-mastery, a deep spiritual commitment to self and the welfare of others, a Happy behavior, a path and purpose of dignity and intelligence, and an Illuminated and enlightened awareness. 

Happy Buddha is best described as a fat, bald monk and carrying a hemp sack.  Some would interpret this bag to be FILLED OF GOLD, jewels, and material prosperity, believing that happiness comes from this matter of energy. Although in reality when opened, would only make one poor.  To know that happiness comes from laughter, and laughter comes from the heart of happiness, the True enlightened would know what Truly fills its bag. 
Exercise to RECEIVE:

The Aspects of Happy Buddha can bring YOU the wealth of His Love, that He brings to you this day. It comes in many forms. Happy Buddha sits in love and compassion, for He is Joy and Peace.

Please Breathe in, Breathe Out .  

Happy Buddha brings you a HAPPY HOME, filled with calmness, serenity, love, feng shui, and a solid foundation.

Please Breathe in, Breathe Out.

Happy Buddha will assist you in your personal travels, your awareness to your personal surroundings and how to carry light in a hemp sack full of protection, rather your old heavy bags.  

Please Breathe in, Breathe Out.

Happy Buddha speaks…DO NOT seek to find the treasures of Life, rather TRUST, FLOW and be RECEIVED the Treasures that the Universe has in store for you. 

He offers you His Ru-Yi Pot or Bowl of abundance to carry, hold and bring into thyself this NATURAL wealth. 

Please Breathe in, Breathe Out.

Happy Buddha helps bring you the Cloth of Simplicity and a fan to help you understand life in light. He helps you on this Spiritual Path to Illumination as Oneness we are the Same. He helps open the Eye to greater Sight for one to see all Truth within and without. 

Please Breathe in, Breathe Out.

Happy Buddha now brings ENERGY for you to sustain a LONG and HEALTHY life, a good life…and one with Happiness. He speaks to you that LAUGHTER HEALS ALL

Smile and feel the Enjoyment, the full delight and pleasure that this Gift of Grace brings to you. 

Please Breathe in, Breathe Out.

~ Laughter is Far Greater in Riches, than any Coin found in the Pocket ~
~ The Daily Dose of Happiness ~

Give yourself a "Jolt of Juice" with this Daily Laughter Spirit-Script. This Jolt of Juice feeds the Souls Spirit. Laughter stimulates an electromagnetic response to fully and instantly release tension, anger, stress, negativity and anxiety. 

Soul Doctors Recommendation ~
Consume as Much Laughter per Day as Possible. 
Unlimited Refills of Laughter are Always Available.  Never Expires.
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