~ Mary's Morning Message ~

 The Gift of Patience

Sometimes it feels like the Line of Life is really Long, though with Patience, soon one will be Stood before that of what they have come to Receive

Today ~ May you be Blessed and Graced with the  Gift of Patience .

Within your day to day hurriedness, may you find a quite space to simply slow down, Retreat, Restore and Rest.

May you be Blessed to Receive Patience over the Need for Results and Answers Right Now.  Let Patience help you Transform your Needs into a Desire of knowing that you shall be given that of what is asked of.  Within your being is an Intelligence that Knows, simply knows that all will be OK, and that everything comes in impeccable timing.  

It takes a lot of Energy to Push forward, and after a while this Energy will start to fade and empty the Vessel trying to Receive.  Releasing old thought patterns that thinks it has to have it Now, shall create an Energy of Acceptance versus Expectence

May you be Blessed with the Energy of Playing versus Plotting, trying to figure out what needs to be done minute after minute, day after day, checking off the to-do-lists, hustling and moving at a Speed for Need Playing slows us down and will allow the " Next to become the Now" naturally and organically without a push or pull to be received and or to get it done.

When there is Patience, a Proper and Peaceful Positioning begins to happen automatically.   

Love is Patient  ~ May the Energy of this Present Moment Bless you now and always. 

Divine Blessings

Mary Martin
Minister ~ Messenger ~ Medium