Mary’s Morning Message

Animal Spirit Totem ~ Hawk

I love the Magic of Nature, and all that it Offers each and every day. 
This Morning, I was out on my usual Nature Walk, and a beautiful Hawk was sitting on a branch of a tree staring at me as I approached. I stopped to Receive any Messages he had to offer. Immediately another Hawk flew near and the two of them began to Circle around and over me, and then flew away. My Embodiment was immediately being Imbued with their incredible Energy, and was downloaded by their powerful Gifts of Love. It felt like I left All Time and sat in a Space of Nothingness. 

I Gave Great Gratitude and continued my Walk. Shortly thereafter, I was on a different path, and as I got deeper into the enclosed tree line, a 3rd Hawk was perched gracefully on a lower branch right in front of me. I stopped once again to acknowledge his Presence and Receive his Essence of Love and Wisdom

It was an Incredible and Amazing Experience that I wanted to Share with YOU, for it wasn’t something I could keep just for myself. So PLEASE Enjoy the Gifts that these 3-Hawks have Given to YOU on this most Auspicious Day. Love and Light!!!    
Hawk Spirit Animal Totem ~

The Hawk Has Appeared as an Omen of Good Things to Come

We are in a Mastery Perception and are witnessing multiple changes occurring daily. As we approach the Energy of Newer Experiences, we See the Victory of Light over all old Death, Dis-ease and Misery. 

This Powerful Animal Totem brings us messages of Hope, Faith and Love, and helps us to open our 3rd eye, as our Higher VISION is to see the Ultimate Truth.  

Our commitment of being here in this life time, is a reminder that it is TIME to Increase our Awareness and to be Awakened

The HAWK totem will assist you to discover any dormant and old energy still needing to arise, and then help you to awaken it and set it Free. The Hawk Spirit offers you it’s Wisdom and Greater Insight

When one receives the Animal Spirit Totem of the Hawk, it means that you will begin remembering your higher calling and life-purpose. This Hawk also represents maturity and evolvement.

May you be Blessed with the Integrity and Intelligence that the Hawk has to offer through its Amazing and Sacred Spirit

Love and Light, Mary 
This is the 3rd Hawk that I was able to photograph!
Mary Martin Medium

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As a Humanitarian and Spiritual Teacher, she has dedicated her life and abilities to helping people Worldwide and is committed in these services through travels, healings, messages, teachings and charitable offerings as a Mother of Many.

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