Mary's Morning Message
Nature's Portrait of Love
Nature is Life

Nature is Love

 Nature is Oneness
Nature is a Natural Gift from Source that opens doors to an entirely new World of Possibilities. 
Nature holds Memory from Ancient to its Future, offering us a Present as a Gift in this Now.  
Nature Cradles us like a Woven Basket, that "supports" and "cares" for us. 
Nature is a truest Portrait of Peace.
Nature's Art is drawn from a Canopy of Multiple Colors, Angelically Aligned with Alchemy which Feeds the Soul's Spirit.
In the Splendor of Nature, the Tree's Align and Define the Frequency of Fragrance for our Breath to Breathe. 
Nature is an Open-Portal that Invites us in ~ It Infuses and Invokes one with a Rainbow of Ribbons that Enfolds us in its Energy of this Experience.
Nature is a Whimsical and Inspiring, Breathtaking Beginning of All that is. 
Today I ask of you to Walk Into Nature, Let Go and be Guided by its Natural Familiarity to thee, as a Key to open the Soul's Spirit.
As one walks in Silence, one may hear the Messages that are being Sung from Within.
As this doorway opens, let Self be Guided to a Higher Knowledge of this Remembrance.
Begin to Explore, Feel and Regain the Wisdom of this Wonderment, as Nature is Serenity of the Soul.
May you Be Blessed and Offered many Gifts this Beautiful Day
~ In Nature, All Love truly Exists ~


Mary Martin

Minister ~ Messenger ~ Medium

Spiritual Mastery Teacher-Healer 
Offering Transmissional-Teachings in the Keys of Self-Mastery, the I Am Presence and the Return of the Divine Feminine.