~ Mary's Morning Message ~
Positive Change 

Hello...............Beautiful One!!!

We hope all is well within your world, and that you are adapting to the multiple Energetic Experiences, that are transpiring within and around our plane of Existences. 

With so many Changes occurring so quickly, we barely have had time to make ‘sense’ of it all.   We have been through an enormous number of tests lately, especially with the Shifts inside the Shifts in the Month of May.   As the Negative energy is being Purged, we are trying to Create a Positive Change individually and Co-Collectively as the mass of many support this Movement. 

We have felt the whipping tail slashing through the Residual Remnants of the old and stubborn Components of Corroded Systems, that is starting to be Raised and Released.  As this happens, the questions remain asked, will this whipping tail ever stop lashing out?  Yes, it will, because we are Creating a Positive Change that will Charge the Currency of Ebb and Flow, from that of what used to be Stuck and Stagnant

Within any Negative Force Fields of life, people, situations, careers, relationships, finances, health and more, there is always an Open Door to be Released from the Hold of Old.   This Open Door Provides a Positive Change as a Choice to Remain in the Pain of Negativity or to Choose a Positive Position in a Stance of Stability.

Also, being Cognizant of your own word

While speaking, are you Listening to yourself, are you Hearing the words before they are spoken?  Are they dancing from your tongue and teaching those you are speaking to in a Positive Note, or is it a Negative response that repeats a dis-harmonic tone of detachment? 

Are your thoughts in a continual looping of something that happened so long ago? Do you feel stuck in old issues that have you tied down in a Narrow and Negative Alley, that makes you feel Closed in?  Are these continual thoughts running through your mind, and are they influencing your day to day affairs, with what you say and what you do?    Are these thoughts creating worry, pain, insecurities, anger or loss of self-love?  Are you feeling that you have been caught in a Negative Spiral that is Spinning you out of control?   

Today the Angels are Asking you to Align yourself with the Energy of their Love, and to be Released from the Nagging Negative forces of this old energy.   Sometimes when we are ‘caught in the clutches’ of the Negative, we forget to Feel the Familiarity of the Angels that are Holding and Harnessing us in the Positive Realms of their existence.  

We have an ability to Change the Negativity, and to Create a Positive and Peaceful state of Energy within the Embodiment's System

Sometimes things must Change, so that Changes Can Occur.

If the Change is Caused by that of other, and is deemed as a Completion of its Karmic Contract, then this Change is Charged by the Fuel of Love to a new begin, Created by the Power of Positivity.   Within the Lessons Learned, we have earned a Degree of Mastery, and Recognize its new Realization.   

Today, please take time to Receive

To Release the Negativity, Simply Breathe, and let your Breath Breathe You. 

You already know what Negativity Has Caused, to its Effects upon you. 

So, for Today . . . Simply Breathe and Let Love Fuel your Embodiment, dousing any Negative that still remains within.

Immediately, Feel the Fuel of this Love fill your being with the Light of Source, and be Recognized that this Positive Change will help you to re-Arrange your old thoughts of Negativity, to the New thoughts that are Charging you, as you Plug-in to Peace. 

So, let the Breath Breathe you, and Inhale the Power of Positivity and the Peaceful Particles of Light entering within.

As you Exhale, feel the Negative begin to Co-Correct itself into the Positive Wealth of Self Love, Balance and Freedom.   

Your Guardian Angels know what you are attempting to complete, accomplish, overcome, heal and or receive, and want to Assist you in this Positive Change, as a next step to your Evolvement, as to Awaken, rise higher, and live in Peace.   

Collectively the Angels and Guides are here supporting you, your travels, your sleep time, your awake time, your everything.

Please let today, be a First Step to a Next New Beginning



You have outgrown a situation, person or place in your life that you want to create a Positive Change with.   You have asked yourself many times to let go and move forward.   This is the Day for POSITIVE CHANGE.   In your spiritual growth, you have recognized these Positive developments, and you MUST TRUST your process, to create this Positive Change.  To resist this change, will only keep you in the cycle or repetition of what you have been trying to move away from. 

You know most Changes are a blessing in disguise, as you are pushed to make necessary and Positive Changes.  If you are feeling pushed beyond your comfort zone, again Trust the change and go for it, knowing that the Universe is ALWAYS here to support your decision.  Letting go of the old Negative, will help you to Flow through the Currency of these Positive Changes.   

And So, it is.

Mary is offering Power of Positivity Plug-in Activation's

In this 30-minute phone session, she will help you bring forth anything from within the embodiment's system that is stagnant or resistant and ready to be released.  In this Power of Positivity Plug-in Activation, she will Attune the Embodiment with the Light of Harmonics to Increase one with the Charge of Positive Change 

Mary Martin
Minister ~ Messenger ~ Medium

Spiritual Mastery Teacher-Healer 
Offering Transmissional-Teachings in the Keys of Self-Mastery, the I Am Presence and the Return of the Divine Feminine.