Mary's Morning Message 
The JOY Meter
Where is Your Joy Measured on the Meter of Life Today?
Are you sad, depressed, out of sync, lonely, confused, tired of trying, feeling that you have exhausted all possibilities to further yourself into opportunities awaiting you? 

Or.  . . .

Are you out to play and Laughing?  Is your heart expanding with love and peace, are you bringing Joy to Self and to that of other, are you Self discovering the Energy of this Experience that you are living in, of this very now? 

This Morning's Message is to bring Awareness to your Personal JOY Level

Please take time to simply sit, listen, feel and Express how you Feel on Your Joy Meter. 

By taking just a few minutes a day, Scan your Feelings.

Visualize where your Joy Level is on the Meter of Life

If you Feel your Levels Are Low, think of something in your life that has brought you GREAT JOY.

Putting a Smile on your Face to Erase all old . . .

Breathe in, and begin to Feel the Empowerment of this Energy's Experience, and reap the benefits of how quickly the Joy Meter Rises within

As these Joyful feelings begin to Release the old, New Energy Increases within.

Let Love Streamline your Being, and may you be Blessed with Joy today and always. 

Divine Mother Blessings
Mary Martin