Winter Greetings!
An Update from the Executive Director  
Kathleen Wilson

Hello to all friends of Mary’s Shelter and happy 2019! How surreal to think that this marks our 14th year of providing shelter to women (and their children) who find themselves in a crisis during pregnancy, along with the new babies they will bring into the world. We could have never imagined how many blessings and miracles we have witnessed and been part of.

It is humbling and heartwarming to be part of a community that cares so deeply and gives so generously. Lives are saved, families are kept safe, women are given time to see their lives transform through counseling, education and employment while children thrive because of the love this community shares with our families.
From all at Mary’s Shelter, thank you!

The recently celebrated Dr Martin Luther King, Jr wisely stated, ‘It’s all right to tell a man to lift himself by his own bootstraps, but it is cruel jest to say to a bootless man that he ought to lift himself by his own bootstraps.’ I am happy to say that together, we are able to provide those boots.  
New to the Mary’s Shelter Team
Anna Mealey
Director of Communications & Event Planning
Please welcome to the Mary's Shelter family our newest staff member, Anna Mealey. Anna has lived in Fredericksburg since 2011 and is passionate about building community, education, and defending Life. Becoming a mother to three beautiful children set a fire inside Anna to support other mothers and a desire to act as Christ's Hands and Feet to those who need it most. She has frequently volunteered here over the years and is excited to now be part of the Mary’s Shelter team in a greater capacity. She is quickly stepping into her new role and looks forward to what the Lord has in store for this ministry!
Resident Interview: Tara
Meet Tara, one of our moms here at Mary's Shelter. She is an inspiration to us all!

How many children do you have?   I have four children.

How did you hear about Mary's Shelter? I found Mary's Shelter while I was searching for shelters.

How long have you lived at Mary's Shelter? I came to Mary's Shelter Oct 19th, 2017 when I was pregnant with my youngest
Y our baby girl has had some serious health issues. Can you tell us about that?  
When my baby was 7 weeks old she was diagnosed with a liver disease called Biliary Atresia. She had her first surgery. Not too long after that I started working and was going to begin school. I worked for about a month when my baby got sick and was admitted into the hospital for three weeks. We found out she had a damaged liver and she was immediately put on the liver transplant list. I had to quit my job and miss school to be with her. I was told when she was home she was unable to be in daycare as it was too dangerous for her health. A few months after that, I began taking online classes.
On Friday, October 12th, my little girl had her transplant. It was successful. After the surgery, she had to stay in the hospital a little longer than expected. Finally, on November 31st she was discharged. Unfortunately she wasn't out of the hospital for long. She has been in the hospital for the last few months and has only been home for a couple of weeks in total. I feel like I am missing my baby girl growing up.
How has living at Mary's Shelter been beneficial to you during this very hard time? 
Being here has been great. I left an abusive relationship with nowhere else to go. Mary's Shelter took my family in and gave us a place to stay. It has been a fresh start to get on my feet. With all that has been going on it has been pretty hard on us. I am so glad to have such great people around me supporting my family through this crazy time .

What are your future plans?
After my little one gets out of the hospital she will still be fragile. With her home I will be able to do more than before. I plan to continue my studies and get my degree in Business Administration. I look forward to getting a good job to take care of my children and give them a better life.

Update - Tara's little girl spends most of her time in and out of the hospital since surgery. She has had some set backs and various illnesses. Please continue to keep this sweet little girl in your prayers.
Volunteer Spotlight: Leanne Dalton
  Office Volunteer
How long have you volunteered at Mary's Shelter?
I have been volunteering at Mary's Shelter for 4 years.

You have been dedicated to this ministry for a long time! What keeps you coming back?
I am just so overwhelmed by all of the wonderful things that happen at Mary's Shelter. There are so many things behind the scenes that others don't have the opportunity to see that makes this ministry so special. I love being part of Mary's Shelter. 
What is the best part of being involved with Mary's Shelter? It is amazing watching how moms transform and work to make their lives better for themselves and their children. Most of all, I love getting to hold all of those beautiful babies. ❤

What are your hopes and prayers for our families? That each beautiful little family grows into the best that they can be during their stay at Mary's Shelter. 

Tell us one piece of advice you would give to a woman in crisis during pregnancy:
Don't ever feel like you are all alone, as there are many people that want to help you. Make that call, get that help. You are loved.

If you could share something for folks to know about this ministry, what would that be?
Mary's Shelter is a wonderful ministry for pregnant mothers (and their children) who are in a difficult situation whether that be homelessness, an abusive relationship, a pregnancy that has left them without support or safe, stable housing or any other reason. Our director, Kathleen Wilson, along with our case managers, office staff, volunteers, mentors, board members and so many friends of the ministry spend countless hours behind the scenes serving the needs of our residents and their children on a daily basis. Things are constantly changing but everyone jumps in to make the ministry run as beautifully as it does. We are also thankful to the many who continuously donate towards our needs, including funds, gift cards, baby needs, clothing and so much more. They keep the doors of this ministry open. I love being part of this wonderful ministry.
Upcoming Events

Mark your Calendars!
This year's Life Walk will take place on April 13, 2019 at Old Mill Park in Fredericksburg. You won't want to miss this! Last year was the first time we partnered with other pro-life ministries in our community to raise funds and awareness. Everyone had a great time and the message that "life is beautiful" was joyfully sent to all those who witnessed our participants. Information is now available by visiting
You can find updates and information about this event through our Life Walk coordinator, Megan D'Lugos via our Facebook page, website or emails.

Confirmed date is August 3, 2019 -More information to come.

Christmas Blessings
Life Point Donations
Life Point Donations
Generous Donations from Life Point Church- THANK YOU
St. Clare of Assisi donations
A room full of housewares and baby items from St. Clare - THANK YOU!
Saint Marys Christmas Pick up
Some of the staff picking up gifts from St. Mary's- THANK YOU!
  • Thank you to Johnny and Lindsay Leach for the beautiful Christmas party for our residents and to our very own Santa, Johnny Z. Leach! To all the Fredericksburg firefighters who helped organize, deliver and hand out bags of gifts to 120 happy children. Great memories were made that day

  • Thank you to the Eagles Lodge for the generous donation.

  • To the Life Runners, for thinking of all our moms with beautiful purses filled with gifts.

  • To St. Mary Catholic Church for the constant love, support and generosity shown this Christmas Season and throughout the years.

  • To the parishioners of St. Mary Catholic Church for the joy you brought our children through the Giving Tree once again this Christmas, and thank you to Leo Chavarria for organizing it year after year.

  • To Holy Cross Academy for the gift cards and much needed baby items.

  • To:St. Matthew Catholic Church for the generous donation of Giving Tree gift cards -they will go a long way.

  • To St. Jude Catholic Church for the very generous donation.

  • To St. Patrick Catholic Church for the gifts to our children and gift cards for our families

  • To St. Clare in Clifton - the donations were absolutely amazing from your parishioners.

  • To Life Point Church for filling our office with many, many household needs and tons of baby/children items, and all you do each year for our ministry.  

  • To the Knights of Columbus from many local churches. To St. Mary Catholic Church Knights for stepping in with extra Christmas gifts at the last minute to help families reaching out for assistance.

  • To the Fredericksburg Area Realtors Association for serving our families once again this Christmas.

  • To Howard Owen and Stafford Printing for the constant generosity with printing, including our Christmas cards each year.

  • To Kate Mandel and Maura Harrison, our photographer and graphic designer of our Christmas cards and so much more.

  • To all who donated coats for our coat drive - so many warm children in the 'Burg.

  • To all who donated gifts to our families.

  • To all those who give their hearts in volunteering.

  • To all our babysitters and volunteers who assist with our weekly/monthly classes and Christmas celebrations.

  • To all our generous donors, doors are open because of your support.

  • To our prayer warriors - Happy, Holy New Year!
Santa at Christmas Party
Fredericksburg Fire Fighters and Santa! THANK YOU
Life Runners
Life Runners- THANK YOU
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