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November/December 2014 

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Another Thanksgiving / Christmas season is fast upon us, and with it come thoughts of giving thanks to our Savior, Jesus Christ, for shedding His precious blood so that we can experience eternal life. He alone is worthy of our thanksgiving and praise!  

We are living in an age when deception about Jesus is rampant. Some deny He is God and consider Him only a good man or just another prophet. These are all attempts of Satan to mislead the world into following false gods in preparation for the ultimate false god, the Antichrist.
A while back, I witnessed this deception in the children's book section of a secular bookstore. There I found a book about Jesus. Delighted to discover what I thought was a Christian children's book in a secular bookstore, I began to read through the book. To my great dismay, the book portrayed Jesus on an equal par with Hare Krishna, Buddha, Mohammed, and other false gods. The author encouraged young readers to choose whatever "Jesus" they liked best. All were equally good.

I left the bookstore with tears in my eyes and determination in my heart and went straight home to begin writing WHO IS JESUS?  This children's picture book of my heart portrays Jesus Christ as He truly is, the Son of God and Love Personified. Children will learn that Jesus is good, holy, and faithful, and that He is God and the only true Savior of the world.

If there are children in your life, please consider giving them a copy of WHO IS JESUS? It is beautifully illustrated by amazing artist and sister in Christ, Kim Sponaugle, and is available in hardcover, softcover, Kindle, and iBook versions.

What readers are saying about Who Is Jesus?

"This beautifully illustrated, relatable child's book is a perfect first book for any baby's personal library. I specifically enjoyed the Scriptures shared throughout the story. I would recommend it to any person searching for a unique introduction to Jesus to children of all ages. It will touch your heart and enrich your faith."  ~  5 STARS

"Bright, colorful illustrations accompany this children's book on Jesus, our best Friend ever! MaryAnn Diorio has written a simple book about an eternal message of love despite our shortcomings. Written in plain language the book can be used as a reader for a child beginning to read or as a book to read to young children. Messages of compassion, friendship, forgiveness, love and healing are each substantiated by a Scripture verse. A wonderful book to teach children who Jesus is. With Christmas coming, it is a perfect stocking stuffer!" ~  5 STARS 




"Who is Jesus? Little people, the children in our family or the ones we know through church or school settings, are so full of questions, and this book addresses a most important question. Jesus once asked the question, "'ho do you say that I am?' . . . I can see this book will be helpful to discourage one kind of thinking about God which is faulty. It focuses more on His loving nature and takes away from the punitive view of a God who is always looking to catch us doing something wrong." ~ 4 STARS

"The illustrations in this book are precious. They get to the heart of the words in their portrayals. They seem to enliven the words with just the right amount of action and colors. I am glad to see the use of Scripture to support the answers, but I am not sure if all children would have the patience to listen to both the story words and the Scripture. That all depends on the age and attention level of the child. I think this book could be used as a beginning book of scripture memory verses for any children who are ready for that." ~






"WHO IS JESUS? is a perfect gift for your little ones." ~


"Anyone who is spends time with children will eventually be asked a question that causes them to stop and wonder how to possibly answer the question. There is also the concern of how to introduce a child to Jesus in a way young children will understand. This book is a fantastic resource appealing to adults and children.

The illustrations of "Who is Jesus?" are adorable. They are designed to be attractive to any culture and for both boys and girls. The questions are simply answered. But what I liked best is that it answers the question that often comes next - "how do you know?". Each question and answer references a Bible verse. So not only do the children's questions get answered , but it is a wonderful way to point the children to the Bible and respond with "because Jesus said". And it could be helpful to introduce Bible verse memorization.

"I would recommend this book to anyone with young children. But I think it also makes an excellent book to have available in a Sunday school classroom." ~ 5 STARS


Purchase a copy today for that special child in your life!

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A Story for All Seasons
A CHRISTMAS HOMECOMING is a story for all seasons.  Its message of forgiveness is relevant at all times and for all ages.

When Sonia Pettit's teenage daughter suddenly disappears for seven long years, Sonia faces losing her mind, her husband, and her son as she struggles to trust God for her daughter's return.  

If you, too, struggle with forgiving someone who hurt you, or if you need to ask forgiveness of someone whom you have hurt, this book will encourage you. In this heartwarming and compelling story, you will learn that unforgiveness will enslave you, while forgiveness will set you free.  

Buy your copy here.
Becoming a Success in Life


Do you know that God made you to succeed? Yes, succeed!  You were put on this earth to be the head and not the tail, above and not beneath. In this pivotal, life-changing book, I reveal how God sees you in His Word and show you how you can align your vision of yourself with God's vision of you.  Get your copy today and discover the great destiny for which God created you!


Cooking with Dr. MaryAnn
Here is one of my favorite recipes. This one comes from my husband's repertoire. He is not only a master chef; since his retirement, he is now also my Business Manager. :)

Farfalle with Salmon and Broccoli

1 lb. Farfalle or Bowtie Pasta
1 can Red Sockeye Salmon or 1 lb. Fresh Salmon
1 crown Fresh Broccoli, steamed until soft
2 Cloves Garlic, minced
6 Tablespoons Olive Oil, more if needed
Grated Parmesan Cheese
Salt & Pepper to Taste

In a large skillet, saut� garlic in olive oil until slightly browned. Lower heat and add salmon, stirring to mix with olive oil and garlic. Let simmer while cooking pasta.
Heat 4 quarts of water to a boil. Add pasta and cook until al dente. 
Add steamed broccoli to salmon and olive oil mixture and mix well.

Pour salmon and broccoli mixture over pasta. Top with grated Parmesan cheese. Serves 6-8.


My Prayer for You                             


During this beautiful season when we give thanks as we commemorate the first coming of our LORD to earth, I want to give thanks for you, my friends and readers. May our LORD bless you and keep you. May He make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you. May He grant you His favor and give you His peace.



Love in the Lamb,




Dr. MaryAnn Diorio
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