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Maryland Chamber of Commerce 2019 Legislative Priorities
(ANNAPOLIS, Md.- January 17, 2019) The 2019 legislative session is an opportunity to defend the progress we have made and advance the jobs agenda. Outlined below are the Maryland Chamber’s legislative priorities and anticipated critical issues that we intend to carefully monitor throughout the 2019 session.

Business Regulation & Operations
We work to ensure polices are created that benefit the employer-employee relationship and allow businesses to be competitive with their workforce. We address regulatory issues affecting daily operational activities and support legislation that allows market force principles to work in the state’s economy.

Anticipated critical issues:
  • Economic Impact Analyses on Regulations Impacting Small Businesses
  • Prohibitions on Consumer Contract Renewal Terms

Civil Liability
We believe the civil law system should not punish lawful commerce. We address issues related to tort reform and civil liability, including opposing efforts to expand exposure to liability and damages that weaken businesses’ defenses.

Anticipated critical issues:
  •  Punitive Damages
  • Non-economic Damages       

Education & Workforce Development
We ensure that Maryland fosters an educational and vocational ecosystem focused on developing, retaining, and attracting a more globally competitive workforce. We believe in strategies that seamlessly link education and workforce development and embed skills-based learning into academic instruction.

Anticipated critical issues:
  • Apprenticeship and Intern Tax Credits
  • Second Chance Employment

Energy & Environment
We support community and business endeavors that sustain, enhance, protect and conserve Maryland’s natural resources for present and future generations. At the same time, we work to maintain the balance between economic need and environmental concern.

Anticipated critical issues:
  • Renewable Portfolio Standard Increase
  • Carbon Tax

Health Care & Biopharma
We believe in meaningful health care reform that allows employers to best meet the needs of their employees. We oppose mandated health benefit demands, as well as burdensome and unnecessary regulatory oversight and requirements. We also address issues in legislative interaction in pharmacological discovery and development processes.

Anticipated critical issues:
  • Price Gouging
  • Pharmaceutical Pricing and Availability

Labor & Employment
We seek to maintain a balance in the relationship between employees and employers within the state. We work to ensure policies are created that promote fairness, reduce excessive mandates and protect employer interests.

Anticipated critical issues:
  • Mandatory Paid Leave
  • $15 Minimum Wage
  • Restrictive Scheduling

We support tax policy reform that reduces the cost of doing business. It is our goal to strengthen the state’s competitive tax climate to help attract and retain businesses, talent and investment.

Anticipated critical issues:
  • Tax Relief for Pass-through Businesses
  • Corporate Income Tax Rate Reduction
  • Corporations and Business Entities – Filing Fees and Combined Reporting

We believe improved state transportation networks boost economic opportunity. We work to advance short- and long-term answers to statewide transportation and transit needs. We support sustainably funded solutions that safely and reliably transport people and goods.

Anticipated critical issues:
  • Infrastructure Funding

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Let’s work together for a stronger state. 

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