I pray this email finds you and your family well. These are certainly trying times and I hope you share my sense of pride and confidence in the outstanding job so many of our citizens are doing throughout our state to help everyone cope with the coronavirus. My sincere thanks goes out to the health care workers, first responders, national guard, and so many others on the front lines of this battle, not the least of whom are the store clerks, bus drivers, food delivery workers and so many other ordinary citizens doing their part to help. I have heard of and witnessed so many acts of kindness and selfless dedication to others.
We will no doubt get through this a better people. Having been the child of a father at war, brother of a soldier at war, a soldier at war, and father of a child at war, I can attest that such hardships renew the soul and promote a deeper appreciation for those around us. That excludes, of course, parents of small children unable to attend school for more than a month.
As you are no doubt aware, Governor Hogan and his administration have pulled out all the stops and are working around the clock to lead our statewide effort. Below is a list of State web-based resources available to help you understand, track, and cope with the Coronavirus.

The Department of Health posts daily updates tracking the virus at

Governor Hogan’s guidance on business closing is available here .
Governor Hogan’s general website listing coronavirus related information is available at

Secretary of Commerce Kelly Schultz has posted additional employment and business related information at .

Department of Labor information concerning Coronavirus Paid Sick Leave and Expanded Family Leave Law is available here .
State Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Karen Salmon, has announced that schools will be closed through at least April 24. Dr. Salmon and state Superintendents are working on continuity of learning plans for the next month.
Dr. Salmon urged people not to send children to daycare unless necessary. For those in essential jobs who need daycare, there are roughly 1,200 slots available. Parents can call the LOCATE free hotline at 1-877-261-0060, or  visit this link . In addition,
Free meals are available for children at certain public schools around the state. For information go to http://MDSummerMeals.Org

Guidance for Home Visiting Staff click here

Other state websites with coronavirus related information that you might find useful are:
Dept. of Transportation

Thank you for doing your part to defeat the coronavirus. May God bless you, your family and neighbors, and our Nation.   

Bob Cassilly 
Senator, District 34