The Marysville Monthly - April 2020
Happy Easter!

Upcoming Council Meetings:
  • Tuesday, April 21, 2020, 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday, May 5, 2020, 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday, May 19, 2020, 6:00 pm

Coffee with a Cop:
Due to Covid 19, meetings are cancelled until further notice.
While City Hall has been closed to the public since Tuesday, March 17 due to the Covid 19 pandemic, City employees continue to serve the community with dedication and commitment via emergency services and remote access to City Hall services. Please do not hesitate to contact City Departments should you have questions regarding any city services, completing and submitting applications, and making payments. Please contact City Departments via phone and/or email at the following numbers and email addresses:

Administration and Finance Departments
Phone: 530-749-3901

Community Development and Public Works Departments
Phone: 530-749-3902
Email: Ellen Culver,

Fire Department
Phone: 530-741-6622
Email: Bri Anne Ritchie,

Police Department
Phone: 530-749-3908  (non-emergency dispatch)
PD can also be accessed via its call box at 316 6th Street.

To stay up-to-date on the Covid 19 pandemic and the regional response to this public health crisis, please visit the following websites:

Should you have additional general questions, please call Yuba County's 'Covid-19' call center: (530) 749-7700, open Monday through Friday, 8:00 to 5:30 pm.
During these unprecedented times, Community Development Departments are more important than ever to community vitality. While our doors may be closed to the public, the Marysville’s Community Development Department staff are working diligently behind the scenes to develop innovative solutions to the current issues facing local businesses.

The City is committed to the survival and perseverance of the Marysville business community, and City staff are here as a resource for your business questions. The Department is closely monitoring Federal, State and local initiatives impacting business operations and staying abreast of the latest economic development opportunities available to local businesses, including loans and assistance programs.

Not sure where to find resources and/or how to apply for funding opportunities? Call or email the Community Development Department. If we don't have the answers, we'll help you find them.

Below, are a list of helpful websites to assist you and your business to navigate the current crisis:

Please contact the CD Department directly should you have additional questions: 530-749-3902.

In March, the Community Development Department processed 29 Building Permits, conducted 40 Building Inspections, initiated 4 Code Enforcement investigations, issued 9 Transportation Permits, and 8 Encroachment Permits.
FY 2018-19 AUDIT
The Finance Department is pleased to announce the City Council's approval of the City's FY 2018-19 Audit on April 7, 2020. The City is now back on track and schedule with its City Audits. In addition, The City's FY 2018-19 Ending Fund Balance/General Fund Reserve was approximately $2.8 million ensuring a healthy Reserve of slightly more than 30%.

Effective April 1, 2020, the Finance Department is pleased to announce the successful recruitment of Mike Solley as the Department's new Senior Accountant. Mike has 28 years of private accounting experience mostly in the healthcare industry and later as a consultant working with Robert Half International. He also served five years in the US Air Force Security Police Squadron. Mike holds a BA in Accounting and a Masters Degree in Business Administration.

In March 2020, the Finance Department processed 514 accounts payable and receivable, 33 animal licenses, 69 business licenses, and 367 cash receipts.
The crews continue to support the responses to medical aids under stressful conditions. Many of the calls for service come out as possible COVID-19 symptoms requiring staff to take all Personal Protective Equipment safety precautions. CPR calls were on the rise for the month of March, which keeps first responders on edge. Since we maintain the janitorial services for the fire station, staff is taking extra time to sanitize the station, work spaces and apparatus several times a day. We continue to be a staging location for storing Personal Protective Equipment from the County in an attempt to keep other fire and law personnel equipped with needed items. We have spent several hours shopping area stores to find disinfectants and thermometers for facility and staff.

Quick Attack
The new Quick Attack is in service and has already responded to several calls, including medical aids and three vegetation fires. Because of its small size, the apparatus is able to maneuver and access fire areas that a larger apparatus would not have been able to.

Fire Engine
The new front line engine is almost complete. The final inspection in April was cancelled due to Covid 19 concerns. The trip to Wisconsin for final inspection will be rescheduled once the State's Executive Order is lifted.

Weed Abatement
Approximately 300 weed abatement notices are being issued to all property owners with vacant lots within the city limits. In between winter rain storms, summer-like conditions have persisted increasing the chance of wildfires including, multiple recent vegetation fires as a result of escaped control burns and arson. Like last year, we have contacted PG&E to seek their vegetation management support within their sphere of influence in the City limits.

Fire Inspections
In the past month, Fire Prevention has completed 15 Fire Inspections. Three of them were State mandated R1/R2 occupancies (e.g., hotel, motel, apartment complexes) and 12 were business license inspections. 
In early March, the Department held its First Annual Appreciation Dinner to thank and recognize Department employees and supportive family members for their dedication and commitment to the citizens of Marysville and the fire profession. Captain Kevin Pohely received the 'Firefighter of the Year' award and Bill King received the 'Reserve Firefighter of the Year' award.
With the shelter in place order in effect, now is a good time for every household to prepare and practice an evacuation and emergency plan. In an emergency, it's important for every household member to know his/her roles and responsibilities and meeting locations depending on the type of emergency. In addition, it is important that every household member be trained in fire safety practices. The follow link can assist a family in developing a plan. For more information on developing a household emergency adn evacuation plan, please visit the National Fire Protection Association .

In addition, this time of year is a good time to test household smoke detectors and inspect home fire extinguishers. Being able to extinguish a small household fire may make the difference between a minor clean up and major fire damage and/or completely losing a home.
Beginning April 1 and after a month of regular day shift training, the Department's five newly promoted and hired staff started shift work (e.g., 24 hour shifts) increasing the staff for each shift to four firefighters. 

The recruitment for a Fire Mechanic closed recently and interviews will begin next week. Currently, fire apparatus are serviced in Sacramento proving to be very costly and with considerable "down time" before the apparatus is returned to service. With an in house Fire Mechanic, repair costs can be lowered and out-of-service time reduced.

With the generous support of Beale Air Force Base, the Department recently borrowed its portable roof ventilation prop for training and practice purposes. The prop simulates a roof and the pitch can be modified to mimic various construction features and potential fire conditions that a firefighter might encounter. Normally a $70K apparatus, the Department was able to borrow it cost free and only expending minimal cost for plywood and lumber to create mock roof.

In March, Firefighters responded to 312 calls for service. The Department received 196 Rescue and Emergency Medical Calls, 25 Fire Service Calls and
91 other calls.
Officer interviews were completed, and candidates were selected to begin the next phase of the testing process.

The Department appointed a reserve dispatcher to an open
full-time Public Safety Dispatch position and began training.

Department Command staff have participated in numerous meetings with Bi-County Officials, local law enforcement, local leaders and business owners in an effort to ensure public safety during the current public health crisis.

Several new procedures and protocols have been completed to limit exposure to first responders and still provide high-quality service to the citizens of Marysville.

Patrol and Community Service Officers continue to patrol open and closed businesses, contact community members to educate them about social distancing, and work with local businesses to comply with the Order.

During the month of March, the Department received 352 more calls for service than in the month of February. Increase in calls for service are attributed to the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • On March 2, 2020, Officers were involved in a 30 mile long vehicle pursuit. After the suspected vehicle stopped, K-9 Rocky was deployed and the suspect surrendered without further incidence.

  • On March 4, 2020, K9 Rocky was deployed during a high-risk traffic stop near the intersection of Hwy 20 and E. 22nd Street. The suspect had recently battered his wife with a flashlight and fled the scene. He was spotted as he entered the City of Marysville. Once seeing K-9 Rocky, the suspect surrendered. 
  • On March 24, 2020, K9 Rocky was deployed while police apprehended an assailant suspected of brandishing a weapon on a victim. The suspect also attempted to run over the victim with his vehicle in front of his house. Ultimately, the suspect surrendered to K9 Rocky and other Officers.
In March, A nimal Care Services reunited eight dogs with their families. The reunification effort was expedited because several of the dogs had microchips making it much easier to find their owners. In addition, 57 dog licenses were issued.

The ACS Officer also freed a cat from a barbed wire fence and once freed, it ran away injury free.

Before the TNR program was suspended in mid-March, 19 cats were fixed by the weekly TNR program. As soon as the Executive Order is lifted, the weekly TNR and overnight trapping program will resume.

Field Haven released its 2019 Year End Summary and Update for Marysville's Animal Care Services Community Partnership Programs. Through these programs, the City has been able to provide better animal care services to the citizens of Marysville.

Parking enforcement issued 13 notices of abatement. All vehicles were abated, including two that were towed. Third quarter abatement stats have been completed and delivered to Yuba County.  

Calls for Service
The Department’s Part-Time Community Service Officer responded to 50 calls for service and 184 self-initiated calls for service. Out of those, 23 crime reports were generated and 34 additional graffiti locations were identified.

Graffiti Busters and property owners painted over 16 previously identified graffiti locations throughout the City.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Community Service Officers have been tasked to assist patrol with Covid-19 related issues, as well as general patrol support for open and closed businesses.
During the month of March, SRO Delaney responded to 109 calls for service and completed 93 proactive contacts. Along with Sgt. Shackleford and Detective Lemire, he also staffed a booth at the Marysville High School (MHS) job fair to talk with students about available jobs at the Marysville Police Department, as well as inform them of the Department's Cadet Program.

Representing the Marysville Police Department, SRO Delaney also assisted the Marysville Joint Unified School District with the Student Attendance Review Board (SARB).

Since the schools have been closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, SRO Delaney has been temporarily reassigned back to patrol to assist with patrol coverage.
  • The Department completed one tobacco compliance deployment that included monitoring 17 locations for compliance. Of those, additional signage is needed at 10 of the locations in order to satisfy compliance standards.

  • The Department completed one tobacco education deployment that included contacting 13 locations and providing proprietors with educational information.
During the month of March, officers conducted periodic day/night drone trainings and practice.
Should you wish to report an illegal cannabis grow operation, please contact Sgt. Daryl Shackelford at or (530) 749-3958.
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and until further notice, all trainings have been cancelled by Police Officers Standards and Training (POST) and other host agencies.

In March 2020, 2121 calls for service were received, 2837 reports were prepared and processed, and 70 arrests were made. In Dispatch, 1300 9-1-1 emergency calls were received, and 4151 non-emergency calls were processed.
To request services from the Public Works Department including pothole repairs, street tree trimming, and sidewalk repairs, please call Public Works at 530-749-3902 or complete the City's online Service Request Form.
To request sewage services, please complete the Utility Management Services online "New Service Request" form.
If you are experiencing an after-hours emergency, such as a major sewer system backup, please contact the Marysville City Police Department Dispatch Center at (530) 741-6621 to request on call Public Works services.
While Covid 19 and the "S helter in Place Order" has presented challenges with Public Works service delivery, City staff remain on the job continuing to provide essential services such as responding to street and sidewalk repairs, tree-related emergencies, wastewater collections, park maintenance, and public facility repairs. Visit the United States Homeland Security's Critical Infrastructure During Covid 19 web page for more information about essential infrastructure sectors and workforce needs.
In order to protect you and your family from potential exposure to Covid 19, the City of Marysville has posted reminder signs to avoid using playground structures , as well as general reminder signs to comply with social distancing guidelines (e.g., remain six feet from individuals) during this public health crisis.
Street sweeping continues to operate on its regular schedule. While parking citations have been suspended during this public health crisis, please continue to move your car unless you are under quarantine and/or in a high risk group by the posted parking time limit so that we may better serve the community.

In March 2020, the Public Works Department processed 31 Public Service Requests including, work orders for tree trimming, pot hole repairs, street maintenance, street light repairs, sewer/storm drain unclogging and repairs, and general maintenance.