The Marysville Monthly - March 2020
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Upcoming Council Meetings:
  • Tuesday, March 17, 2020, 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday, March 31, 2020, 5:00 pm (Special Study Session: Cannabis Tax)
  • Tuesday, April 7, 2020, 6:00 pm

Coffee with a Cop:
Meetings are held on the second Friday of the Month. Visit the Marysville Police Department Facebook Page for the latest updates and future meeting locations.

If you have additional general questions (but NOT for medical advice), please call Yuba County's 'Covid-19' call center: (530) 749-7700, open Monday through Friday, 8:00 to 5:30 pm.

Please note, while there are almost daily changes in the directives coming from both the President and Governor's Offices, the City of Marysville will continue to provide all public safety and emergency medical services. City Hall also plans to be opened.
The Marysville City Council and the Marysville Planning Commission both paused their regularly scheduled meetings last month for a moment of silence in honor of the memory of Wayne Neault who recently passed away.

Wayne was appointed by Mayor Ricky Samayoa on December 4, 2018 as an
at-large member of the Marysville Planning Commission where he served until his passing. Wayne attended his last Planning Commission meeting in December shortly before he lost his fight with cancer on January 18, 2020. We very much appreciate his service to the community and miss his presence at our meetings.

In February, the Community Development Department processed 38
building permits, conducted 57 building inspections, initiated 8
code enforcement investigations, issued 11 Transportation permits, and 6 Encroachment Permits.
At the March 3, 2020 City Council meeting, the Council approved the Mid-Year Budget amendments as proposed, including authorization for several IT upgrades, hiring a full-time Building Inspector, Assistant Planner, and new Fire Mechanic, and cost savings due to reduced need for professional services. The budget amendments resulted in a continued stable 23% General Fund Reserve.

The Senior Accountant recruitment is re-opened (the previous recruitment was unsuccessful). The job announcement is available to view and apply at The deadline to apply for the position closes on March 23, 2020.

In February 2020, the Finance Department processed 430 accounts payable and receivable, 51 animal licenses, 27 business licenses, and 334 cash receipts.

Quick Attack
The Ford F-550 Quick Attack was delivered to the Fire Department on February 11. The Department's logo, striping, and decals have been applied. It's currently being outfitted with dispatch equipment. While there are still additional preparations before its fully operational, the Quick Attack will start responding to EMS calls in April.

Ladder Truck
The ladder truck returned to the station and is back in service after an eight week hiatus in Sacramento. Repairs were made to the turn table and electrical system.
Fire Engine
The new front line fire engine is in its 9 th week of construction. Staff are able to monitor its weekly progress online and ensure all the requested specifications are being implemented. Staff will travel to Wisconsin in April to conduct a final inspection of the new fire truck before it is delivered to the Marysville Fire Station.

Weed Abatement
Spring has sprung! And it's time to notify property owners to abate their vacant lots of overgrown grass and weeds.

Fire Inspections
In the past month, Fire Prevention has completed six new business inspections and 15 State mandated inspections on residential properties zoned R-1 and R-2 (e.g., motels, apartments, houses). 

'Vegetation Management Summit'
Cross-departmental staff are starting to coordinate with the County, other agencies and private property owners to address overgrown vegetation in and around the 'Thorntree,' 'Hollywood Park' and Marysville Cemetery areas of the City and outside the ring levee. The 'Vegetation Management Summit,' as City staff have coined the coordination meeting, will provide an opportunity to address the overgrowth and vehicle access to and from these areas of the City in an effort to reduce call volume and the threat of large vegetation fires.
The Fire Department is currently recruiting Reserve Fire Fighters and a Fire Mechanic . Both job announcements are posted on . The Reserve Fire Fighter positions will receive a stipend and help bolster the Department's Volunteer Program.

The Fire Department recently purchased new thermal imaging cameras. They are small, compact cameras intended to be worn by Fire Fighters as they enter a structure fire. The cameras were purchased as part of the recently awarded self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) grant.
With the recent time change, the Fire Department reminds everyone to change the batteries in smoke detectors in the home and/or business. Please also be sure to test home smoke detectors and practice a home escape plan with family members.
The three SAFER grant positions have been filled and the new employees have started with the Fire Department. Currently, they are completing a 30-day training program including pump operations, driving, tactics and strategies, and Incident Command System training. They are scheduled to begin shift training on April 1, 2020. In coordination with regional partners, the Fire Department staff are completing cross training with CAL FIRE and the Yuba College Fire Academy.  
In January, Firefighters responded to 317 calls for service. The Department received 231 Rescue and Emergency Medical Calls, 10 Fire Service Calls and 76 other calls. The Department also experienced 80 concurrent calls or 25% of February's 911 calls.
In the next few weeks, the Police Department will recruit for a Public Safety Dispatcher and Patrol Officer to fill current and anticipated vacancies. Those wishing to apply can complete an application at or in person at City Hall. All applications must be accompanied by an updated Personal History Statement. Currently, the Department is completing a background check for a Reserve Police Officer. 

The Department is also in the process of developing a 290PC – Sex Registrant Compliance Program that will incorporate personnel conducting home checks, registration checks, and enforcing violations. The new program will exceed the current mandated State requirements and increase the community's public safety. Full program implementation is anticipated by July 2020.
Should you wish to report an illegal cannabis grow operation, please contact Sgt. Daryl Shackelford at or (530) 749-3958.
 Police Officers conducted periodic day and night trainings throughout the month of February and mapped out several encampments near the railroad trestle bridges and cemeteries. 
  • One Tobacco Minor Decoy operation was conducted; 12 businesses were checked; and only one business was in violation. 

  • One Shoulder Tap Operation* was conducted; 18 people were contacted; and three violations were cited.

  • Three Tobacco Education details were conducted at 65 locations; and Tobacco education information was provided to clerks to facilitate compliance.

  • One traffic enforcement detail was conducted; 27 citations were issued; and one felony arrest was made.

  • One DUI Saturation was conducted; seven citations were issued; and three Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST) were completed.

* Shoulder Tap Operations are a law enforcement strategy designed to hold adult providers of tobacco to youth accountable for their illegal behavior. Shoulder Tap Operations focus on the adult who is providing tobacco to an underage youth. Underage volunteers are recruited, selected and trained to operate as a decoy.
  • K9 Rocky and K9 Jake participated in a required 16 hour regional training in February.

  • Both K9s completed drug identification, obedience, handler protection, agility, area search, and building search training.

  • K9 Rocky received additional training in apprehension techniques including verbal releases and call offs, as well as an agility course with his handler that included navigating several obstacles leading to a suspect attempting to flee a crime scene on a bicycle.

  • On February 28, K9 Rocky conducted a building search on East 10th Street and identified a room being used by squatters.

On February 23, ACS partnered with Fieldhaven to provide another Vaccination and Micro Chip Clinic. Sixty dogs were micro-chipped and vaccinated for rabies. In addition, 20 cats were vaccinated for rabies and 13 were micro-chipped. What a great turn out!

Other ACS Activities
During the month of February, 57 dog licenses were issued and 63 cats were spayed or neutered during ACS's weekly Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program and overnight trapping.

"Like" ACS on Facebook and stay up to date on all ACS activities including future clinics.

Parking Enforcement issued 25 notices to abate. All vehicles have been abated and three were towed.

Calls for Service
The Department's part-time CSO responded to 47 calls for service and 138 self-initiated calls for service. From those, 31 crime reports were produced and 16 additional locations with graffiti were identified.

A total of 60 locations with graffiti have been identified within the past two months and, of those, 16 have been abated. CSOs are working with both private property owners and Graffiti Busters to remove graffiti throughout the City on both private and public property.
SRO Delaney teamed up with Marysville High School (MHS) senior staff to investigate a bomb threat by a student who left a note stating that he was planning to blow up the school on a specific date. SRO Delaney and MHS staff interviewed all students with access to the location where the note was left. After several hours of investigation, one student admitted that he left the note. SRO Delaney confirmed the student had no access to the materials required to create a bomb and was not actually planning to carry out the threat. The student was expelled from school and a criminal report was prepared.

SRO Delaney also responded to 33 calls for service and initiated 77 contacts with the Marysville Joint Unified School District and the Yuba County Office of Education.

As part of his duties, SRO Delaney attended the Yuba County Office of Education Board Meeting to share information with staff regarding the duties and responsibilities of a SRO. He also attended multiple Marysville Joint Unified School District Student Attendance Review Boards as the representative of Marysville Police Department, as well as weekly school gang meetings with local schools in the Yuba County region.

This past month, SRO Delaney also contacted several students, parents, and staff, as well as attended multiple youth-related events--further strengthening the relationship between the police department and Marysville youth.

The Department hosted a POST certified patrol rifle user’s course. Four officers from the Marysville Police Department (MPD) and four officers from West Sacramento Police Department received training. In the near future, the MPD will also host an additional training course for outside agency personnel within the region.

All Department personnel completed annual qualifications for firearms.
At the Bi-County region's Annual Peace Officer of the Year Award Dinner, CHP Officer Gordan, who was recently released from the hospital, was heartily welcomed home to Yuba City. Marysville Police Detective Joseph Liebman was also honored for his outstanding performance this past year.

In February 2020, 1769 calls for service were received, 1236 reports were prepared and processed, and 101 arrests were made. In Dispatch, 1186 9-1-1 emergency calls were received, and 4515 non-emergency calls were processed.
To request pothole filling, street tree trimming, and sidewalk repairs, please call Public Works at 530-749-3902 or complete the City's online Service Request Form.
To request sewage services, please complete the Utility Management Services online "New Service Request" form.
While everyone is excited to see that the Ellis Lake Fountain is on the verge of being up and running again and on a regular basis, there are also several water quality benefits to an active fountain, especially in Ellis Lake, that are often overlooked, including:

Improves Water Quality
Fountains provide aeration which increase oxygen in the water and help mitigate gas releases from lake bottom sediment.

Reduces and Controls Excessive Algae Growth
Fountain aeration helps to effectively mix algae spores into the deeper parts of the lake resulting in less available sunlight and less time to grow. 

Removes Bad Odor
By increasing oxygen in the water, fountain aeration helps reduce hydrogen sulfide gas that collects at the bottom of the lake and can cause a bad odor.

Enhances Fish Habitat
Again, the water's increase in oxygen at the bottom and top of the lake helps to improve overall fish habitat.

Reduces Mosquitoes
Because mosquitoes require still water conditions for egg development, a fountain's constant flow of moving water tends to reduce mosquito breeding habitat.

Reduces Lake Bottom Sediment
Organic matter decomposes slower under low oxygen conditions leading to a build up of bottom sediment. Proper aeration, such as the use of a fountain, reduces the overall accumulation of organic matter and can add to a bad odor around the lake.

In February 2020, the Public Works Department processed 40 Public Service Requests. They included work orders for tree trimming, pot hole repairs, street maintenance, street light repairs, sewer/storm drain issues, and general up keep around the City of Marysville.