The Marysville Monthly - May 2020
Best Wishes and Peace on Memorial Day.
In memory and honor of all those who served and sacrificed.

Upcoming Council Meetings:
  • Tuesday, June 2, 2020 at 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday, June 16, 2020 at 6:00 pm

Coffee with a Cop:
Due to Covid 19, meetings are cancelled until further notice.
While City Hall has remained closed to the public since Tuesday, March 17 due to the Covid 19 pandemic, City employees continue to serve the community with dedication and commitment via emergency services and remote access to City Hall services.

Please do not hesitate to contact City Departments should you have questions regarding any city services, completing and submitting applications, and making payments. Please contact City Departments via phone and/or email at the following numbers and email addresses:

Administration and Finance Departments
Phone: 530-749-3901

Community Development and Public Works Departments
Phone: 530-749-3902
Email: Ellen Culver,

Fire Department
Phone: 530-741-6622
Email: Bri Anne Ritchie,

Police Department
Phone: 530-749-3908  (non-emergency dispatch)
PD can also be accessed via its call box at 316 6th Street.

To stay up-to-date on the Covid 19 pandemic and the regional response to this public health crisis, please visit the following websites:

One of the City's many efforts to support local businesses to re-open, includes a partnership with the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) and Michele Reeves of Civilis Consultants to develop a downtown 'Covid 19 Playbook' allowing businesses to maximize sales and profits while also meeting public health requirements and protocols.

On May 19, the City launched the program by holding a Zoom meeting with community stakeholders to share ideas for ensuring that businesses thrive in the current and post-Covid 19 era. Next steps include an overhaul of two businesses that will become a 'Covid 19 model' for both retail operations and food service. The recorded meeting will be available on the City's website soon.

The stakeholder group will reconvene in July to talk about these projects and plans for moving forward. For information on this 'Covid 19 Business Recovery Effort,' contact Jonathan Wright, Community Development Director.
Last month, the Marysville Community Development Department hired Joe Sweet, the new full-time Building Inspector. Joe is a second generation construction contractor with 30 years of experience in the industry. Joe graduated from Chico State with a degree in Construction Management and started his career at an early age working with his father. He is enthusiastic about his new position and looks forward to being a part of the City's renaissance!

In April, the Community Development Department processed 29 Building Permits, conducted 24 Building Inspections, initiated 5 Code Enforcement investigations, and issued 9 Transportation Permits and 7 Encroachment Permits.
FY 2020-21 BUDGET
The Finance Department is preparing the FY 2020-21 budget. The first Council presentation and budget workshop occurred on May 19, 2020. There will be two more upcoming budget presentations before the City Council on June 2 and June 16.

The FY 2017-18 Measure C Report is complete and can be viewed at the City's website. Work has already begun on FY 2018-19 Measure C Report, which should be complete no later than July 2020.

In April 2020, the Finance Department processed 455 accounts payable and receivable, 23 animal licenses, 54 business licenses, and 274 cash receipts.
The Fire Department continues to be challenged by responding to potential and actual Covid 19-related calls and taking additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) safety precautions.

A Yuba County Contingency Response Plan is being developed with the City of Marysville, Linda, Olivehurst and Wheatland Fire Districts in the event that one or more of these jurisdictions becomes incapacitated due to COVID-19 and could not respond to calls for service. The Contingency Response Plan outlines how neighboring resources, boundary drops, closest resource concepts and the reallocation of fire suppression resources might be used if this were to occur.
 The Fire Department completed a five hour virtual inspection of the new Type 1 Fire Engine with very few revisions and/or corrections. The Department anticipates receiving the Type 1 in Marysville by July 1.
With the warmer temperatures and north winds, vegetation is drying out quickly. Vacant land owners have been notified to remove overgrown vegetation by June 1. The department is also monitoring weed control on other properties with buildings and open space to reduce fire hazard. Fire Department staff are also working with the School District to mitigate fire hazards off 24 th Street. The Department has been collaborating with PG&E to address other hazardous areas behind the substation off of Yuba Street. They also cut back a large area along the levee that has been difficult for Department staff to manage and dangerous to burn because of electrical hazards. 

The Fire Inspection/Prevention Division completed four new business inspections this past month. During the Covid-19 shut down, six inspections for new business licenses were cancelled until further notice. The Department also completed three pre-construction meetings with future businesses planning to move to move their operations to Marysville.
The City has hired a new Fire Mechanic. He will start next week bringing much of the Department's standard fire apparatus repairs and maintenance in house. In addition, the City plans to contract his services to other fire jurisdictions helping to defray some of the costs for the Fleet Division. All and all, the City anticipates an overall cost savings to the General Fund by bringing repairs in house and outsourcing maintenance to other jurisdictions.

In April, Firefighters responded to 283 calls for service. The Department received 201 Rescue and Emergency Medical Calls, 20 Fire Service Calls and
62 other calls.
The Department hired one full-time police officer to fill a current vacancy and two other candidates are still completing the hiring process.

Department Command staff have attended several Covid-19 related conference calls with Bi-County Officials, local law enforcement leaders, and local leaders and businesses in effort to implement additional public safety precautionary measures during the pandemic.

During National Police Week (May 10-16), the Police Department honored and celebrated law enforcement with a Council proclamation.

On April 14, 2020, there was an anti-ICE protest at the Yuba County Jail. Officers conducted several traffic enforcement stops on protesters failing to stop at stop signs and honking their horns unjustifiably. 

The Department received a 2020 Polaris XP1000 from the Department of Homeland Security Grant, as well as funding from the Yuba Water Agency to purchase a Polaris 570 4-wheeler with a medical transport trailer. Both UTVs will be used for levee and river bottom patrols. 

The Department submitted an application for the Helen Putnman Award from the California League of Cities highlighting the Animal Care Services Program.
  • On April 3, 2020, K-9 Rocky was deployed during a high-risk traffic stop for a suspect who was operating a stolen vehicle. The suspect surrendered without incident. 

  • On April 29, 2020, K-9 Rocky was deployed to search a building that was burglarized. It turned out, the suspect left prior to the Patrol Officer’s arrival. 

  • On April 11, 2020 at 5:30 am, Officers were dispatched to the 400 block of H Street in reference to a subject sleeping in a vehicle with pills in his lap. Officers contacted the subject and located numerous pills and a baggy containing what appeared to be methamphetamine in the subject's lap. The subject was removed from the vehicle and a K-9 search of the vehicle was conducted. K-9 Jake indicated and alerted to the presence of narcotics in the vehicle when sniffing around the cabin. The baggy was confirmed to contain methamphetamine. The subject was cited and released. 

  • Because of COVID-19, K-9’s Rocky and Jake have been completing trainings at home and in the department instead of participating in regional trainings.  
In April, Animal Care Services was able to reunite four dogs with their families. Two of the dogs had a microchip making it easier to find their owners.

Due to Covid-19, the weekly and overnight TNR program has been placed on a hold. Once Covid 19 Orders are lifted, ACS will schedule new programs.

In April, 49 dog licenses were issued.

During the month of April, the Department's CSOs responded to 68 calls for service and initiated 297 other calls for service. Of those, 29 crime reports were generated. In addition, Graffiti Busters painted over graffiti tags at 8 different locations.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Community Service Officers have been tasked to assist patrol with Covid-19 related issues, as well as general patrol support for open and closed businesses.
Because of Covid 19, Marysville Police Department has held off on grant deployments for the month of April and May. Deployments are anticipated to continue in late May and/or early June.
Officers conducted periodic day/night trainings throughout the month of April and May.

On April 28, 2020, Dispatch received a call for service regarding an unresponsive subject in a Thorntree encampment. Deploying the UTV, Officers responded and arrived on the scene and found the male subject not breathing and without a pulse. Officer’s performed CPR and administered Narcan on him but to no avail. The Officer's took turns giving chest compression until relieved by Marysville Fire Department staff. Bi-County Ambulance arrived and took over the scene. As they were leaving for transport to Adventist Health-Rideout, City employees were notified by Bi-County Ambulance staff that the subject did have a pulse. However, Officers later learned that the male subject was pronounced deceased at the hospital. 
The Department will host its first Police Officer Standards and Training (POST) course in May 2020 since the Covid-19 pandemic re-opening phase started. Department personnel will train officers from San Francisco PD and Yuba College Police Department.

After training delays due to Covid 19, staff are also starting to schedule and reschedule additional training that were either cancelled or deferred.
Should you wish to report an illegal cannabis grow operation, please contact Sgt. Daryl Shackleford at or (530) 749-3958.

In April 2020, 17,006 calls for service were received, 245 reports were prepared and processed, and 51 arrests were made. In Dispatch, 1,134 9-1-1 emergency calls were received, and 5,365 non-emergency calls were processed.
To request services from the Public Works Department including pothole repairs, street tree trimming, and sidewalk repairs, please call Public Works at 530-749-3902 or complete the City's online Service Request Form.
To request sewage services, please complete the Utility Management Services online "New Service Request" form.
If you are experiencing an after-hours emergency (e.g., major sewer system backup), please contact the Marysville City Police Department Dispatch Center at (530) 741-6621 to request on call Public Works services.
As designated essential workers, Marysville Public Works employees continue to deliver maintenance and repair services of City grounds, facilities and infrastructure. As a limited organization with 9 full-time and 2 part-time employees, Public Works has responded to the crisis with creativity and flexibility by re-prioritizing resources and deploying staff where they are needed the most to keep Marysville clean, safe and resilient.

With City Hall remaining closed, the 'virtual' PW Department continues to facilitate incoming public Public Works requests for staffing and services. The Engineering and Streets Divisions continue to work in the field, as well as the Construction Inspector. Some staff have been able to work from home continuing to move forward critical projects such as the City's Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements Project, Decommission the Wastewater Treatment Ponds and Street Rehabilitation Projects just to name a few. 

Operation crews have actively employed social distancing of six feet or more while working together. This has changed the way the Department repairs potholes and cleans the streets. In addition, they have been responding to tree trimming and/or removal emergency service requests, as well as mowing landscape strips and parks.
With the State's 'Shelter-in-Place' Order extended through at least the end of May, it will be some time before the Department is able to return to normal operations.
City of Marysville parks are open and available for citizens to visit but they must comply with the California State Governor’s Executive Order and Public Health Guidelines.

According to the California State Public Health Officer: “You can go to the park for fresh air so long as you are maintaining a safe social distance of six feet from people who aren’t part of your household, it is okay to go outside for exercise, a walk or fresh air.”
Garbage is expensive, residents of Marysville can help reduce costs and lessen the negative environmental impacts of garbage disposal by reducing waste at the source—before generating it. Here are some waste reduction ideas:

1)     Audit your own garbage.
Ask yourself—what am I throwing away that fills the bin? Could it be recycled or reused instead? Consider ways that you might eliminate consistent waste streams.

2) Reduce food waste to zero .
This is the single most impactful way to help the cause. Eat what's in your refrigerator. Avoid buying unwanted or excessive food only to let it go bad and throw it away. Eliminate throwing away food scraps in the garbage. Instead, start a home compost bin. (Home compost bins and expert guidance about “how to compost” are available at Yuba Sutter Recycles !

3) Recycle.
Consider recycling solutions that may not be part of a standard recycling household program. For example, plastic bags CAN be recycled, BUT they need to be turned in at an accepting retail store. Clothing and shoes CAN be donated to local thrift stores EVEN if they are worn out. Thrift stores frequently have recycling programs for those materials in the event that they are not sold.

4) Eliminate the use of 'single-use' disposable items as much as possible .
For example, eliminate using disposable coffee cups, take-out containers, disposable plates, cups, plastic ware, single-use decorations, disposable diapers, single-use coffee pods, cheap trinkets and more. Consider replacing throw-away products with reusable options.

In April 2020, the Public Works Department processed 16 Public Service Requests including, work orders for tree trimming, pot hole repairs, street maintenance, street light repairs, sewer/storm drain unclogging and repairs, and general maintenance.