• UPCOMING: Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for new Information Kiosk at the Marysville Cemetery
  • Highlights of the 68th Annual Marysville Christmas Parade
  • Highlights of Workshop #2: Parks & Open Space Master Plan
  • Promotions & New Hires - Finance and Fire Departments
  • Police Department Receives more than $80 K Grant for Tobacco Education and Enforcement
Ribbon Cutting and Unveiling of New Information Kiosk at Marysville Cemetery
Please join us on Saturday, December 22 at 11:00 am for the unveiling and ribbon cutting of a new information kiosk at the Marysville Cemetery. The kiosk was created by Maria Garcia and her family as part of a volunteer Girl Scout project.
Marysville Christmas Parade
& City Holiday Decorations
The Marysville Police Department (MPD) was the primary event coordinator for this year's 68th Annual Marysville Christmas Parade held on December 1, 2018 in downtown Marysville. There were 78 floats in the parade with an estimated crowd of more than 7,000 attendees.

There was also strong support and participation from the Marysville Fire (MFD) and Community Development & Services Departments. MFD assisted with lining up the parade entries assuring the numbers were in order. Engine 236, a 1982 old CAL FIRE engine, transported Santa Clause through the parade. The children were ecstatic to see Santa and everyone had a great time. MFD employees walked with Santa and handed out candy canes.

The Community Development & Services Department would like to publicly thank the hard working Parks & Facilities Division for installing the holiday decorations throughout the city in time for the parade and especially for assisting the Police Department with traffic control before and during the Holiday Parade allowing for a safe and joyful event.


Winners of this 2018 Parade entries were:

1 st Place – Impalas Car Club
2 nd Place – Linda Fireman’s Association
FLOAT – Most Creative Lighting
1 st Place – The Save Mart Companies
2 nd Place – Paragon Collegiate Academy
FLOAT – Best Decorated
1 st Place – AutoGear Performance
2 nd Place – Original Yuba/Sutter Toy Run
FLOAT – Most Original
1 st Place – Miss Shayla
2 nd Place – Driven Youth at Lighthouse Christian Center
BAND – High School
1 st Place – Marysville Charter Academy (MCAA)
2 nd Place – Yuba City High School Brown & Gold Brigade
3 rd Place– Wheatland Pirate Band
4 th Place– River Valley High School Marching Band
BAND – Intermediate School
1 st Place – McKenney Intermediate & Marysville High School Band
2 nd Place– Bear River Falcon Marching Band
3 rd Place – Andros Karperos School Band
Code Enforcement
With assistance from the City Attorney and the Police Department, as well as the voluntary cooperation of the resident, CD&S staff abated a private property in East Marysville of extensive debris, trash and furniture stored in the front yard - a long standing public nuisance that had received numerous neighborhood complaints over several months. The cleanup was completed in less than three hours and all costs associated will be charged to the property owner.

New Hire – Building Official
The CD&S Department welcomes Gary Eides to the City of Marysville as its temporary part-time City Building Official. Most recently, Gary is a retired Building Inspector from the City of Lincoln and brings extensive Building experience with him. With the myriad of Marysville's existing Building and Code Enforcement challenges, Gary is a tremendous asset and welcomed member of the team. During his tenure in Marysville, Gary will assist contractors and private property owners with their building improvements, inspections and plan check. He's looking forward to making a difference in Marysville!

Parks and Open Space Master Plan
With the assistance of Foothill Associates (the Project Consultants), the Community Development and Services Department successfully held its second and final workshop regarding the Parks & Open Space Master Plan on Thursday, November 29 at 6:00 PM in City Council Chambers. CD&S thanks all of those who braved the first major storm of the season to attend. Citizen participation is highly valued and crucial to creating this Master Plan.
CD&S Department Activity, November 2018
CD&S Activity: In the month of November, the Community Development & Services Department processed 81 building permits, conducted 32 building inspections, initiated 14 code enforcement investigations, received 11 and completed 14 public service requests, and executed 16 transportation or encroachment permits.
Fiscal Year 2017-18 Audit
Currently, the City's Finance Department is steeped in the audit season, including closing the books and preparing financial documents for its new Auditors. After seven years with the same Auditor, the City recently hired a new auditing firm to take over. As a result and as is the situation whenever a new Auditor is hired, we are expecting significant constructive feedback on how the City might improve its financial management and oversight controls. Stay tuned.

UPCOMING: Council Study Session on City Finances
On January 29, 2018 at 5:30 pm the City Council will hold a Special Study Session to consider a variety of financial topics, including: consideration of re-issuing a few significant City bonds to secure a lower interest rate and save the city money, a sewage rate study, unveiling of a new financial modeling forecast tool, and policy recommendations for a new financial reserve policy.

Promotions & New Hires
With the recent promotion of Jennifer Styczynski to Interim Finance Director, Kristy Herbert was also promoted to Interim Senior Accountant - leaving the Accountant position vacant. As a result, the Finance Department has also hired a new Accountant to backfill Kristy's former position. The new hire will start at the end of December.
Finance Department Activity, November 2018
Finance Activity: During the month of November, the department processed 469 accounts payable and receivable, 25 animal licenses, 32 business licenses, and 56 sewer payments were processed. In addition, 323 cash receipts were generated.

Fire Station Rehabilitation Efforts
After more than a year, the Fire Station rehabilitation and reconstruction is really starting to take shape. This past month ceiling insulation was sprayed, which will take about two weeks to complete. After that, sheet rocking of the walls will begin and finish work will also start. Project completion is scheduled for April 2019.
New Department Promotions & Hires!
New Fire Captain - Tony Cuppoletti, former MFD Engineer, was recently promoted to Fire Captain. Tony has been with the Department since the City's transition from CalFire to a full-service and in-house Marysville Fire Department. Tony is a great addition to the management team and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. The Department will backfill the Engineering position that is now vacant shortly.

New Fire Prevention Inspector/ Fire Engineer - The Fire Prevention Specialist/ Fire Engineer recruitment process has concluded. The new hire will start soon and be announced in the January newsletter.

New Fire Engineer - MFD has also started recruiting for a new Fire Engineer to backfill the position left vacated by Tony Cuppoletti. 
Fire Safety Tips and Precautions
The holiday season brings higher potential for emergencies. Please take precautions with live Christmas trees, electrical lighting and candles. Be diligent in preventing accidental fires and make sure to check your smoke detectors and practice a fire escape plan with your family. As out of town family members frequently visit during the holidays, please be sure to discuss your fire escape plan with them as well.  
Fire Department Activity, November 2018
Fire Activity: Firefighters responded to a total of 246 calls for service in the month of November. Of those, 162 calls were EMS related and 20 were concurrent calls. There were four hazardous material related calls for service as well.

An increase in structure fires this month kept the Department busy. For example, a vacant building off Ramirez Street completely burned one evening and a house fire also occurred on 8th Street.  
Motorcycle Toy Run
MPD personnel assisted with road closures for the Annual Motorcycle Toy run - providing toys to under privileged youth and their families in the Yuba and Sutter Counties region. More than 150 motorcyclists participated in the event.

Coffee with a Cop (CWAC)
Personnel hosted CWAC at Prestige assisted living. Residents had an opportunity to meet with officers and engage in good discussions.

Mourning the loss of a Hero, “K9 Bandit”
 Department personnel attended the memorial service for Sutter County K9 Bandit who lost his life protecting officers during a high risk "Camp Fire" incident.
Casa de Esperanza Training
Sgt. Magana and Detective LeMire provided case law training to Casa de Esperanza staff, as well as the procedures required to investigate domestic violence incidents.

Renewed Police Officer Trading Card Program
The Department is renewing its Police Trading Card Program. Under the renewed program, business owners will have the opportunity to sponsor trading cards and have their logos on the back of the cards. The cards will have a photo of police personnel on the front and a bio and quote on the back. This is a great opportunity to connect with the community. In addition, children in the community love to collect them. Letters to local businesses will be sent out soon. Should you or your business be interested in participating in this program, please contact Fran Hill at
MFD submitted a Yuba County Water Agency grant in the amount of $5,000 to begin a drone program. The drone program will be used for levee inspections during high water events and to assist the MFD with remote fire emergencies.

In November 2018, the Department also submitted a two-year Tobacco Education and Enforcement grant application in the amount of $84,269 and very recently received notice that MPD successfully won it. Among other activities, the grant will allow the MPD to conduct sting operations in business establishments selling tobacco products to under age youth.
Police Activity: In the month of November, more than 1630 calls for service were received, nearly 475 officer initiated responses were undertaken, 525 reports were prepared and processed, and more than 100 arrests were made. In Dispatch, nearly
1300 911-calls were received, more than 4100 non-emergency calls were processed
and PD encountered 388 face-to-face intercom interactions.