February 2019 - Top Stories
  • Joint City Council and Planning Commission Study Session - Comprehensive General Plan Update
  • Firehouse Rehabilitation Project Getting Close to Completion!
  • New Hires in PD
  • $5,000 Grant for new drone program
  • City Council Goal Setting Workshop - Monday, March 4 at the Yuba County Government Center, Marysville and Wheatland Rooms; Doors open at 8:00 am, workshop begins at 8:30 am.

  • SACOG Presentation of Draft Sustainable Communities Strategy - Tuesday, March 5 at 5:00 pm, Marysville City Council Chambers.

  • City Council Meeting - Tuesday, March 5 at 6:00 pm

  • Bok Kai Festival - March 9 and 10

  • City Council Meeting - Tuesday, March 19 at 6:00 pm

  • SAVE THE DATE: Ribbon-Cutting & Grand Opening of City's Sewage Connection to Linda County Water District (LCWD) - Thursday, March 21 at 4:00 pm at the LCWD
New City Fleet Vehicles
After years of non-safety fleet vehicle decline and heavy costs associated with repair and maintenance, the City leased two new White Hyundai Elantras for use as pool vehicles. These new fuel efficient vehicles will help reduce the City’s annual fuel and maintenance expenses. Staff also hopes to replace aging Public Works vehicles with a new fleet in the near future. The new vehicles would be used by City administrative staff for business travel and daily building inspections.
Code Enforcement
The private property at 2104 Sicard Street was abated at the end of 2018 and is currently under contract for purchase by an investor. City staff advised all parties involved in the transaction the costs associated with the abatement of the public nuisance are due at the close of the transaction. Cost recovery is part of the code enforcement process and will offset personnel time during the full abatement process. The investor plans to renovate the residence turning a property that has historically been an 'eyesore' into a community asset.
Joint Planning Commission and City Council Meetings
On February 19, 2019, the Planning Commission and City Council held a joint meeting to hear a presentation on the status of the City's General Plan, as well as a recommendation to comprehensively update it. The City’s General Plan was last updated in 1985. The presentation covered basic principles and requirements, including the benefits to the community of an updated plan. On April 2, 2019, another joint session will be held to discuss the City’s first Parks and Open Space Master plan. The master plan outlines goals and objectives and includes implementation elements that support modernization of city parks.  
CD&S Department Activity, January 2019
CD&S Activity : In January, the Community Development & Services Department processed 44 building permits, conducted 73 building inspections, initiated 21 code enforcement investigations, received 13 and completed 9 public service requests, and executed 23 transportation or encroachment permits.
Mid-Year Budget Review
City staff and finance consultants are wrapping up the City's Mid-Year Budget Review. The Mid-Year Budget Review provides a snap shot of how the half fiscal year budget is tracking (e.g., revenues versus expenses) with approved fiscal year budget, as well as recommends any necessary budget amendments. City staff expects to present the Review at the March 19 City Council meeting.

Reserve Policy
As part of the City Council's direction, a proposed reserve policy will be recommended to the Council at the March 19 City Council meeting.

2017-18 Audit
While better than last year, the City is still a little behind on its audit. Currently, the 2017-18 audit is expected to be complete by April 2019.
Finance Department Activity, January 2019
Finance Activity: During January 2019, the department processed 419 accounts payable and receivable, 53 animal licenses, and 52 business licenses. In addition, 482 cash receipts were generated.

Firehouse Rehabilitation
Firehouse rehabilitation efforts are looking brighter as contractors tape, texture and paint the new walls. Next week, the ceiling grid system will be installed and the floor will be prepared for an epoxy finish. Fire Department staff are looking forward to moving into the newly completed firehouse by the end of April!

Public Education
The Firefighters had the privilege of hosting a tour of local Boy Scouts this month. 25 Scouts participated in the tour, 11 of them from Troop 46. The kids enjoyed learning all about fire safety and how our real life heroes save lives every day. The engine bay was full of laughter and excitement while the children toured the facility and apparatus, as well as getting a chance to climb on the Ladder Truck . It was a great day for all participants! 

Members of Covillaud Elementary School stopped by the fire station to deliver a goody basket to the Firefighters on duty. The school wanted to show their appreciation for all the Firefighters do every day. The recognition was appreciated, as were the goodies!
Fire Department Activity, January 2019
Fire Activity: Firefighters responded to 224 calls for service in the month of January. They received 152 Rescue & Emergency Medical Calls, 15 Fire Calls and 57 other calls resulting in a very busy New Year! There were 40 concurrent calls during the month of January as well. 

The Department also received some serious medical calls in January. Two field saves occurred where intervention made the difference in the patient’s outcome. Recently, a battery operated portable suction unit was purchased. It has already been used making a tremendous difference when a patient's airway is obstructed. 
New Hires  
The Department hired Jonathan Corrales to fill the vacant full time Community Service Officer position. Thomas Platina was also hired to fill the last vacant full time Police Officer position. Both Corrales and Platina are currently in training. The Department also recruited volunteers Sharon Christiansen and Linda Morello.
The Police Department was awarded a $5000 grant from Yuba Water Agency in order to launch a new drone program. The drone will be used for levee inspections during a high water event and assist the fire department with fire incidents in difficult to reach areas such as the Thorn Tree and Hollywood Park areas of the City.
Department Offices & Surplus Property
Department staff gave the Police Department an interior 'face lift' that included painting halls, training room and offices. Giving the Department a whole new look! In addition, the report writing room, break room and front lobby areas were rearranged to better accommodate staff and the public. As a safety precaution, the Department also started locking the front entrance and lobby of the Police Department at 9 p.m. and re-opening it at 8 a.m.

Department staff inventoried surplus property and transported it to a Chico auction facility. The auction consisted of city wide surplus vehicles and equipment.
Coffee with a Cop was held at the Yuba County Government Center in conjunction with the Yuba County Office of Education. It was a well-attended event with considerable community interaction.
Mayor Samayoa, Marysville Police, and Fire personnel joined thousands of officers from across the United States in Davis, CA to pay their respects to Officer Natalie Corona who was shot and killed in the line of duty on January 10, 2019.
Police Activity: In January, 1,610 calls for service were received, 1,272 reports were prepared and processed, and 112 arrests were made. In Dispatch, 1,120 911-calls were received, and more than 3,000 non-emergency calls were processed.