• It's been another Successful Peach Festival!
  • Get ready for National Night Out!
  • Animal Control Experiences Record Breaking "Micro Chipping"
  • MFD deploys to assist with fires across Northern California
  • Community Development prepares to complete Long Awaited Sewage Connection to Linda County Water District
19th Annual Peach Festival
It was another great Peach Festival this year. Thank you to everyone who attended and participated - making it another wonderful annual event. Fun for the entire family! We look forward to seeing you next year at the 20th Anniversary Peach Festival. Don't miss it!
National Night Out:
It's just around the corner! Come out and join this annual community-building campaign to promote police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie making our neighborhoods safer, and more caring places to live.

This year's event takes place on Tuesday, August 7 starting at 6:00 pm . Event locations include:
1. Host: Mayor Ricky Samayoa
Location: 629 Rideout Way/Triplett Park

2. Host: Hunter's Landing and Eastgate Terrace Apartments
Location: 1205 E. 22nd Street
Time: 5-8 pm

3. Host: Phil Perry Residence
Location: 1100 Block Hobart Drive

4. Host: John Nicoletti
Location: Circle Park

5. Rosine Field and Britney Melchor
Location: 100 Block of Johnson Avenue
MPD Activities:
Badges and Basketball: Sgt. Nelson Magana initiated a new basketball program at Anna McKenney school encouraging youth to play basketball with officers for two hours one evening per week. The program offers young people a great opportunity to experience and get to know police officers in a non-violent and fun setting.
Bash Against Cancer:  MPD personnel joined forces with other law enforcement agencies to raise money for cancer via a softball tournament - the Bash Against Cancer!

Coffee with a Cop (hosted by Verizon Wireless): The July 12 evening meeting at Pizza Round Up was a huge success. More than 50 residents turned out for one of the Department's largest 'Coffee with a Cop' meetings. Thank you to all those who participated!
Animal Control:
MPD conducted its first vaccination and microchipping clinic on May 30, 2018. A total of 126 animals received clinical attention and visits. Of those, 80 animals were microchipped. MPD will be hosting another clinic in late August. Please check the MPD's Facebook page for updates.
Defensive Tactics Training:
All MPD officers and surrounding agency personnel have been trained in Defensive Tactics as required by Peace Officers Standards & Training (POST) Program for Perishable Skills Training. MPD hosted the region’s training.

New Personnel:
The MPD welcomed two new Police Officers, Edward Aceves and Bradley Grant, to fill two vacant positions. PD also hired two new Reserve Police Officers, Pablo Fischetti and Daisy Becerra, further strengthening the City's reserve force.

Patrols & Code Enforcement:
Using reserve forces, the MPD continues to conduct walking patrols in and around the City's business districts. MPD has also partnered with Code Enforcement to abate dysfunctional vehicles and clean up City neighborhoods.
Police Department Activity, June 2018
HazMat Training:
Yuba City received a new HazMat vehicle available to Yuba and Sutter County from the Office of Emergency Operations. MFD staff will be trained soon in order to become familiar with this vehicle's highly technical equipment. Team members will receive ongoing training in order to remain current with vehicle operations and its associated equipment. The MFD will continue to retain its current HazMat vehicle to support the bi-county region's operations ensuring resources are available in both counties.
Strike Team Deployment:
Fire Season is off to a rapid start! MFD firefighters have already been deployed twice to assist with two major fires in Northern California - the first near Winters and the second in Klamath near the Oregon border. The crew spent a total of 10 days deployed and have since returned. The MFD participates in the California Master Mutual Aid program in supporting suppression efforts on large fires across California and is reimbursed by the State for all costs.                                                                                                              
Fire House Rehabilitation:
While solar panels were being installed on the roof, the fire station sustained water damage due to heavy storm conditions in October of 2017. The rehabilitation plans have been approved and construction should begin in approximately three weeks.  Currently, the firefighters live in portable trailers behind the station since the station is inhabitable.     
Fire Prevention
Recruitment for the MFD's vacant Fire Inspector position is currently underway. Applications were due on July 26.  This is a critical position in order to continue fire inspections of buildings and reduce fire hazards. While the City's fire prevention efforts have been lacking over the past several years due to limited funding, the MFD is committed to performing regular fire inspections to businesses, apartments, schools and other facilities as required under the law. 

In addition, the MFD is currently addressing weed abatement complaints and citing property owners of vacant lots with weeds in order to ensure abatement occurs in a timely manner. These sites constitute a serious fire hazard and, therefore, must be addressed immediately in order to avoid the potential risk of devastating fires within the city limits.  Please notify MFD immediately should you observe vacant lots with tall grass or weeds. 
The MFD successfully secured grant funding to repair a breathing air fill station on the HazMat vehicle. This is very important for ensuring the MFD has the ability to fill Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA’s) during a structure fire or HazMat incident. This vehicle is also available regionally and may be used for mutual aid from neighboring jurisdictions. 

The fire department also received funds to update expired HazMat equipment and purchase a new Mobile Computer Data device (laptop computer), as well as new water rescue equipment. 

In the future, the MFD will prepare grant applications for a new engine, equipment, personnel and funds for bolstering the Reserve program. 
Fire Department Activity, June 2018
Cannabis Ordinance:
Dispensary License – There are two dispensary licenses in the City of Marysville. One has been issued and the other one is currently available. City staff circulated a Request for Proposal solicitation for another dispensary within the City limits.  Proposals are due August 20, 2018 . As the above photo illustrates, the City’s one cannabis dispensary location is currently under construction and is tentatively projected to open by October 2018.
12 th Street Improvement Project:
The 12 th Street construction project is in full swing and is expected to be completed ahead of schedule. Work includes new asphalt, storm drains and sidewalk. The project is expected to be completed by the end of September 2018.   Should there be any questions related to on-going construction activity, affected parties are encouraged to contact Project Supervisor, Derrek Stokes at 530-763-4053.
Park & Recreation Master Plan:
Staff continues to work with the City’s consultant to develop the Master Plan. Recent developments include a successful community and stakeholder workshop with approximately 20 people in attendance. The consultant continues to develop components of the document with an anticipated document completion date by November 2018.
Solar Project at City Hall:
All City solar projects are completed and over the next month, City Hall, Public Services and the Fire Station will be fully functioning and operational.
Ring Levee project:
The Army Corps of Engineers has commenced reconstruction of a portion of the City’s levee located in Riverfront Park. Work is anticipated to be completed by September 30, 2018. This project is part of a much larger project to bolster city levees to comply with 200-year flood prevention requirements imposed by the Federal Government. Earlier this year the City received $13 million from the Federal Government for this levee reinforcement project.
Caltrans Sidewalk and Signal Replacement Project:
Over the next month, Caltrans will begin construction activity replacing sidewalks and signals in and around Third, Sixth, 18th and Ramirez Streets. The project is not expected to have a daily impact on residents as work activity is scheduled to take place in the evening and very early morning hours.
Linda Water/Force Main Connection:
The City has awarded a contract to Rados Construction to begin construction of the Linda County Water Force Main project. The project will commence in early August. While this project has been more than six years in the making, City staff and contractors are working diligently to complete the project by the State mandated deadline of December 2018.
Riverfront Park Restroom Improvement Projects:
Staff is currently seeking for respective contractors to complete the restroom rehabilitation project. Staff anticipates bringing a bid package to Council in September.
CD&S Department Activity, June 2018
Finance Director Recruitment:
The City is in the final throes of recruiting a new Finance Director. An announcement of the new hire is anticipated in mid-August.
Finance Department Activity, June 2018