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Welcome to the City of Marysville's monthly newsletter offering regular updates on City Department projects, initiatives and service delivery. Hopefully, you find it informative about all the work happening around the City. Please feel free to contact us with any questions and/or feedback.

Council approval of the City's 2018-2019 budget has been delayed by two months in large part due to the lack of a full-time Finance Director for more than a year now and the absence of a completed 2016-2017 financial audit. Council passed a resolution on July 19 authorizing the City to continue operating under the same assumptions as the 2017-2018 budget until a new budget is approved no later than August 30, 2018.

While the delay is unfortunate, it will provide the opportunity for the City to ensure consistencies between the new budget and the soon-to-be complete 2016-2017 audit.

THE 2016-2017 AUDIT
The City is in the home stretch of finishing its 2016-2017 audit. It should be complete no later than the end of July. In addition, City finance staff and consultants are already gearing up to close the books for fiscal year 2017-2018 - ensuring that the City gets back on track with consistent and on time completion of it annual financial audits (e.g., November/December time frame).

Over the past six months, there has been considerable change and transition among City employees, including hiring a new Police Chief, an unsuccessful Finance Director recruitment, the Fire Chief's retirement, two other mid-management resignations (including the City Clerk and the Community Support Services Manager (PD)), and resignations from more than a dozen represented employees. In a city with only 60 full-time employees, that's a turn over rate of more than 30%. Currently, there are 15 city vacancies.

As you might imagine, this volume of departures and vacancies is very disruptive to the consistent delivery of high quality services and projects. In addition, absorbing any new projects or offering new services is extremely difficult. This next year, one of the City Manager's goals is to drive down the turnover rate and bring more stability to the organization.

Other City updates include:
Departing Employees:
At the Tuesday, July 19 City Council meeting, the Council bid a fond farewell to three of its City employees: Fire Chief Dale Vogelsang (3 years of service; last day June 29), Billie Fangman, City Clerk (27 years of service; last day June 26) and Shannon Carroll, Economic Development Specialist (10 years of service; last regular day in the office July 3).
Fire Chief Appointment:
Ron Karlen, Marysville's new Fire Chief will start on July 1, 2018. He will be publicly sworn into office at the July 17, 2018 City Council meeting.
Assistant to the City Manager/
City Clerk Appointment:
Effective July 1, 2018, the City Council and City Manager have appointed Persephonie Riley as the City's next City Clerk and Assistant to the City Manager. Persephonie has been assisting Billie Fangman for the past two years in the City Clerk's Office and is very knowledgeable of the Clerk's duties and responsibilities.
Finance Director Recruitment:
Finance Director recruitment is currently underway. The closing date is Monday, July 16, 2018.

Cannabis Ordinance:
This past week, the City announced its new Medical Marijuana Dispensary License and Cannabis Business Permit Applications. The City also announced the formal dispensary application period for its one remaining license with a submission deadline of August 20, 2018 . Application packets and the City's ordinance are available online .

Code Enforcement:
Increasingly, the Police Department and Code Enforcement Division have been joining forces to tag team and address illegal activities coupled with neighborhood code violations and nuisances. Just this past week and based on a resident's tip, they swept into action in east Marysville to remove a half a dozen derelict cars and arrest drug dealers living in a RV. Let us know if there's suspected illegal activity and/or code enforcement violations happening in your neighborhood and we'll check it out! Call: (530) 749-3902 .

Marysville Police Department joined Los Angeles PD and other PDs across the State in the Pink Patch Project's Annual Chiefs' photo shoot under the 'Hollywood' sign.

The  Pink Patch Project  is an innovative public awareness campaign designed to bring attention to the fight against breast cancer and to support cancer research organizations in combating this devastating disease. It is a collaborative effort between the Los Angeles County Police Chiefs' Association and public safety agencies throughout the country and beyond. Originating in Southern California, it is quickly becoming an international initiative.
"Coffee with a Cop:"
PD held its monthly 'Coffee with a Cop' presentation, discussion and Q and A with the community on June 8.

New Officers:
Two candidates were offered and accepted permanent officer positions with Marysville PD. Another new officer started his Field Training program. All three are in the final phases of examination.

Life Saving Awards:
On Tuesday, July 19, the Marysville PD presented its Life Saving Award to Officers Delaney and Liebman for saving the life a hanging victim near the Yuba River. Officers arrived on scene and after pulling the victim to the embankment, they immediately began CPR and resuscitated him. 

Officer Zack LeMire also received the Life-Saving Award for performing CPR on an unresponsive 6-month old infant and saving his life in August 2017.

Memorial Ceremony:
Marysville Police Department officers attended the Annual Police Officers Memorial Ceremony held at the Yuba City Police Department to honor the region's fallen officers.

Animal Control:
Animal Care Services started its education campaign and is hosting a vaccination and microchipping clinic at the Police Department on June 30, 2018. Event details are available on the Marysville Police Department Facebook page .

Beat Patrol:
Walking beat patrol continues as part of the City's community policing initiative. During patrols this past month, police officers made five arrests, gave out three citations, and made contact with more than 45 individuals.
Police Department Activity, May 2018
HAZMAT Training:
Three Fire Department employees completed the HAZMAT Specialist training bringing the total number of trained Department staff to five. With the completed training, there will be at least one HAZMAT Specialist on each shift, providing HAZMAT expertise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  All department HAZMAT Specialists will continue their training with the new Yuba-Sutter HAZMAT vehicle which is based with the Yuba City Fire Department. The state-of-the art apparatus is equipped with more than $500,000 of equipment and was provided through a grant from the State of California, Governor’s Office of Emergency Services.

Oil-by-Rail Training:
Two Fire Department employees attended oil-by-rail training at TEEX in College Station, Texas this month. The training prepares respondents to respond to a rail incident involving burning flammable liquids. The three-day class was provided free of charge from BNSF Railways. All Department employees are now trained in this critical exercise.
Water Rescue Program:
The Program Manager for the Department's new Water Rescue Program will meet with the Yuba County Water Rescue Task Force to discuss best practices, needed resources, and to pre-plan rescue access points along the Yuba and Feather Rivers. The Task Force is composed of the region's fire departments and the Yuba County Sheriffs Department. The goal is to be fully operational by August 2018.
Fire Department Activity, May 2018
Parks and Open Space Master Plan:
Background research has been completed by the City’s Parks Master Plan consultant, attention is now focused on the upcoming community public workshop. Formal notices have been sent to all residents announcing the scheduled public workshop on June 28th at 6:00 pm at McKenney Intermediate School. In addition, the City has now posted its 'Parks Survey' on its home page under 'What's New?' Please take it!

Linda Water/Force Main Connection:
On June 12, 2018, the City solicited bids to make the final connection from the City's antiquated wastewater treatment plant to the Linda County Water District. Bids for the project will be accepted over the next 30-days, with construction to commence in late July or early August. Due to limits placed by the Army Corps of Engineers, this project has a tight window for construction when work can occur within the levee.

Riverfront Park Restroom Improvement Project:
The Riverfront Park Restroom Replacement and Rehabilitation Project will commence later this summer. Staff is in the process of securing quotes from a contractor to commence work. This is the peak construction season so there may be delays in construction.
12 th Street Improvement Project:
Work has commenced on the 12 th and J Street project. The project consists of new asphalt, storm drains and sidewalk. The project is scheduled to be completed in late August. Should residents have any questions regarding the project, please reach out to the Community Development & Services Department.
Ellis Lake Fountain:
In May, the Ellis Lake fountain was restarted. However, due to faulty computer programming, it could only be started manually until this past week when the issue was finally resolved.
Ellis Lake Water Quality Study:
The City's consultant continues to make progress on completing the Ellis Lake Study. Staff recently met with representatives from the State Water Quality Board ('Board') to discuss the water quality study and, specifically, to seek assistance and clarity on the level of permitting required to address Ellis Lake's water quality issues. Based on the feedback from Board staff, the City is pursuing technical assistance and guidance from the Corps of Engineers to determine agency authority. This additional task has required adding more time to the project schedule.

Ellis Lake Seasonal Changes:
Ellis Lake is prone to poor water quality and odor due to seasonal changes in temperature, especially during the summer months. When lake temperatures rise above a consistent 60 degrees, water quality becomes stressed increasing algae content, diminishing water quality and emitting a strong odor from the lake. Staff is in the process of adjusting the lake conditions by implementing various treatment measures. It’s possible these measures will need to be implemented a few times during the summer months due to the high temperatures and heat.
CD&S Department Activity, May 2018
While the Finance Department is still short a Finance Director (although hopefully for not much longer), there continues to be much activity. The Department's two accountants are primarily responsible for maintaining the City's day-to-day financial operations of its $14 million operating budget. In addition to the stats below, the accountants also prepare and/or provide for the following: the City's monthly payroll, recording and allocating all monies received by the city and/or paid out, supporting the audit process, grant and bond reporting, HR processing (e.g., insurance, new employee enrollment), troubleshooting financial problems, insurance activities and claims, preparing financial statements for all department, bank reconciliations, and ledger entries.
Finance Department Activity, May 2018