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Starting this month, the City of Marysville will share its city-wide projects and services with the community on a monthly basis, as well as the analytics of its daily operations (e.g., calls for service, permitting and inspections).

Archival editions of the monthly newsletter will also be posted on the City Council and City Manager's web pages (at the City's website). Links to these pages will be posted on the City's Facebook page as well. Please share the newsletter and encourage your family, friends and neighbors to sign up at the City's website and learn more about what's happening inside and outside of City Hall.

We look forward to hearing from you with any feedback or update requests. Thank you for your interest in the City of Marysville!

City Manager's Community Budget Workshop -
Proposed FY 2018/2019 Budget
The City Manager will hold a community workshop open to the public on the proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2018/2019. Please see the attached press release for details.

Event: Community Workshop on the FY 2018/2019 Budget
Date: Thursday, May 31, 2018
Time: 6:00 PM
Location: 723 D Street, enter on south side and back of the building
via the parking lot

Recology Franchise Agreement:
Negotiations with Recology continue for a new long-term franchise agreement (e.g., garbage collection, street sweeping). A new agreement is expected to be executed later this year. 

Fire Chief Recruitment:
Fire Chief recruitment is underway. Announcement of the final appointment is expected by mid-June.

Finance Director Recruitment:
The City is preparing to relaunch its Finance Director recruitment efforts in early June.

City Clerk Resignation:
Earlier in May, Billie Fangman, the City's long-time City Clerk and 26-year veteran City employee, tendered her resignation to the City Manager and City Council. A new appointment for the position will be announced in late June.

Cannabis Ordinance:
Dispensary License – There are two dispensary licenses in the City of Marysville. One has been issued and the other one is currently available. Within the next month, City staff will circulate a new solicitation for dispensary proposals for the second license.

Other Commercial Cannabis Development – City staff have been approached by several interested parties regarding indoor commercial grow of cannabis, as well as manufacturing. Staff are vetting all proposals and currently accepting Conditional Use Permit applications for projects located on properties with eligible zoning (e.g., 'manufacturing').

13 th and F Street (citizen complaint):
The Police, Fire and Community Development & Service Departments ‘tag teamed’ on a recent high-profile code enforcement case that included squatters in a semi-vacant building. City staff were able to vacate the property of squatters and notify the owner of other relevant code violations that will be addressed in the coming weeks. 

Driving Simulator:
All MPD officers and surrounding agency personnel have been trained in the driving simulator as required by Peace Officers Standards & Training (POST) Program for Perishable Skills Training. MPD hosted the region’s training.

Tactical Rifle Training:
All MPD officers completed Tactical Rifle Training as required by new POST training guidelines.

Officer Involved Shooting:
MPD officer was involved in the first officer involved shooting in the City of Marysville in more than 17 years.

Animal Control:
The City’s first Animal Control Officer started orientation training. The City’s new Animal Control program is also currently being developed. Full deployment of the new program is expected by June 1, 2018.

PD established a recruitment team and created new recruitment brochure. The team recently recruited at Los Rios and Yuba Colleges. The team was the focus of the front cover of this year's yellow pages book. 

Officer testing occurred May 14, 2018. Former MPD Officers Jackson and Paul were hired by Yuba City Police Department and Roseville Police Department, respectively. There are currently four open Police Officer positions, two in training, and one on medical leave for a total of 7 positions down.  
Police Department Activity, April 2018
Reserve Firefighter of the Year:
MFD honored its first Reserve Firefighter of the Year, Magdaleno Mota for his 23 years of service to the city of Marysville. This award is presented annually upon recommendation of all members of the fire department. During the same City Council meeting, MFD honored all Reserve Firefighters with over five years of service.
Wildland Firefighting ‘Refresher’ Training:
The MFD is wrapping up its annual wildland firefighting 'refresher' training later this month. Each year since 2016, MFD has deployed strike team firefighters to combat major fires in California and Nevada. These firefighters are typically out of the area for 10 to 14 days and may be deployed several times during the fire season. MFD is fully reimbursed by the State (including overtime to backfill positions in the MFD fire house) during these strike team deployments. On average, MFD participates in more than six deployments per year.
Fire Inspections:
From now until August, MFD is focused on apartment house inspections. There are more than 100 apartment complexes to inspect annually. These inspections ensure working operation of smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, as well as free and clear pathways for residents to exit the building in the event of an emergency. If and when violations are discovered, property owners are notified, given a timeline for satisfying compliance standards, and buildings are re-inspected for compliance at a later scheduled date.

In addition to apartment inspections, MFD continues to follow-up on several long-term projects related to fire prevention in the City. All affected properties are moving forward with corrections in a timely manner. Some long-term projects include fire sprinkler installation, fire alarm re-programing, and occupancy evaluation.

Program-Based Budget Training:
All Program Managers have received program-based budget training. As part of this training, Program Managers develop long and medium range plans for service and/or equipment replacement. This process also allows MFD to evaluate on-going expenses for various service types such as EMS response and MFD support of the Yuba-Sutter Hazardous Materials Response Team.
Fire Department Activity, April 2018
Ring Levee project:
In May, the Army Corps of Engineers will commence the reconstruction project to bolster city levees at Riverfront Park to comply with 200-year flood level requirements imposed by the Federal Government.

10 th Street Median:
City staff is working with Caltrans to undergo weed eradication in the 10 th Street Median. More news forthcoming.

Ellis Lake Pump Station Discharge Pipe:
All work related to the discharge pipe has been completed. Unfortunately, the City recently learned that FEMA will not assist with funding the repairs (as previously indicated). As such, the Yuba County Water Agency will provide full funding of the project.

Ellis Lake Water Quality & Environmental Project:
City staff, along with consultants and the State Water Board, continue to discuss and evaluate options for best addressing Ellis Lake’s water quality. Progress also continues on completing the Ellis Lake Study. Staff intends to discuss permit requirements with the State Water Quality Control Board later this summer. Recommendations are forthcoming later this year.
Woodsmoke Pilot Program:
Effective May 1, 2018 Feather River Air Quality Management District introduced the Woodsmoke Reduction Pilot Program. It is an incentive program funded by California Climate Investment. The Program provides vouchers to replace non-EPA certified wood-burning stoves and fireplace inserts used as the primary source of heat with a cleaner burning and more efficient device. 

The vouchers may cover the entire cost of the replacement (up to $3500). A standard voucher of $1,000 is available to all households regardless of location or income in Yuba/Sutter counties to use to reduce the replacement cost. 

If applying for a wood-burning woodstove or fireplace insert located in a residence in Yuba or Sutter counties, an applicant will need to submit an Application by mail, email, or hand deliver to the following address, along with a photo of the old device: 

Feather River Air Quality Management District 
541 Washington Avenue 
Yuba City, CA 95991 
12 th Street Improvement Project:
In the coming two weeks, work will commence for full road replacement on 12 th and J Streets, including new asphalt, storm drains and sidewalk. In addition to the roadway improvements, Cal Water will simultaneously complete upgrades to the drinking water infrastructure. Both the City and Cal Water have already notified affected residents. The project is expected to be completed by the end of September 2018.
Park & Recreation Master Plan:
Staff continues to work with the City’s consultant to complete background research and tasks (in preparation for Plan completion) while simultaneously coordinating the first community public workshop scheduled for June 28. In the coming weeks, additional marketing and outreach materials regarding this public event will be circulated to the community and other stakeholders. The Plan is anticipated to be completed by November 2018.
Linda Water/Force Main Connection:
Section 404 and 408 permits were approved by the Central Valley Flood Protection Board on May 18, 2018 - the final permits required in order to commence construction. Approval of the permits will allow the City to move forward to solicit a bid and complete the project. The bid process will take 30 days, which will require Council approval thereafter. Staff is working on securing easements and it is anticipated that work will commence sometime in July. This is a tight construction window due to limits placed by the Corps when work can occur within the levee. As a preventative measure, the City Manager and Community Development and Services Director met with the State Water Quality Control Board to discuss timing of the project.
Solar Project at City Hall:
City Hall is undergoing a major solar panel renovation project that will cover the city staff parking lot to the south of City Hall. The project will provide long term energy cost savings to the City. Estimated completion is within three weeks.
Riverfront Park Restroom Improvement Projects:
The Riverfront Park restroom replacement and rehabilitation project will commence over the next few months. The out of state restroom fabricator is nearing completion of the full replacement restroom and it will be shipped to the City shortly. Staff will be bringing a bid package to Council to commence construction in late spring, early summer.

CD&S Department Activity, April 2018
Department Name Change:
In an effort to more accurately reflect the services provided by this Department and better facilitate recruitment efforts, the name has been changed from "Administrative Services Department" to "Finance Department." In addition, the Director of this Department will also be titled, "Finance Director."

Audit & Budget Updates:
Joe Aguilar of VTD along with his and our stellar staff have been instrumental in finalizing document preparation for the 2016/2017 Financial Audit (that would have normally been completed by December 2017). The City's Auditor will complete the 2016/2017 Audit by July 2018.

Once the 2017/2018 Fiscal Year closes on June 30, VTD will continue to work with City staff to close the books and prepare the 2017/2018 Audit so that the City can get back on a regular schedule for its Audits. The City should have a completed 2017/2018 Audit by November 2018 within plenty of time to prepare for the 2019/2020 budget.

In addition and in the absence of a full-time Finance Director, Mr. Aguilar is also preparing this year's 2018/2019 budget that will hopefully be approved by the City Council no later than June 19, 2018.
Finance Department Activity, April 2018