• City Council Approves 2018-19 Fiscal Year Budget
  • Another Successful Animal Micro-Chipping and Vaccine Clinic
  • Police Department Cadet Program Recruitment Underway
  • 12th & J Street Rehabilitation Project - Grand Opening
  • 10-Year Recology Franchise Agreement Approved
City Council Approves FY 2018-19 Budget
On September 18, 2018, the Marysville City Council approved the City's 2018-19 Fiscal Year budget. Key highlights include:

  • Creating and hiring for a new Economic Development Manager position;
  • Hiring a Police Lieutenant;
  • Adding another Dispatcher;
  • Fully funding a full-time city-wide Code Enforcement Officer position;
  • Expanding the Parking Enforcement Officer position to full-time;
  • Expanding the Animal Care Services position to full-time and adding limited records keeping duties;
  • Creating a dual Fire Engineer/Fire Prevention position in the Fire Department;
  • adding an additional $220 K to street repair efforts; combined with SB 1 funds and other General Fund monies, it increases the allocation of street repair efforts to
  • ~ $750 K for the year; and
  • Funding engineering costs ($15 K) to design and develop water wells for city parks;
  • Fully funding park, grounds and facilities maintenance ($223 K).
Animal Control
Marysville Police Department (MPD) employees along with Fieldhaven personnel held another successful vaccine and microchip clinic on August 20, 2018 - 67 dogs and 24 cats received services at the event. In addition, 2 Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) educational events were held. Staff also met with community members to address city-wide stray cat problems in Marysville. Thus far, more than 26 cat colonies have been identified in the City.
Cadet Recruitment Program
Marysville Police Department started recruiting for its Cadet program. Youth ages 16 to 20 years old are encouraged to apply. Contact Sgt. Nelson Magana or Officer Robert Kesterson for further information on the program: or

“We want to get our youth involved in the Department and the Community.”
Chris Sachs, Marysville Chief of Police
Special Olympics
Chief of Police Sachs along with other MPD Personnel had the honor of presenting medals at the Special Olympics Softball Tournament at Blackburn-Tally Sports Complex.

Community Outreach
This past month, a local resident contacted the Marysville Police Department because someone broke into the family car and, as a result, her son was scared and felt unsafe in their neighborhood. Upon hearing this information, Officer K. Hatcher responded and met with the young boy. Officer Hatcher ensured him he was safe and MPD would be there to support him and his family. He took the young resident on a tour of MPD's new patrol units and let him enjoy and check out the Department's motorcycles.
Community Partnership Meeting (CPI)
MPD Personnel held a Community Partnership Meeting for “Zone 4” citizens. More than 30 residents attended to discuss neighborhood problems and concerns.
93Q Speaking Engagement
Officers LeMire and Cardoza participated in a morning talk show with 93Q. MPD will be a monthly guest on the morning talk show and provide the community with information regarding upcoming events, as well as other happenings around the City.

Community Service Officer - Parking Enforcement
There are several abandon vehicles in numerous locations throughout the city. MPD is in the process of abating these vehicles. Should citizens observe abandon vehicles in their neighborhood, MPD encourages residents to report them in an effort to continue cleaning up and improving Marysville neighborhoods.  
Police Department Activity, August 2018
Police Officer Activity: In the month of August, Officers received more than 1,800 calls for service, made nearly 130 arrests and prepared or processed more than 625 written reports.
Dispatcher Activity: Dispatch received more than 1425 911 calls, more than 5,200 "other calls" and 500 in-person visits at the police station during the month of August.
Records Activity: More than 80 warrants, 425 citation and court order entries were completed, and records for 45 stored vehicles were logged during the month of August.
Fire Prevention
During the recent budget process, the Council approved creating a dual Fire Prevention Specialist/Engineer position--critical to performing fire prevention activities while also assisting with concurrent calls during the day.

Currently and in the absence of a full time Fire Prevent Specialist/Engineer, the MFD is addressing weed abatement complaints and assisting property owners with fire prevention efforts. As overgrown vacant lots and properties constitute a serious fire hazard, please notify the Marysville Fire Department should you observe vacant lots that have tall grass or weeds.  
Firehouse Rehabilitation 
Construction to completely rehabilitate the firehouse is about to get fully underway. Contractors have been completing smaller construction projects in preparation for the larger scale construction, including the recent sewer line replacement project. In addition, a larger living mobile unit recently replaced smaller trailers to accommodate onsite firefighters during regular operations - considerably improving the firefighters' living situation.                      
Calls for Service                                                                                   
With a high volume of traffic traveling through Marysville on two State Highways, the number of vehicle related calls for service tend to be high and prevalent. For example, the Department responded to a total of 246 calls for service, which is an average of eight calls for service per day. A concurrent call is referred to when the one staffed Marysville engine is committed to a call for service and an additional call occurs. Marysville Fire Department staffs one engine with three personnel 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  
Training                                                           Recently the Marysville Fire Department partnered with local CAL FIRE stations in training on ladder truck operations and high rise evolutions. The two agencies cross train in structural and wildland firefighting techniques. Collaboration and training is critical in building a relationship prior to the emergency response.  Hazmat training continues in an effort to support the Yuba/Sutter team concept through collaboration and coordination. The Yuba City Fire Department is about to begin regional OES Hazmat service.
The MFD successfully solicited and received a Yuba Water Agency grant for $5,000 to purchase water rescue equipment. MFD employees have completed intensive training and received water rescue equipment. The Department is also preparing to submit a grant application to the FEMA Assistance, Firefighters Grant Program for a new fire apparatus, SCBA breathing equipment and fire hose.
Fire Department Activity, August 2018
MFD Activity: In the month of August, MFD responded to four structure fires, five vehicle fires, nine grass/weed fires, 10 debris fires, 182 rescue/EMS calls, four HazMat calls and 32 "all other calls."
12th & J Street Project - Grand Opening Ceremony
The City of Marysville will hold a grand opening ceremony for the completion of the 12th & J Streets rehabilitation project on Monday, October 15 at 10:00 am . Please join us!
River City Phoenix Dispensary
Construction activity at the site has been inactive as of late. After reaching out to the Project Managers, staff learned that the high demand for construction labor has delayed the project and the timeline for completion. December 2018 is the new anticipated project completion date.
Linda Main Connection - Wastewater Treatment Plant
Steady progress on the project continues as the bulk of all pipe has been placed underground. Over the next few weeks, the contractor will focus on specific areas of completion such as the cut through on the south levee on the Linda side of the project (which is currently under construction), construction near the southern homeless respite site, and major work at the actual facility. The project continues to remain on schedule and full transfer to Linda County Water District is anticipated in December 2018.

Parks & Open Space Master Plan ('Plan')
Progress continues on the Plan as the team gears up for another community meeting in October 2018. In addition, a focused stakeholder group will work exclusively with staff and the consultant over the next several weeks to key in on the major issues. November 2018 is the the target completion date for the Plan.

Planning Projects
There are a few key planning projects that are currently under review to determine project completeness. The following projects will likely come before the Planning Commission for approval in the next two to three months:
Habitat for Humanity General Plan Amendment (GPA), Rezone, and Condition Use Permit:
Located at 131 F Street, the applicant seeks a GPA/Rezone of property and a use permit to add overnight services for the homeless and individuals who require emergency shelter. The current land use designation and zoning do not permit emergency shelters. City staff recommendations includes an evaluation of the land use change and review under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).
Paragon Collegiate Academy, Condition Use Permit:
Located at 1945 Sampson Street, the applicant seeks a conditional use permit to convert the existing First Presbyterian Church to a K-8 Charter School. The project will consist of two phases with the first phase using the existing facilities and a later stage comprising of the demolition of structures and new construction. Anticipated total enrollment is between 180-250 students. 
Surf Thru Car Wash, Site Plan Review:
Located at 601 5th Street, the applicant seeks Site Plan Review and Planning Commission approval to establish a 5,281 square foot car wash building and 14 stall vacuum canopy. Improvements will be required including site frontage rehabilitation.
CD&S Department Activity, August 2018
CD&S Activity: In the month of August, the Community Development & Services Department processed 44 building permits, conducted 52 building inspections, initiated 10 code enforcement investigations, received 14 public service requests, and executed 18 transportation or encroachment permits.
Recology Agreement
The City has negotiated a 10 year agreement with Recology for improved collections services and controlling rate increases. All future increases will be held to a maximum of 3%, using the Consumer Price Index (CPI) as the adjusted index. Contract improvements include:

  • Added residential food waste recycling;
  • Added multi-family housing and commercial recycling programs;
  • Decreased rates on 64 and 96 gallon containers to encourage proper use of recycling bins;
  • Added illegal dumping clean-up;
  • Added a review of the street sweeping performance on an annual basis;
  • Added a Community Partnership Agreement bringing $34,970 to the City in additional revenue; and
  • Added a full time Recology staff member for Recycling Education.

New Finance Team
The Finance Department is getting a fresh start! The new Finance Director, Joyce Starosciak, Senior Accountant Jennifer Styczinski, and Accountant Kristy Herbert have hit the ground running with a focus on cost controls and tightly monitoring the budget. A big "thank you" to Jennifer and Kristy who have done an amazing job managing the City's roughly $14 million in revenues and expenditures without a Finance Director for more than a year!

Fiscal Audit
The Fiscal Audit for 2016-2017 will be presented at the City Council meeting on October 16, 2018. For the past several months, the Finance Department has been catching up on its audit work. This audit presentation will bring the City up-to-date with its auditing. Fiscal Year 2016-17 audit results will be available to the public following Council approval.
Finance Department Activity, August 2018
Finance Activity: During the month of August, 540 accounts payable/receivable were processed, over 60 dog licenses were processed, more than 120 business licenses were processed, nearly 400 cash receipts were generated, and more than 65 sewer payments were received and processed.