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May 2018 Build Progress Update #.0027

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May Progress
The body of the Mustang was flipped and bonded to the steel understructure/spaghetti pads, by using layers of fiberglass mat, cloth and resin. The firewall & wheel well supports were formed using fiberglass and Kevlar, which completed the body mounting project.
Rod and Jill worked together to tackle this sticky, stinky and tedious task. "During the mounting process, we spotted a couple of thin areas in the one piece body," said Rod. "Next, we'll reinforce the thin spots, add a couple of finishing details and build a durable body cart. It will then be flipped right-side-up, and shipped out for body work."
Rod and Jill headed outdoors to escape the resin fumes, and to keep the truck and trailer reconstruction/overhaul moving forward. Rod altered one of the lower truck compartments, to fit the new generator properly. He's also mounting an auxiliary aluminum fuel tank for it.
On the opposite side of the truck, Jill made a 'fancy' self-contained sink & oven unit. She also made progress on polishing years of oxidation off of the trailers aluminum top rail. New seats were purchased, and will be installed inside the truck for crew seating. Earlier this month, Denny stopped by to test-fit two sets of trailer man door steps.
Jill finished designing the new team web site. It is now live and mobile friendly with quick access to all social pages, latest news, blogs, team member racing history slideshows, photos, video, store, schedule and official supplier links. Take a look by selecting the Home Page screen shot below.
Build task No.1,000,001!
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Rod Fazekas
Driver of the 1966 Nova
Jill Fazekas
Driver of the 1971 Mustang
Kenny Mohler  
Crew Chief
Jessica Mohler
Merchandise Manager & Crew
Denny Lautenbacher
Machinist/Car Chief
Ella Mohler  
Jr. Crew
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