March 1, 2022

Dear STEM Parents,
I am writing to provide an update to our indoor mask requirement. Based on revised CDC guidance and additional regional data, we will be making changes to our current protocol.
Beginning Wednesday, March 2nd, masks will be optional at the school in all open spaces and most classrooms. On a case-by-case basis, some classrooms will remain with a mask requirement due to an identified elevated risk. The door to these areas will be labeled so that students know which rooms still require masking. In light of this, please make sure that your student still brings a mask with them to school each day.
I realize that there are many opinions and perspectives on all things related to COVID, masking, vaccines and many other parameters of this pandemic. I ask that you consider that each step we have taken is meant to be balanced, cautious, and compassionate. While we are charged and challenged to follow the science, this is still a novel infection in many ways and it will be studied for years to come. After that time, we may know what the best decision would have been at every step. We are simply not in possession of that knowledge right now, and are instead weighing all information to chart the best path forward.
Thank you for your understanding and support. You will be updated to any future changes that may be necessary as we move through the remainder of the year.

Dr. Robin Fisher
Superintendent / CAO
The Dayton Regional STEM School