Mask Use Guidance for Faculty Teaching Summer Courses

As you know, the face-covering requirement at Idaho State University was removed on Monday, May 17, based on the updated guidance from the CDC regarding fully vaccinated individuals. Updated guidance for supervisors and managers was released on Tuesday, May 18, stating that the University trusts employees and students to adhere to CDC guidance and make face-covering decisions that are in the best interest of the health and safety of the campus community. Current caps on summer classes, which are roomed at “COVID capacity” to maintain physical distance, will not change.

Please consider the following guidelines as you begin summer classes:
  1. Face coverings are still encouraged for unvaccinated individuals in accordance with CDC guidance.
  2. Faculty may indicate in their syllabi that students are expected to adhere to CDC guidelines, and we encourage you to discuss expectations with students on the first day of class.
  3. Faculty should not inquire about students’ vaccination status unless needed to coordinate travel or other safety considerations such as requirements associated with clinical rotations in accordance with CDC guidelines.
  4. In classroom settings that meet physical distancing requirements, faculty may encourage, but not require, all students to voluntarily wear face coverings.
  5. Mandatory face coverings for all students may be expected in the following instructional circumstances: (a) courses where physical distancing is not possible, (b) clinical courses, (c) university group travel.
  6. Employees requesting workplace accommodations due to the employee’s medical or disability-related circumstances may fill out the Employee Request for Services Form or contact Disability Services at or (208) 282-3599. 

Questions and concerns should be directed to Cindy Hill ( or Joanne Tokle ( in Academic Affairs.

Suggested Summer Syllabus Statement:
Idaho State University expects that all individuals participating in academic programs will continue adhering to current CDC guidelines regarding face coverings, which will allow us to maintain a safe classroom environment, continue face-to-face instruction, and meet our shared duty to care for others in our community. These guidelines currently state unvaccinated individuals should continue taking preventive measures, including wearing a face covering. The university also strongly encourages all individuals to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Mandatory face coverings for all students may be expected in the following instructional circumstances:
  1. Courses where physical distancing is not possible
  2. Clinical courses
  3. University group travel
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