“We are all born mad. Some remain so."
Samuel Beckett, author of the play, "Waiting for Godot" (1953), foretold the Left in the 2022.

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Pilot's Baxley repeats lie about 01.06.21 'deaths' at Capitol

By Steve Woodward

January 6, 2021, in Washington, D.C., was a day on which Americans gathered with unity of spirit and in celebration of common bonds. Every race, every age group, every religious creed was represented as we shivered on a blustery morning near the White House ellipse. If there were fringe groups elsewhere plotting to storm the U.S. Capitol, these certainly were not among us or known to us. 
Reporting on the Day of Remembrance in downtown Southern Pines on January 6, 2022, by The Pilot's Jamie Baxley includes two erroneous assertions in one tidy sentence: “The event also included a moment of silence for individuals who died in the insurrection.”
One individual died in the Capitol that day. She was Ashli Babbitt, a 36-year-old Air Force veteran, who was shot by U.S. Capitol Police officer Lt. Michael Byrd. Babbitt (photo nearby) was unarmed. The circumstances of her murder never have been explained by government authorities, the same authorities who have hunted down Americans to charge them with trivial acts such as taking selfies inside the Capitol.

According to The Pilot, "the vigil included a memorial for the lives lost in the attack. ... The casualties were Brian Sicknick, a Capitol Police officer, and rally participants Ashli Elizabeth Babbitt, Rosanne Boyland, Kevin Greeson and Benjamin Philips."

Greeson, 55, and Phillips, 50, both died of cardiovascular disease, and the manner of death was deemed “natural.” The D.C. medical examiner’s office (later) released its conclusion that Boyland died accidentally of “acute amphetamine intoxication.” U.S. Capitol Police released a statement that read: “The USCP accepts the findings from the District of Columbia’s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner that Officer Brian Sicknick died of natural causes. (Source: FactCheck. org)

Lastly, a decision by a fraction of those near the Capitol that day to enter, though little effort was made to deter them, does not come close to “insurrection”. These citizens would have been engaged in a highly orchestrated attempt that succeeded, resulting in the overthrow of the federal government. This never happened. In fact, this haphazard riot arguably was the least destructive and violent of the hundreds seen across the nation in 2021.
Fate of NC's Congressional
maps to be revealed today
A trial to determine the fate of North Carolina’s new election maps closed January 6, with challengers repeatedly calling the maps “extreme partisan gerrymanders” drawn by Republicans to skew elections in their favor.

In closing arguments, the lead attorney for GOP lawmakers called the case a hyperbolic ruse, brought by progressive groups that simply want more Democrats elected.

If upheld, a lawyer for the plaintiffs countered, the maps would render the elections in the state mere formalities because politicians have picked their voters by drawing precise lines to determine state congressional and legislative districts.

The case, which could decide political power in the state for close to a decade, is now in the hands of the state-appointed, three-judge panel that heard the trial in Wake County Superior Court. Their decision on whether the maps are constitutional is due by January 11. (Source: WRAL.com, January 6, 2022)

It is unclear to Republican legislators why Chief Justice Paul Newby (photo nearby) allowed the vote to delay the primary. He did not need to, as Newby controls the agenda despite presiding over a 4-3 Democrat-dominated court. 

Meanwhile, North Carolina Rep. Dan Bishop (NC-09), who represents southern Moore County, in December filed a federal lawsuit to demand more transparency from the state Supreme Court and Court of Appeals judges whose votes prompted the state to push back the primary.

The complaint targets private court decisions, arguing private votes run counter to “a well-established tradition of public access to the votes of individual justices and judges in the decisions of these courts.”

In an interview by telephone on WEEB on January 3, host John Zumwalt asked Bishop how often the courts make major rulings without revealing how each justice voted. “It’s very unusual,” said Bishop, who anticipates a preliminary ruling on his suit by late February. Not only are the primaries delayed, but Bishop further notes that “it is totally extraordinary to take this (added) step to stop candidates from filing (to enter primary races).

Even the Left leaning Charlotte Observer agrees with Bishop, noting in an editorial that “the premise behind the lawsuit is correct: consequential court decisions demand transparency." Read more.
Moore school board parties
likes it's 2021 on 3-2 vote

The smoke cleared. The dust settled. And, still, local school kids can't breathe.

Masks made a comeback during the January 10 Moore County Board of Education meeting. Three people decided again to remove parents from the equation of so-called public safety.

Ignoring overwhelming evidence that the latest surge of the Wuhan Virus poses no threat to the health of children, the board's Grimesey Gang voted to require children to wear (ineffective) masks in schools throughout the day. The decision comes after the board voted in December to suspend masking. Over the Christmas season, Libby Carter's compliant board members saw a new path to tyranny with the arrival of the media's beloved "Omicron" variant. It spreads fast, but has the repercussions of seasonal pollen. You live with it.

The board will try to get this right at it next meeting, February 14, when another vote will occur.

One sliver of sanity emerged during the January 10 meeting. Board member David Hensley proposed a common sense measure to "allow" children to remain in class after exposure to the virus if these individuals test negative and are asymptomatic. Hensley's motion, a provision of state health department guidelines, carried as part of the mask vote.

The three "yes" voters have repeatedly supported all-day masking despite numerous intellectual analysis that disputes mask efficacy and warns of negative outcomes tied to mental health and learning. (See an essay below by local virologist Dr. Nick Ellis)

One such thorough analysis is entitled, "The Effect of Covid-19 on Education" by two physicians representing Pediatric Clinics of North America. Read more.

An Epoch TV documentary released December 25, 2021, notes that while children have been spared the worst of the disease, the pandemic has taken a terrible toll on their mental health—and we likely won’t know how severe the toll is for years. View the documentary.
Virologist Nick Ellis indicts
prevalent lockdown culture
By Nick Ellis

The scientific community is not surprised with the emergence of COVID19 variants, as similar genetic changes are seen each year with influenza. As viruses evolve they usually become less virulent (i.e., less capable of producing disease) and more transmissible and this appears to be the case with Delta and Omicron. Delta is two times as infectious as the original SARS CoV-2, and Omicron is more transmissible than Delta.

Most cases with these variants are mild and often asymptomatic except in the elderly, and patients with serious underlying diseases.

Schools are a very low risk environment (emphasis added). Children are not significant spreaders, and when they are infected at school it is usually contact-traced back to adults not to other children. Moreover, children under 15 are much more at risk from serious infection/death from influenza than from COVID19, 1/156,000 and 1/1.2 million, respectively. Teachers are not at higher risk from infection than the risk of infection in age matched members of the general population.

Hence, in this low risk environment there is not excuse for teachers to stay home. For example, Sweden, with 1.8 million children, kept schools open with no mitigation efforts including: no masks, no lockdowns, and no social distancing. And they had minimal negative effects from their school policies.

Data on the efficacy of masks can reasonably be questioned, but they are a low cost mitigation option. However, the data on lockdowns (school closings) is quite clear -- they do not work. The lasting negative effects of LDs are well documented: more suicides, more drug use, more child abuse, and economic crisis for single parent or working parents families. The costs of LDs are significantly greater, and longer lasting than the benefits. Additionally, the effects of LDs are felt more acutely by minority, and lower income segments of the population.

In closing, our goal should be protecting the high risk groups -- the elderly, and patients with serious co-morbidities, like morbid obesity, diabetes, and asthma. It is unrealistic to think we can stamp out COVID19 completely, but we will eventually learn to live with it in our environment, and natural herd immunity will eventually be reached -- as it always is. 

Dr. M. Nixon Ellis concluded his professional career as Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer with Trimeris, Inc., which pioneered the development of a class of antiviral drug treatments. Previously, he served as founder and director of Triangle Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company, from July 1995 until February 2000, and president and COO from September 1995 until February 2000. From 1983 to 1995, Dr. Ellis held various positions at Burroughs
Wellcome Co., a multinational pharmaceutical company. Dr. Ellis received his PhD. degree in Microbiology from the University of Georgia,
and his MBA from the University of North Carolina. He resides in Southern Pines.
Join the fight January 10 - 14
Currency crisis

By Robert Levy

In the 21st Century, the farther America strays from the Founders’ blueprint for a strong currency, the closer the nation will fall into this “economic black hole.” As such, Congress must not be ashamed to closely regulate cryptocurrency. And, the Federal Reserve must stop manufacturing worthless paper it calls “money.” Read more.
Muster to Election
makes a difference
An outreach by Ken Benway's Special Operations Speak
By the numbers

19% / 71%

In a January 2-4 poll by The Economist/YouGov, this percentage of independent voters agreed that the U.S. is "generally on the right track" under the Biden administration in stark contrast to the 71% who say "wrong track". Read more.


U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s inflated claim that there are 100,000 pediatric COVID-19 hospitalizations is incorrect, reports Politifact. Sotomayor made the claim during oral arguments in a case involving the Biden administration's vaccine mandate for private businesses. According to federal data, there are 3,342 children currently hospitalized for confirmed COVID-19, a number that goes up to 4,652 if suspected coronavirus cases are included.
Dr. Ben Carson headlines
March lecture, breakfast
Former Trump administration cabinet member and renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson will headline two days of activities in Pinehurst, March 18-19, 2022.

Carson, a former presidential candidate (2016) and Donald Trump’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (2017-21), will speak and participate in a panel discussion on March 18 in conjunction with the James E. Holshouser Jr. Lectures, a series that made its debut in 2020. The panel will focus on the future of medicine, and will include Sandhills Community College President John Dempsey, and FirstHealth of the Carolinas chief executive Mickey Foster.

On Sunday, March 19, Carson, a 2008 recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, will attend a prayer breakfast and participate in an interactive discussion with sponsors of the Holshouser series.

Online sponsorship opportunities and ticket sales are expected to begin later in January.
Moore GOP launches
poll watcher outreach

Did you know you and your neighbors can help ensure voter integrity in the 2022 Elections and be paid to do it? Do you know what happens if Republicans do not maintain a significant presence at the polls? It's not a happy ending.
Thus, the Moore County GOP is actively recruiting at least 52 people to serve as poll observers in 2022.

The ideal number would be 104 poll observers. These positions play a key role in ensuring voting integrity. 

Click here to sign up today. Please contact Carol Wheeldon for details. 910-295.6628. Email: cwheeldo2@gmail.com
Moore County Republican Party
2022 Precinct Meetings
February 5-6 , 2022
February 12-13
Moore County GOP Headquarters
Olmsted Village, Pinehurst


Moore County Republican
Men's Club
January Luncheon
Thursday, January 20, 2022
The Lighthouse at Little River
11:30 registration
12 noon program
U.S. Senate Candidate Forum
Budd (virtual)
Defeat The Mandates:
An American Homecoming

An Epic March
January 23, 2022
Washington, D.C.
11:30 am
From the Washington Monument
To the steps of the Lincoln Memorial

  • Prominent doctors, journalists

  • Including Dr. Robert Malone, creator of mRNA technology
  • Pro athletes, actors and premier  
More details at GETTR: stkirsch
Organized by Steve Kirsch
Founder, Vaccine Safety
Research Foundation

Rally and March for Life
January 15, 2022
1 pm
Bicentennial Plaza
Near the General Assembly
Featured speaker:
Rep. Michelle Fischbach (MN-07),
Former Lt. Governor of Minnesota
Co-chair of the U.S. Bipartisan Congressional Pro-Life Caucus
Find rally location here
An Evening of Motown
January 25, 2022
6 - 9 pm 
Presented by
Moore Republican Women
To support:
North Carolina Black
Conservative Voices
The Frederick Douglass Foundation

The Neon Rooster
114 Knight Street, Aberdeen $35

"I mean, if you travel the country, people are not really living in the same bubble that it seems that most of the media is messaging toward. I think this is an issue because if people are tuning out what's going on in cable news, if we're not messaging toward the general population, they're just ignoring everything and living their lives, (emphasis added) and we're not really getting the information that they need to them."
Oliver Darcy, CNN's media reporter, chides commoners for daring to live their lives, Sunday, January 9, 2022.

"Sending (American) athletes and their entourages to China now is absolute madness."
Dr. Robert Malone, a pioneer of mRNA technology and vocal critic of current vaccine hysteria, appearing on "War Room" on RealAmericasVoice.com, January 10, 2022, regarding the February Olympic Winter Games in Beijing. China is beset by increasing waves of the Wuhan virus.
Trusted sources

  • Unreported Truths Stay up to date with the tenacious reporting of Alex Berenson, a former New York Times reporter and the author of 13 novels, three non-fiction books, and the Unreported Truths booklets. His newest book, PANDEMIA, on the coronavirus and our response to it, was published on Nov. 30, 2021. Subscribe for only $6/month.

  • People's Pundit Daily Home of Rich Baris's Big Data Poll, which conducts highly accurate surveys and research, digging deeper into data and cutting through the noise to hear the voices of those who matter most to you.

  • Real America's Voice The streaming home of War Room: Pandemic, hosted by Stephen Bannon. Perhaps the best intel and insight in the digital media universe. Live 10 am and 5 pm daily or via podcast.

  • WarRoom.org The companion web site of War Room's streaming episodes. An excellent source of breaking news on Wuhan Virus and vaccine myths, the January 6 investigation scam, and ongoing 2020 election fraud headlines.

  • Just The News Launched by investigative journalist John Solomon, who left mainstream media to do the reporting it no longer will do. Content includes exclusive breaking news and podcasts.

  • The Epoch Times: A comprehensive print and digital news publication (some content requires a subscription) with roots in opposing human rights abuses in Communist China.

Election integrity attorney Mitchell targets 2022 fraud
Through her affiliation with the Conservative Partnership Institute, election integrity warrior and attorney Cleta Mitchell has declared “jihad” on forces that have sought to compromise U.S. elections for years and were particularly effective in 2020.

Since at least 2008, Mitchell said, the Left has been hard at work creating a ballot corruption infrastructure. Mitchell, a Moore County resident and former Trump legal advisor, is the author of a newly published “Citizens’ Guide to Building an Election Integrity Infrastructure”. She addressed a January 8 gathering of Moore Republican elected officers and precinct chairs.

She pointed to the outsized influence of donors to the Left’s election subversion causes such a Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg, who through a foundation donated $400 million to ensure Democrat victories in 2020, of which more than $7 million found its way into North Carolina. These funds were earmarked to underwrite safety precautions at the polls during the spread of the Wuhan Virus. But there is scant evidence that funds were used accordingly. (See The Wall Street Journal, December 30, 2021, No Facebook Funding for Elections)

Mitchell hosts a recurring podcast, “Who’s Counting?”. Access the podcasts and learn more about her initiatives by visiting WhosCounting.us.

Local caper is proof that
Left knows no bounds

Our own election integrity soldier in Moore County, Carol Wheeldon, recently imparted a tale involving a deliberate effort to intercept mailings that were returned as part of a voter-roll cleansing project.

During 2021, Wheeldon's volunteer team mailed postcards to 7,000 addresses where long inactive registered Republican voters formerly lived or currently live.

Visiting our Pinehurst post office one fine day, Wheeldon inquired as to returns of the postcards by their recipients. A familiar postal employee handed over 1,200.

That was the good news. The bad news was that the postcards were destined for an Atlanta postal hub to be destroyed. Why? Because when they arrived in Pinehurst handlers found that the Moore GOP post office box had been closed out. No one knows to this days how or why someone closed the box and walked away with a partial refund. It was no accident.

Only an attentive postal employee, knowing of Wheeldon's voter roll efforts, saved the day. The box was restored and is receiving mail once again.
The JD and Maureen Show is making Democrat heads explode every Sunday
John Zumwalt and Maureen Krueger keep us focused on government overregulation and abuse during their WEEB Sunday 1 p.m. show, an hourlong discussion of local and statewide issues, some well known, others uncovered by the co-hosts.

If your golf tee times or Sunday brunch rituals conflict, fear not. Go to weeb990.com. Click on Podcasts on the lefthand navigation. Scroll to the John and Maureen Show. Click on the show you wish to hear. Click here. Photo: With legendary Lee Greenwood, August 16, 2021, Aberdeen, NC.