A Message from the Rector

New Mask Policy as of September 11, 2022


As you know, we have thankfully reached a new stage in the pandemic. While COVID remains a concern, transmission rates are low in Montgomery County, a significant number of children have been vaccinated, and the CDC and County have shifted their mask requirements. Christ Church is following suit.


In line with Montgomery County recommendations, masks are not required at Christ Church beginning Sunday, September 11. Please know we respect each person’s decision about whether or not to wear a mask.


Despite changes in their requirements, Montgomery County continues to recommend wearing masks indoors and in crowded areas. We are mindful of this recommendation. We urge everyone to care for themselves and one another. Get vaccinated, boosted, and test if you have been exposed, or have symptoms. If you are feeling ill for any reason, please stay home, and join us online. (And let us know so we can pray for you or assist you in any way!)


As a community, we ask that everyone continue to be respectful of one another's decisions regarding wearing a mask. Some may continue wearing masks for the foreseeable future for any number of reasons - they themselves or a loved one may be particularly at risk for COVID, have recently had COVID, or they simply feel more at ease wearing one. In church, for example, you will see choir members wearing masks as they prefer to while singing in close quarters. Clergy will wear them in close proximity to others.


Peter Gergen, MD, MPH, Christ Church vestry member, joins other public health experts in observing that “COVID vaccination rates and natural immunity are now widespread in the US population. COVID outbreaks will not disappear but will periodically return as the flu does.” We are living in new times. Know that should County requirements shift, we will shift accordingly.


Finally, we encourage you to communicate with one another! Ask someone if they would prefer that you wear a mask when in close conversation. Masks will continue to be available in the sanctuary. Check in with those who you haven't seen in a while. And of course, contact me emily@ccpk.org, or either of the Wardens, Lee Puricelli, leepuricelli@yahoo.com, or Cynthia Mitchell, cynthiamitchel@yahoo.com, if you have any concerns or questions. 


Thank you for your continued generosity of spirit and care for one another.


Blessings and peace,



*** A decision about whether to postpone the picnic due to rain will be made at Noon tomorrow. And will be announced in the regular Saturday CC Connection. ***