Dear members and friends,

We are writing to share changes to our masking policy at Fourth Universalist.

Starting this Sunday, October 16th, masking will be recommended but no longer required inside during coffee hour and other social activities at Fourth Universalist. Masking will remain required for all worship services and religious education gatherings.

We are making this change for a number of reasons. We have seen COVID rates decline across the city and country. We recognize the widespread availability of quality vaccines and boosters, and the effectiveness of one way masking. We know that as temperatures drop and winter approaches, outdoor coffee hour will become inaccessible to many, especially the elderly and those particularly sensitive to inclement weather in our community. Additionally, it has become increasingly difficult to maintain our mask mandate outside of worship service, putting our staff in the difficult position of being enforcers. We worry about false promises and dishonesty: that we are promising a fully masked space, without being capable of providing one. 

While masks will still be required during worship services and religious education gatherings, we urge you to remember our principles as you consider your actions and behavior outside of worship services and RE. As Unitarian Universalists, we are called to reduce harm, protect those who are immuno-compromised, and ensure our community is safe and welcoming to all. Living these values in a “mask recommended but not required” environment during coffee hour looks like the following:

  • Wearing your mask when you are not actively eating or drinking.

  • Noticing when someone else is wearing a mask and putting on your mask as a sign of respect and care. 

  • Respecting social distancing, especially with those still wearing masks.

  • When in meetings or in groups, begin by surveying the group about their masking comfort level. This can be done anonymously to avoid social pressure. Respect the wishes of those who feel more comfortable with everyone masking. 

  • Ensuring you are properly vaccinated and boosted with the most recent vaccination available.

  • Staying home when you feel sick and testing regularly.

  • Continuing to wear a mask during worship services and all religious education gatherings.

We will continue to hold coffee hour and other social activities outside so long as the weather is nice. Should you have any questions, concerns, or thoughts you would like to share, we hope you will reach out to us. You may reply to this email or write to our Senior Minister at

Please note that the Board of Trustees and our congregation’s leadership continue to monitor and review our COVID policies on a routine basis. Any policies are subject to change in the future as determined by the Board of Trustees. 

We appreciate your understanding as we move forward in this difficult and complicated time and look forward to seeing you on Sunday soon.

Rev. Schuyler Vogel & the Fourth Universalist Board of Trustees
- Spencer Salzberg, President
- Loretta Howard, Vice President
- Jasmine Mack, Clerk
- Jason Sandler, Treasurer
- Juliet Brown, Member at Large
- Jesse Margolis, Member at Large
- Rachael Unite, Member at Large
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Pastoral Care

At Fourth Universalist, we do our best to care for each other. If you could use some support, we hope you'll let one of our ministers know. They are available for pastoral care counseling, general problem-solving, rites of passages, and just to lend a caring, listening ear.

You are also welcome to submit significant life events and prayer requests to our Senior Minister (or our affiliate ministers while our senior minister is on leave), who will include them in our Sunday pastoral meditation.
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Our Mission

We are a diverse, welcoming community,
connecting people to their spiritual center and to one another, inspiring lives of service through reason and love.

The Fourth Universalist Society is:

a Unitarian Universalist congregation

working for justice and collective liberation

for families and children

for young adults and elders

both gathering both in-person and online

striving to be anti-racist, anti-oppressive, and multicultural

a community where you are free to believe what you believe, so long as it is bound by love and justice

looking towards the future

a place to build a life

a place to make a difference and build a better world

a place for community and connection

a place of hope and new beginnings

a place you could call home.

Support from Fourth Universalist

In these uncertain and anxious times, we want you to know that Fourth Universalist is here for you. If you need support in any way, we hope you'll reach out.

If you want to talk to a minister, if you would appreciate a call from a member of our Caring Team, we will happily connect with you on the phone or on zoom.

If you are feeling sick or have been diagnosed with the coronavirus, we want to know and support you in whatever ways are possible.

If you have lost your source of income and are worried about making ends meet, we have emergency funds to support you.

If you need help with getting food or other essential supplies - we will do what we can to help.

Just reach out to our senior minister.

Everything you share will be held in confidence.