Masks Are Now Mandatory in Miami-Dade County When in Public

Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Giménez has signed Amendment 1 to Emergency Order 20-20   requiring everyone to wear masks while in public.

According to the order, masks must be worn at all times, even when social distancing is possible. Masks and facial coverings are not required:
  1. at or inside a private residence;
  2. inside a private automobile;
  3. at or inside any religious institution, without limitation;
  4. inside a hotel, motel, or commercial lodging establishment guest room, or inside any apartment;
  5. of children under the age of two years;
  6. of persons who cannot wear a mask or facial covering due to an existing medical condition;
  7. of an individual who is hearing impaired or an individual who is communicating with an individual who is hearing impaired;
  8. where federal or state safety or health regulations prohibit the wearing of facial coverings;
  9. of persons actively engaged in strenuous physical activity, either inside or outdoors;
  10. of persons swimming or engaged in other activities which may cause the facial covering to become wet;
  11. while persons are actively eating, drinking, or smoking; and
  12. while a person is receiving services which require access to that person’s nose or mouth.
A facial covering includes any covering which snugly covers the face and mouth, whether store bought or homemade, and which is secured with ties or ear loops. Click here for examples of compliant home-made masks.

Palmetto Bay is currently assessing its own emergency orders and may issue new orders accordingly. Please stay tuned for any updates.

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