At the current moment, Life Together is taking on a whole new meaning, understanding, and reality with our need to physically distance ourselves, in order to protect one another. But this does not mean we disconnect from one another!  In fact, just the opposite is true. At this moment in time, we need to ensure we are more connected to one another than perhaps ever before. As I have shared many times in past sermons, I believe God has created us (wired us) to be in relationships with one another.  In other words, to do Life Together.

With the current reality, our Leadership Board is working on a new and vital ministry to ensure that we remain connected.  The Leadership Board is putting into place actions that will reach out to every single person/family that calls MUMC home. We want to touch base with everyone, personally, to perhaps address any needs the church might help with, but most importantly to let everyone know that not a single one of us is alone in this current reality.  The goal is to quickly put into place "Shepherds" and "Flocks". The shepherds will be touching base with their flock on a regular basis. Likewise, your shepherd will be your main connect person within the church if ANY need arises in your life.  

If you might be willing and able to help the Leadership Board in this effort, by being a shepherd, please send me an email ( ).

In Christ's Service,
Rev. Mark


We thank all of you for remaining faithful in making your offerings to the church.  A couple of things to note about your offerings:
  • The mail is being collected daily at the church, so you can mail your offering to the church.
  • Checks are not being processes weekly like normal, but rather they are being once there are enough to warrant the processing and depositing of them.  This may mean checks are being processed every other week to once a month.
  • Electronic giving is processed automatically when you complete your giving online.  Click HERE  to give an electronic offering.

Even though our in-person ministries and activities are not taking place, the major expenses (salaries, utilities, etc.) still need to be paid. Your continued financial stewardship is needed.  The Finance Team is working to hard to insure that MUMC remains in a stable financial position. After months end, there will be a financial update sent out.


A large THANK YOU goes out to Rich, our church custodian!!!!!  Rich has worked hard to not only clean, but to sanitize everything and anything that might be touched in the building.  Perhaps it is one of the benefits of all activities being canceled in the building. A good deep cleaning has and continues to take place.

Thank you Rich!


We invite you to join us online for a live streaming of our 10 am worship service as we continue our season of Lent! We will no longer be holding services at our MUMC building until further notice. Gather your family in the comfort of your living rooms and pray, sing and worship with us! Feel free to click the "like" button and share the link with a neighbor, friend or co-worker. 

Mission: Worshipping, connecting, and serving so all may experience life in Christ.

Vision: Moving all people from receiving to also sharing life in Christ.