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News and Insights on the Masonry Repair and Maintenance of Institutional, Commercial, and Condominium Buildings in Eastern Massachusetts   

Vol.8 No. 8

      October 2016      

In this issue, our Case Study article describes examples of how Abbot provides an economical option to schedule and perform a small or large project over multiple phases while deferring the overall expense. In our Masonry 101 article, we provide a glimpse into the future of building inspection using drone technology. 
We trust that you will benefit from the information provided in this publication. If you have any comments or questions, or would like an estimate on a masonry repair project, we can be reached at

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Michael Norman, President
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Case Study 

Abbot Offers Economical Multi-Phase Project Option  

Abbot provides an option for an owner or decision manager to phase a project over multiple time periods while deferring the overall expense. If this provision is written into a contract, Abbot will hold its prices throughout the entire length of the contract.  This option is available to clients of both our Small and Large Projects Divisions (see sidebar on the right)
Abbot guarantees the same high quality of workmanship throughout every phase so that when the project is 100% completed each phase of work will be indiscernible from another.
Victorian house, Milton, MA 
For example, in Abbot's recent restoration of a Victorian house in Milton, MA, the owner elected to phase the work over a four-year span, completing Phases 1 and 2 over 2014-2015, Phase 3 in 2016, with Phase 4 to be completed in 2017.
In Phases 1 and 2, Abbot cut and pointed all of the brick and replaced some of the deteriorated brownstone under several windows on the north (left) and west (rear) sides of the house. Significantly, Abbot was able to formulate the color of the brownstones and mortar to match the original color used on the building. Finally Abbot replaced damaged brick with matching used brick salvaged from previous projects.
In Phase 3, Abbot continued to perform similar work on the south (right) side of the house, including replacing some damaged brick, cutting and pointing all o/f the brick, and color matching the existing mortar.
11-story mixed-use building in downtown Boston 
Another example of an Abbot multi-phase restoration project involved an 11-story retail and commercial mixed-use brick, granite, and terra cotta stone building in downtown Boston.
Phase 1 of the project in the Fall 2013 focused on repairs to the front elevation of the building. An investigation of the building façade uncovered several areas of vertical cracks in the brick columns due to water intrusion. Based on this evaluation, the owner contracted Abbot to repair the damaged brick areas, inspect and repair any terra cotta, completely repoint the façade, and paint all of the ornamental iron metal bands.
Abbot came back to complete Phase 2 of the project in the Spring 2015. In this phase, Abbot completed the balance of the work on the front elevation and performed minor repairs to the interior courtyard. Abbot also repaired cracked brickwork, replaced steel lintels and flashing, and painted the ornamental bands surrounding the second floor storefronts and windows in the rear of the building. 
If you have a masonry repair project that you would like to spread out over multiple phases, give us a call at 617-445-0274 or email us at info@abbotbuilding.com.

Masonry 101

Using Drone Technology for Building Inspection 

En gineers are often challenged with inspecting tall or structurally deficient buildings. Situations involving high rise buildings, towers, or steep roofs may be not safe or may be inaccessible for a human inspection. Telescopic man lifts and scaffolding setups can be very costly and even require the building owner to shut down the business during the setup. Inspections from hanging scaffold rigs limit what can be seen. This is where drone technology comes into play.

High resolution image of a high rise building captured with a drone camera.
Drones are able to quickly elevate and fly to the highest edges of a building in a matter of seconds. The ability to view these heights from the safety of the ground is a huge plus.

Most drones are controlled by simply utilizing a smart phone. The images and videos are saved to a memory card in the drone and can easily be transferred to a tablet or laptop. Video segments can be shared with the building owner, fellow engineers, and facility managers to help interpret the structural condition of the building. Knowing the full extent of the deterioration, engineers can more accurately draw up their plans and associated restoration costs can be calculated more precisely.
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Abbot offers an economical  option to schedule and perform small or large projects over multiple phases. 


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Using drone technology for building inspection.  


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