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April 2018 / Iyar 5778
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Rabbi Mauricio Balter, Executive Director of Masorti Olami and MERCAZ Olami,  a lifelong Zionist who made Aliyah over 20 years ago offers his thoughts on Israel's Independence Day and 70 years of the Jewish state. 
Did you know that 70% of single young Olim are Masorti Jews? 
Rabbi Alan Silverstein, President of MERCAZ Olami celebrates  70 years of Masorti Olim and lauds our movement's impressive placement in Nefesh B'Nefesh's Aliyah statistics.
Planning a trip?  Find a Masorti Synagogue anywhere in the world. For locations in the United States click here. For Israel, click here, and for locations around the world, click here.
Rabbi Fabian Skornik celebrates Israel's 70th Birthday  by reflecting on the Jewish people's connection to the land dating back to Avraham Avinu, and its miraculous rebirth.
What is your wish for Israel at 70?  Click here to read birthday wishes for Israel and wishes for its next 70 years from Masorti Kehillot around the world.
Are you looking for Israel-related ideas for Yom HaAtzmaut?  Are you an Educator looking for a curriculum for Israel's 70th birthday? Check out MERCAZ Olami Educational Kit Israel at 70, and while you're at it, check out MERCAZ Olami's new Facebook page, and let us know your ideas for a catchy name for MERCAZ's new app. 
Bienvenidos!  Masorti Olami would like to offer a hearty welcome and say "Bruchim HaBaim" to its two newest communities in Spain -  ATID Barcelona  and  Kehilah Beit Emunah  -The Jewish Community of the Principality of Asturias. Congratulations to Masorti Spain and Masorti Europe on their continued expansion and we look forward to working with our newest Masorti communities.
Chodesh Tov!  Masorti Olami is proud to announce the long-awaited publication of the book "Rosh Chodesh as seen by Masorti Women" in English. The book is a compilation of reflections on the Hebrew months written by female Masorti rabbis from Latin America. 
Click here to see the entire book.
Is a Woman's voice forbidden?  Silence, Power and #MeToo in the Torah.  Read here  about these topics and other issues discussed at last month's UK Masorti Women's Forum.
HaKol B'Seder! See pictures for Pesach Seders at Masorti communities all around the world.
Comunidad Israelita Sefaradi, Chile.

Masoret Kiev Community in Ukraine.
Masorti Olami goes to Argentina
Rabbi Mauricio Balter and Ariela Rosemberg-Garbatzky traveled to Argentina to meet with Masorti AmLat's transitional committee.
Click here to find out all the details ahead of Hitjadshut 2.0.

950 Synagogues around the world are opening their doors to Jewish university students and young adults looking to connect to a Jewish community at the holidays. Are you on board? Click here to register with Synagogue Connect and bring young Jews near you into your community.
Navah  and  Rabbi Jules Harlow   will be honored at Ansche Chesed's Tribute Dinner on April 29th. Read more about their years of outreach work with the Bnei Anusim community in Lisbon, Portugal including a recent Pesach seder in conjunction with Comunidad Masorti Bet El in Madrid.  Click here  to place an ad or buy tickets to attend this event.

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Ansche Chesed Tribute
Rabbi Jules & Nava Harlow
April 29, 2018 
New York
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Hitjadshut II 
August 3-6, 2018
Lima, Peru

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Masorti Goes to Kiev!
June 7-12, 218
Kiev, Ukraine

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Masorti Olami
Leadership Retreat
October 18-22, 2018
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Onward NOAM Olami
June 23-August 2, 2018

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