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May 2018 / Sivan 5778

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Who Does the Torah Belong to?
Many groups claim exclusive ownership over the Torah, but what do the Torah and the midrashim have to say about this question? 
Rabbi Mauricio Balter answers this the question ahead of Shavuot.
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Get Inked
 - We asked sofer STAM Sebastian Grimberg from Argentina to describe a day in his studio and explain how he picked his career.
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Answering to a Higher Authority - Rabbi Shlomo Zacharow of the Conservative Yeshiva details the establishment of the first Masorti kashrut certification program in Ukraine and the training course for the first six mashgichim. Click here to learn about the intricate details of Kashrut certification addressed in this course, along with the aid of Dr. Joe Mac Regenstein of Cornell University's Food Science Department.  

Planning a Trip?  Find a Masorti Synagogue anywhere in the world. For locations in the United States click here. For Israel, click here, and for locations around the world, click here.
The French Connection -  In order to connect with fellow NOAM groups across Europe, NOAM Paris has partnered with NOAM Chapters in London and Madrid to organize a series of shared Shabbatons and bring participants to each of the communities.  
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Have Ordination, Will Travel  Masorti rabbis and cantors are volunteering their time to help small and developing communities around the world. Read more about the initiative and contact us if you belong to a small community in Latin America and would like to be paired with a rabbi.
Jerusalem of Gold -  Rabbi Sandra Kochmann, who runs the egalitarian "Ezrat Israel" plaza at the Kotel,  reflects on the unique beauty of Jerusalem. She write about the Old City's unique blend of religious rites during its quiet dawns and cool sunsets in her piece in honor of Yom Yerushalayim.

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Masorti Olami's 2018 Annual Tribute Event - Join Masorti Olami in New York on Sunday, November 11th for our 2018 Annual Tribute Event. More details will be coming soon. We're looking forward to seeing you there!

Can Your Synagogue Get 75% Attendance on Friday Night?  Find out how Kol Nefesh Masorti Synagogue has discovered the secret to engaging the congregation and boosting attendance.
Does Your Congregation Know What Masorti Olami Does?   Do we have a presence in your synagogue? Click here to receive your Masorti Olami brochures today.
70 Years of Israeli Independence See pictures of Yom Haatzmaut celebrations around the Masorti world. Click here to read about the celebration in Buenos Aires attended by over 5000 participants.
NOAM Argentina
Bahia Blanca, Argentina
Maayane Or, Nice, France
Masoret Kiev, Ukraine
Emergency Campaign for the Masorti Cemetery in Madrid
Your donation will ensure that all Jews, including Masorti converts, will be able to receive a respectful burial according to Jewish law in the Madrid community.  Click here to read more.
Rabbinical Student meets Berlin community.  Ben Freed, a Rabbinical student and Gladstein Fellow from JTS who recently returned from a weekend serving in our Kehillah in Berlin shares his impressions on Jewish life in Germany.  Click here to read more.

Meet Alla Fine, the n ew Office Manager at Masorti Olami's New York office.  Click here to read more about Alla.

We'd like to welcome Alla to the team and wish her best of luck in her new job!

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Masorti Goes to Kiev!
June 7-12, 218
Kiev, Ukraine

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Masorti Olami
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October 18-22, 2018
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Onward NOAM Olami
June 23-August 2, 2018

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Masorti Olami
Tribute Event
November 11, 2018
New York
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Hitjadshut II 
August 3-6, 2018
Lima, Peru

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MERCAZ Guest Speaker 
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