Mass Tech Monday

December 7, 2020

MassTLC’s Transform Series, featuring our nation’s leading experts in economics, healthcare, and business, keeps you informed on the most pressing issues impacting the tech ecosystem


Episode 3:
Steps Toward Social Justice: Access, Opportunity, and Growth

In this episode we take on the very complex issues of guaranteeing access, providing opportunity, and ensuring a pathway towards growth for everyone, from early education all the way to the boardroom. Our guests will reach beyond the tech sector and share ways in which they are tackling social justice.

Featured guests: Michelle Bailey of IDC, Yogesh Gupta of Progress Software, Jim Heppelmann of PTC, and Greg Shell of Bain Capital and the New Commonwealth Racial Equity and Social Justice Fund.

Episode 2:
A Tectonic Shift in Education, Workforce, and Economic Centers

In episode 2, we tackled higher education, what the workforce will look like, the impact this will have in the world. Our featured guests are will bring their experience and research to this conversation about a rapidly changing environment.

Featured guests: Jim Daniell of Revol LLC, Joseph Fuller of Harvard Business School, Jean Hammond of LearnLaunch Accelerator, and Ray Offenheiser of the Pulte Institute for Global Development at the University of Notre Dame.

Episode 1:
The Economic Impact of COVID-19: Why This is Different than the 2008 Recession

In our first episode, we examined the implications of the COVID induced economic collapse and its implications for the future. We tried to make sense of what is happening to the economy, how the pieces fit together, and which elements are most likely to affect us.

Featured guests: Jim Daniell of Revol LLC and Bob Pozen of MIT Sloan School of Management.

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  • Technovation Girls MA & RI 2021: Season Kickoff & Ask Me Anything Webinar, December 14th: Interested in taking part in the Technovation Girls Challenge? Whether you are new this year, have taken part in the past, or just want to hear what it is all about, this webinar can answer all of your questions. This is open to students, teachers, mentors, and parents. Register today.

  • The Crossroads of Digital Transformation and Innovation, December 16th: Get ahead of the competition by learning how to leverage the power of digital technology to transform your organization and drive radical innovation. Session led by innovation expert and MIT senior lecturer Blade Kotelly. Register today.

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