Mass Tech Monday

August 11, 2021
Featured Program
  • Ransomware Attacks: Using NIST Framework for Left and Right of Boom, September 9th: Statistics reflect a sharp increase in Ransomware attacks over the past year, and the almost daily news of breaches and attempted extortions reinforces the trend. Join the discussion on using NIST's Cybersecurity Framework's functions to prepare for and respond to ransomware attacks.
Upcoming Programs
  • CHRO: Reinvigorating Your Culture in a Realigned Work Environment, September 28th: This MassTLC members-only roundtable discussion is for CHROs/SVPs of Talent. The workplace is shifting again and CHROs face another set of hurdles related to keeping employees engaged and driving performance. What steps should you be taking to preserve your culture and strengthen DEI despite continued disruption? How are your peers responding to these challenges?
Call For Speakers
  • Bias: Understanding to Mitigation to Intentionality, September 22th: Individual and systemic changes are needed to drive culture, engagement, and bottom-line impacts. This discussion will focus on identifying biases in practice, policies, and processes so that your team can address systemic/institutionalized bias in organizations. Our panel of changemakers will dive into the following: 

  • Understanding: What is the interplay between how our brains function and bias – “To be human is to have bias.”
  • Mitigation: Change Your Thinking or Change your Actions? Discuss the process to change actions (and thus impacts) when you recognize biased thinking.
  • Intentionality: Proactively interrupt biased actions – e.g. being a vocal ally, be courageous, revaluate hiring, promotion, and performance review processes.

We are still seeking speakers for this event. Please contact Nayla Daly if you would like to join our panel.
Accepting Applications for Fall 2021
  • As featured in the Boston Globe, the award-winning Board-Ready Bootcamp is designed to improve the quality of board governance and composition at tech companies by providing a high-impact curriculum on board fundamentals, strategy, and governance. Given the lack of diversity in the tech boardroom, the bootcamp is focused on preparing underrepresented tech leaders, including Black, Latinx, Indigenous, LGBTQIA+, people with disabilities, and women tech executives.
In Case You Missed It
  • Coffee with…#3: Deb Briggs of NETSCOUT discusses dealing with ransomware. In our third Coffee with…episode, NETSCOUT Chief Security Officer Deb Briggs discusses ransomware with GreatHorn CEO, Kevin O’Brien. Deb talks about preparing for and defending against ransomware attacks as well as the recovery after one occurs.
  • On-Demand Program: Cloud Cost Optimization: Gary Sloper, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Macronet Services, went beyond simply lowering your costs and delved into the importance of a partnership between engineering and finance and the new role of fin ops.
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