Mass Tech Monday

September 20, 2021
Featured Program
  • Bias: Understanding to Mitigation to Intentionality, September 22nd: Individual and systemic changes are needed to drive culture, engagement, and bottom-line impacts. This discussion will focus on identifying biases in practice, policies, and processes so that your team can address systemic and institutionalized bias in organizations. Our panel of changemakers will dive into the following: 

  • Understanding: What is the interplay between how our brains function and bias – “To be human is to have bias.”
  • Mitigation: Change Your Thinking or Change your Actions? Discuss the process to change actions (and thus impacts) when you recognize biased thinking.
  • Intentionality: Proactively interrupt biased actions – e.g., being a vocal ally, be courageous, revaluate hiring, promotion, and performance review processes.
Upcoming Programs
  • CEO Community: Understanding the Antitrust Landscape, September 23rd: John Haigh, Co-Director of the Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government and Lecturer in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School, will walk us through the various antitrust movements and the status of antitrust, highlighting the potential impacts on MassTLC member companies. This program is for MassTLC Member CEOs and Presidents Only.
  • CHRO: Reinvigorating Your Culture in a Realigned Work Environment, September 28th: This MassTLC members-only roundtable discussion is for CHROs/SVPs of Talent. The workplace is shifting again, and CHROs face another set of hurdles to keep employees engaged and drive performance. What steps should you be taking to preserve your culture and strengthen DEI despite continued disruption? How are your peers responding to these challenges?
  • CEO Community: Attracting & Retaining Talent Amid the Great Resignation, October 4th: Join MassTLC CEO Tom Hopcroft with guest co-host Mohamad Ali, CEO of IDG, at our next CEO Roundtable on attracting and retaining talent amid the “Great Resignation” – a term coined to describe the estimated 30-55% of employees that are planning to quit and change jobs in the near future. This program is for MassTLC Member CEOs and Presidents Only.
  • 2022: The Reimagined CMO, October 5th: On the heels of the pandemic, marketing leaders are transforming and redefining their role and business model. Join Lynne Capozzi, CMO, Acquia, who will explore how marketers are evolving their internal organizational structure, areas of growth, and content development to connect with their customers while joining hands with the C-suite to grow their business.
Announcing Our New Job Board
  • Tech companies you'd love to work for: Are you looking for a new job opportunity? Explore thousands of them across our network of innovative companies and industry sectors such as advanced manufacturing, cybersecurity, ed-tech, software development, etc.
Accepting Applications for Fall 2021:
Final Deadline September 24th
  • As featured in the Boston Globe, the award-winning Board-Ready Bootcamp is designed to improve the quality of board governance and composition at tech companies by providing a high-impact curriculum on board fundamentals, strategy, and governance. Given the lack of diversity in the tech boardroom, the bootcamp is focused on preparing underrepresented tech leaders, including Black, Latinx, Indigenous, LGBTQIA+, people with disabilities, and women tech executives.
In Case You Missed It
  • Celebrating Women in Cyber: Pamela Cyr, SVP Business and Corporate Development at Tufin: An engineer by training, Pamela Cyr is responsible for business and corporate development, working with strategic technology alliance and emerging technology alliance partners as well as leading the global business consultancy program. Pamela was able to follow this pathway due to a great mentor and her own tenacity.
  • Ransomware Attacks: Using NIST Framework for Left and Right of Boom: The MassTLC Security Community brought a stellar panel lead by Debby Briggs, CISO at NETSCOUT, to share their own strategies for the exploding industry of ransomware. Ransomware is an official industry, worth $20 billion so far in 2021, and is continuing to prove that it is a viable (yet illegal) business model.
  • MassTLC Growth Community: Catch up on all the Growth community content and programs from the past quarter. Learn how to stay informed and get involved.
  • MassTLC Security Newsletter: Catch up on all the Security community content and programs from the past quarter. Learn how to stay informed and get involved.
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