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Mass Timber Report Update

Dovetail released a report in November 2022 providing an update on mass timber, summarizing policy and code changes which have occurred in recent years, and tracking trends in the adoption of mass timber. The report has been updated as of August 2023. You can find the updated report here

Watch the video to see the 19 states that have adopted code changes.

In 2022, we reported that 8 states had adopted code changes for tall mass timber provisions - that number has increased to 19 states. Watch the video to see the states that have adopted code changes. For additional information, see our Mass Timber Infographic. For more information about mass timber code adoption, visit the WoodWorks website.

Right-of-Way Stewardship Council Launches Standards Review Process

Multi-Disciplinary Technical Advisory Committee to Guide a 12-month Process

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The Right-of-Way Stewardship Council (ROWSC) announces the launch of a 12-month process to review the ROW Steward Technical Requirements for Accreditation. A six-member multi-disciplinary Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) will guide the process. Following initial revisions guided by the TAC and review by the full ROWSC, there will be an opportunity for stakeholders, interested parties, and the public to provide comments. The current Accreditation Standards for Assessing IVM Excellence were last updated in 2016. These standards establish the technical requirements for applicants seeking ROW Steward accreditation of IVM practices on electric transmission and pipeline rights-of-way.

Minnesota DIY Biochar Survey

Are you a DIY Biochar producer in Minnesota? Do-It-Yourself (or Voluntary) Biochar production assumes a batch process whether manually or machine fed.  If you are engaged in biochar production in Minnesota, you are invited to participate in this quick 5-minute survey.

This survey is intended to provide input to estimate the potential contribution of DIY biochar for local supply and carbon sequestration.

All input is anonymous and will only be used in aggregate, however you have the option to request results and reporting if you leave your contact information at the end.

Please respond by Aug 25th, 2023

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The Minnesota Arrowhead Region Fire Adapted Communities Program Receives SFI Community Grant

Dovetail Partners has received a Community Grant from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) to support the Minnesota Arrowhead Region Fire Adapted Communities program and the project titled "Supporting Personal Choices in Caring for the Land to Increase Fire Resilience and Awareness".

August 31st: USDA FS Monthly Biochar Webinar "Biochar's Role in Climate Mitigation"

The US Forest Service in partnership with the US Biochar Initiative and the Southern Regional Extension Forestry will be presenting its latest Biochar Webinar titled: "Biochar's Role in Climate Mitigation". This webinar will focus on the importance of biochar's contribution to mitigate the impacts of climate change. This month's speaker is Harry Groot of Dovetail Partners.

The live event is scheduled for: Thu, Aug 31, 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM (EDT). This webinar is sponsored by: US Biochar Initiative, The US Forest Service and SREF

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Kathryn Fernholz of Dovetail Partners to Speak At Advancing Mass Timber 2023

Event to be held in Atlanta, GA on September 11-13th

Advancing Mass Timber Construction returns for the fourth year to help new and experienced players from across the supply chain uncover the latest innovations and best practices in mass timber project delivery. Whether you're seeking to optimize cost or ensure confidence in the durability of mass timber as a building material, this conference is a must-attend event for those looking to maximize the efficiency, quality & sustainability of mass timber projects. Kathryn Fernholz, President of Dovetail Partners will be speaking on September 12th addressing forests and sustainability considerations for mass timber construction. Read more.

Women's Chainsaw Safety Workshop

The Minnesota Women’s Woodland Network (MNWWN) is hosting two chainsaw safety and use workshops for women with little or no chainsaw experience. The UW-Madison Forestry Extension is hosting an identical workshop. The principal focus of these three workshops will be on safety. This includes safe posture, safe practices, safe clothing, and safe habits. This workshop will empower women to become more knowledgeable and comfortable with running a chainsaw. 

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Bird Friendly Coffee

Guest speaker Kirstin Hill presented at our August team meeting on Smithsonian Bird Friendly Certified Coffee. Discover what Bird Friendly coffee means, how to get certified, and its positive impact on our ecosystem. For further information on Bird Friendly coffee visit the link provided here. If you're inspired to take a meaningful step towards sustainability, click through their selection of Bird Friendly certified blends.

Dovetail's 20th Anniversary & First Score Club

2023 is a big milestone for Dovetail Partners - it’s our 20th Anniversary!

We want to thank the individuals and organizations that have already responded to our invitation to join Dovetail's First Score Club!

Special thanks and much gratitude to:


  • Steve & Janet Bratkovich
  • Mike Carroll
  • Alicia Cramer
  • Paul DeLong
  • Kedren Dillard
  • Carmen & Sally Fernholz, A-Frame Farm
  • Kay & Annette Fernholz, Earthrise Farm
  • Patrick de Freitas
  • Heather Himler
  • Tom & Mary Kroll, Kroll Consulting Forestry, LLC.
  • Thomas McLain
  • Gerry Mich
  • Norm Moody
  • Robert Scheierl
  • Beth Waterhouse


  • Jim & Ruth Bowyer
  • John Bradfield, Dedicated to My fellow Wood Science Graduates and my Professors at NC State University 1977-1982


  • CNUC
  • Domtar
  • Jill & Charles Koosmann


  • Georgia-Pacific

Donations made before November 25, 2023 (twenty years to-the-day of Dovetail’s founding!) will count toward membership in the First Score Club. Donors to the First Score Club will be recognized in Dovetail’s e-newsletter, at our website, and in our annual report. 

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