Letter from the Executive Director

A lot of great things happened this summer at MassHire Lowell Career Center. Our standalone Young Adult Career Center has a grand opening/ribbon-cutting event to a large crowd of local politicians and community members.
Shannon Norton-Calles
Executive Director
MassHire Lowell Career Center
We welcomed Massachusetts Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development, Roslin Acosta, to tour both of our centers. She praised the Young Adult Center and all the potential that it has. We are very excited to welcome the Access to Recovery program to Lowell. This program provides a critical service to job seekers who are in addiction recovery.

We are growing! Three new staff started this summer, and we will add more this fall. Our doors are open to public access on October 4th after serving our customers by appointment only. We look forward to opening our doors and welcoming job seekers and employers to our updated Career Center.

And finally, big congratulations to Janet O’Brien and Kathy Dupont for winning this year’s MassHire award for the brand value Respect. They won for the amazing work they have done with our retention program. This is the third year in a row MassHire Lowell Career Center has won a MassHire Award.

MassHire Lowell Career Center News & Updates
Secretary Acosta Tour

Rosalin Acosta, the Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development toured the new Young Adult Career Center and the newly renovated Career Center in July.
Summer Youth 2021

Another successful year for the Summer Work Experience program. A total of $245,892 was earned by the 155 participating youth between the ages of 14 to 21 this summer.
More New Staff

We continue to grow. We have added three more staff members over the summer. These staff members are Career Advisors in the Young Adult Career Center, ATR program, and a staff member for our Spanish-speaking customers.
Access to Recovery

The Access to Recovery (ATR) program started in Lowell in August. This program will assist individuals with substance abuse disorder with job search and supportive services to create a unique recovery plan. Two staff members will be facilitating workshop to assist these customer with their job search and offer other supportive services.
Staff Profile: Daphne Nichols
Since coming to Lowell, Carer Advisor Daphne Nichols has earned the reputation of accepting many different roles and tasks. From facilitating group events to providing individual assistance, Daphne has been an invaluable member of the Career Center.
Grand Opening

In June we held the grand opening and ribbon cutting of our new Young Adult Career Center. Located at 107 Merrimack Street in downtown Lowell, the new center will be the focal point for youth services.
The Doors are Open

On Monday, October 4th, the doors of the Career Center will finally be open to customers without appointments. Some precautions will still be taken, but the doors will final be open.
MassHire Award Winners
Staff members Janet O'Brien and Kathy Dupont were won the 2021 MassHire Awards in the Respect category. Both Janet and Kathy were recognized for their work with the Retention program. The program is designed to provide post-employment services for customers to assist them in long-term career goals.
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