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September 16, 2021
Hello Growth Professionals,

What marketing trends are disrupting key growth strategies in 2022? The pandemic has propelled marketing teams to evaluate and recreate. We will be looking for burgeoning trends to bring to the forefront of this professional community. We are bringing change-makers and thought leaders to our programming in-person and virtual, fostering collaboration and the exchange of ideas.

Next month is the CMO Roundtable discussion, 2022: The Reimagined CEO, join here. We will explore new practices in sales, customer success, customer experience, and demand generation in our programming later this fall. Check out our new job board, displaying over 5,000 jobs globally.
I look forward to building and growing with this community together. We are grateful to our sponsors Cramer and Imarc.

Warm Regards and Stay Well.
Nayla Daly
Communities Manager
Stay Informed and Get Involved
  • 2022: The Reimagined CMO: On the heels of the pandemic, marketing leaders are transforming and redefining their role and business model. They are outsmarting uncertain times by reimagining leadership more broadly. Please join Lynne Capozzi, CMO, Acquia, who will explore how marketers are evolving their internal organizational structure, areas of growth, and content development to connect with their customers while joining hands with the C-suite to grow their business. If you are a CMO, register here.

  • On the Tech Trail Podcast: This is MassTLC's podcast on all things Boston tech. This award-winning podcast takes you inside the minds of remarkable tech leaders in Boston and beyond. You’ll get to know them, better understand their journeys, and gain insights from their strategic decision-making to help you along your own journey. Listen here.

  • Lead A Discussion: The MassTLC Talent Community meets quarterly and is seeking conversation leaders and fresh topics. Please contact me if you have a topic you would like to explore with your professional peers or if you would like to lead a conversation.

Community Posts and Resources
  • Leaving an Old Brand Behind: One of the hardest parts of updating your brand can be leaving your former brand behind, especially when there are a lot of materials to update or habits to unlearn. Here are three ways to help your new brand launch go smoothly as you leave your old brand behind. Learn more here.

  • Leadership Learnings: Innovate or Die: As today’s technology landscape becomes increasingly competitive, the idea of “innovate or die” has never been more critical and can be applied across various areas of business, from product innovation and customer experience to employee experience, and even leadership styles. But successfully evolving and innovating your business is no easy feat. Here are some key takeaways around innovation from the experience of Eric Hanson, Chief Marketing Officer, Fuze. Read more here.

  • Kicking the Digital Front Door Open: Over the last 18 months, organizations of every kind—from global enterprises to healthcare providers—leaned into technology to help them deliver their services. Brands began serving more customers through their digital channels. Physicians became used to delivering patient care via video calls. But as we’ve all become increasingly reliant on digital technology, how have our feelings towards it changed? And what opportunities might our new attitudes and expectations create? Read more here.

  • Real-Time vs. Near Real-Time: How Speed Impacts Customer Experience: We all know that speed – how fast you can get new products to market, how fast you can personalize, how quickly you can resolve an issue – is one of the biggest competitive differentiators today. For many organizations trying to gain an edge over the competition, it can be the key deciding factor as to who comes out on top. How can companies keep up and consistently deliver? Read more here.

  • Google Ads vs. SEO: Which is Better for Search? As often as not (perhaps more often), the first things you see when you do a Google search are paid ads. As long as organizations have budget to spend, they’ll be able to rule the roost on SERPs (search engine results pages). So where does that leave SMBs that need to get found and clicked? For them, which works better for search? Let’s have a showdown: Google Ads vs SEO. Read more here.

  • Track, Analyze, Activate: Your Comprehensive Introduction to Competitive Intelligence: Competitive Intelligence (CI) is the process of tracking, analyzing, and activating information related to your competitors. It is conducted with the intent of empowering internal stakeholders to improve their decision-making and execution—whether that means offering a new service, pitching prospective customers with a new set of slides, or something else entirely. Read more here.
DEI Initiatives and Offerings

  • Board Ready Bootcamp: An award-winning program, designed specifically for women, tech leaders of color, openly LGBTQ+, the neurodiverse, and people with disabilities who are tech leaders currently in senior executive positions and are ready to make the leap to serve on a board. This program will take place will take place on October 7th, 14th, and 21st. Apply here.

  • Social Justice Initiatives: MassTLC’s mission is to build an inclusive tech ecosystem in the region, and more broadly, we want to help Massachusetts become a more inclusive and equitable state. Over the years, MassTLC has offered – and continues to offer – a number of initiatives to bring women, people of color, and other underrepresented groups into tech careers and to support them once they are in the industry. We have been recognized by our peer tech councils across North America for these efforts. Learn more about our offerings here

  • MassTalent. This is a platform designed for hiring companies to access a directory of organizations that provide training, placement, and funding for pipeline and workforce development. The organizations and programs listed here have a core mission of helping those in underrepresented or non-traditional populations move into the tech industry. Learn more about MassTalent here
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