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Growth Professionals,
We are excited to see you participate in our high-impact professional programs this year. We are continuously improving the programs of this community by listening to what is on your mind. Please take 2 minutes to fill out this survey.

2020 will bring you new perspectives and strategies. We are happy to provide a forum for you to hear each other’s challenges. In 2019 I have enjoyed meeting members of this community at your offices and events. That’s why programs in demand generation, product marketing and customer success will feel relevant. For our heads of marketing—Your innovative leadership is charging new paths to strategies that support the customer first. This year, we will introduce a sales webinar series on trending issues, bring fresh insights and connections. 

I look forward to exploring best practices in this vibrant and active community of professionals! For more information on the MassTLC Growth community, visit our page .

Best regards,
Nayla Daly
Communities Manager
Don't Miss These Events!
  • CMO Peer Meeting, February 25th at Acquia: “How Personalization Tools Further the Customer Experience.” Acquia has opened their offices to bring discussion on the latest strategies to deliver a better experience for your customer. Explore fresh ideas and new tech that will bridge the customer gap. Learn more and register here.

  • Demand Generation Meeting, February 26th: hosted by Demandbase at CIC Boston: “Get Aligned With ABM Metrics.” Join the round table to hear about different strategies that will empower you and your team with the best practices, playbooks, and actionable insights. Get better alignment around the ABM metrics that matter. Learn more and register here. Learn more and register here.

  • Product Management Meeting, March 11th at Steelcase WorkLife Center: “Create Disruptive Products That Shift Your Customer’s Thinking.” Explore how to uncover your customer’s future needs and what to do if your product is too ahead of its time. How can your most edgy, radical products still reflect your company’s brand? Learn more and register here.

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January was a very exciting month at MassTLC! We are happy to welcome new members:

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