September 29, 2021
  • Is a Hybrid Workforce Here to Stay?Nearly a quarter of the entire workforce wants to continue to work remotely long-term. What are companies going to do about it? Some will require everyone back into the office, others will figure out what their hybrid model looks like. Learn more about the opportunities to redefine how your employees do their job as you move to a more hybrid workforce. Read more.

  • Why Low Code for IoT?: Many industries have seen dramatic business shifts during 2020 which have led to an accelerated need for IoT solutions. In parallel, the skills necessary to develop IoT solutions have become more challenging to find. One answer to addressing the chasm of increased demand for IoT solutions and challenging availability of skills is low-code development. Explore more.

  • Leaving an Old Brand Behind: One of the hardest parts of updating your brand can be leaving your former brand behind, especially when there are a lot of materials to update or habits to unlearn. Learn three ways to help your new brand launch go smoothly as you leave your old brand behind. Read more
The Marketing Cloudcast: Humanizing Marketing: Episode 1 - Why Empathy is Crucial in Digital Engagement‬
  • In this episode, hosts Tina Rozul and Marty Kihn are joined by Shannon Duffy, EVP of Digital 360 Marketing at Salesforce. They chat about why authenticity and empathy are crucial to marketing today and the role of technology in making that happen at scale. If you would like us to feature your podcast, please contact Ruth Morris.
  • Mechanical Design Engineer, Sensata Technologies, Attleboro, MA: Sensata Technologies is a world leader in mission-critical sensors and controls designed to make the world more efficient. In this role, you will assist with the analysis of electro-mechanical components, perform design verification on original or derivative design by collecting empirical data through experimental methods, and coordinate failure analysis investigations and engineering evaluations. Apply now.
  • MassTLC Career Fair: Do you have open positions to fill? Join our virtual career fair to meet the right candidates. To learn more, please contact Kate McLeod.
  • Evolving Trends in Board Competencies, a Panel Discussion, October 4th: Corporate boards are experiencing trends toward diversifying their ranks, understanding more complex businesses, demonstrating technical knowledge, and generating sustainable long-term performance. Please join us to survey evolving trends in board competencies, including diversity and inclusion, ESG, data analytics, cybersecurity, and governance. Save your seat.

  • DDoS Defense in a Hybrid Cloud World, October 5th: DDoS extortion attacks are on the rise, again. Keeping your websites, apps, APIs, brand, and users safe requires deep expertise and world-class technology to achieve a strong security posture. Join this webinar to learn how a fully managed cloud DDoS service, backed by a 24/7 Security Operation Center team, protects companies from DDoS attacks every day. Register here.

  • Webcast - Understand Bias to Unleash Potential, October 7th: Bias affects how we make decisions, engage with others, and respond to various situations, often limiting potential. Join this webcast to discuss the impact of bias on behaviors, decisions, and performance. Register now.
  • Innovation Women Speaker Profile: Innovation Women is a visibility bureau for entrepreneurial, technical, and innovative women which helps connect event managers to women who are potential speakers. No more “token woman.” Non-members of MassTLC receive a $25 discount - use code MASSTLCFRIENDS. Get started.
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