October 20, 2021
  • 5-Step Internal Communications Strategy: Reducing the Chaos of How Teams Talk: Given the rise of remote work, companies are struggling more than ever to communicate effectively. And while some teams feel like they’re totally in the dark, others are stuck staring at Slack channels or Zoom calls instead of actually working. This guide will help you level up your communication strategy in 5 steps. Learn more.

  • Top Questions You Should Ask a Senior Data Scientist: As competition increases for hard-to-fill senior technology roles, you need to be strategic in your hiring process. Data Science has been at the top of Glassdoor’s list of Best Jobs In America, most recently being selected as the second-best job in the country with a median base salary of $113,000 and 4.1 out of 5 job satisfaction rating. As unemployment plummets for senior tech roles, this demand is only increasing. Read more.

  • OpenSearch Queries: Query DSL and Beyond: OpenSearch queries now look both very familiar and also fairly unique. There are new elements to talk about in addition to carryover from Lucene and Query DSL. For starters, the primary language for OpenSearch queries is Query DSL. However, there are also two plugins that allow you to use two other querying languages: SQL and PPL (Piped Processing Language). Learn more.
Radio Entrepreneurs: Afterschool Programs to Empower Kids with Technical Skills in STEM
  • In this episode, Jeffrey Davis, MAGE LLC, interviews Olu Ibrahim from Kids in Tech to talk about afterschool programs to empower kids with technical skills in STEM.
  • Compiler Engineer, MathWorks: MathWorks purpose is to change the world by accelerating the pace of discovery, innovation, development, and learning in engineering and science. In this role, you will design, architect, implement and test new parallel compilation technologies to enable algorithms written in Simulink and MATLAB to efficiently execute on parallel computing platforms. Apply now.
  • Meet SplitSpot, one of this year’s honorees for Best Pivot to Meet the New World: Our team at SplitSpot was already set up as remote-first, so when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we were able to dedicate our focus to making the entire rental experience remote-first and fast-track our capabilities for virtual apartment showings. During already trying times, SplitSpot found a way to make moving to a new city and finding an apartment to rent a less stressful experience. Learn more.

  • Meet ezCater, one of this year’s honorees for Best Pivot to Meet the New World: In June of 2020, we launched Relish by ezCater to give companies a new, safe, and reliable way to feed their teams. Relish delivers individually packaged meals from a rotating list of local favorite restaurants to workplaces at a designated place and time. Offices can be up and running with Relish in weeks, anywhere in the country. And with no setup fees and just a $25 delivery fee per restaurant, it’s a much more affordable option than a cafeteria or food court. Learn more.
  • The Massachusetts Advantage - Tech Careers Through Alternate Training and Education Programs, November 16th: The Mass Advantage event lets Boston area youth, young adults, and adults seeking tech careers connect virtually with top area tech training and education programs that can launch you into a tech career. You can connect with the training and education program at their virtual booths and chat with representatives by text or video. Register here.

  • Pega Webinar - Finding Your Superpower: How Pega's AI is Powering Verizon, November 2nd: With Pega’s AI, Verizon has been able to power the right next best action for each customer. Join Verizon’s Tommi Marsans and Pega’s Axel Well and learn how Verizon delivers the right action for every customer – with an end-to-end solution that improves customer relationships. Register now.
  • Is Your Team Functioning at Its Peak?: Most leaders of startups are working hard to just keep things moving forward. As they grow, the team lead skillset isn't always there to make those transitions. Team coaching will set you and your team up from the beginning for success as your company grows. Reach out and take 20% off your Systemic Team Coaching® program. Get started.
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