• Welcome (Littlest) New Members: Over the past several months we know many MassTLC members have expanded their families, and some of them were even kind enough to share pictures of their new additions with us. We could all use an extra reason to smile these days. Join us in welcoming the newest members of the MassTLC community.

  • How to Write a Killer Company One-Pager (With Examples): If someone asked you what your business does, would you be able to describe it accurately in a concise, compelling manner? Better yet: would your description inspire a potential customer to want to learn more about what you have to offer? Even further, suppose multiple people wanted that description in writing—sales team members, potential customers, existing customers who want to refer you? That scenario is a problem for lots of organizations. Learn more from a WordStream expert here.

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  • Lead Front-End Engineer at imarc: The ideal candidate has at least 4 years of front-end experience, and is looking for an opportunity to grow and own the front-end of any given project. As a lead, you'll work with clients from start-to-finish on new site builds, and head up a number of high-profile retainer projects. Learn more and apply here.

  • Mastering Innovation & Design-Thinking, January 25th - 27th, 2021: Over the course of three days, you’ll acquire powerful new ways to conceive of radically innovative solutions, create a vision that gains buy-in, and develop solutions that people love, emotionally and intellectually.Did you know that as a Mass TLC member, you can receive a discount on MIT Professional Education - Short Programs and Digital Plus Programs? Use the MassTLC10 code at the time of registration to receive a 10% discount. Learn more and register here.

  • Behavioral Health Resources, Sign Up for a Free Business Consultation from MindWise Innovations: MindWise is offering MassTLC members a free behavioral health consultation to address the needs of your organization. Fill out the form to talk with our experts about navigating relevant topics such as: how to help employees manage anxiety around returning to work, ways to provide education around behavioral health, tips for addressing concerns for psychological safety and how to promote anti-stigma in the workplace. Learn more and find form here.

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