September 1, 2021
  • ezCater Report: The Role of Lunch in the Hybrid Office: A big draw to return to the office has to do with everyone’s favorite part of the workday: lunch. People miss the bonding time and free-form conversations that take place eating lunch together. Managers also see the value of lunch: 65% of survey respondents in manager level or higher roles agree that socialization during lunch breaks is critical to team building. Read more.

  • Executive’s Guide to Personal Marketing Documents: This post is written for people who need help from an expert executive resume writer. It’s a lot of work to prepare even a subset of the necessary personal marketing documents. Don't be caught unprepared: plan ahead and keep these important selling tools updated at all times. Start now.

  • What is an Additive Manufacturing Execution System?: As production continues to grow and additive manufacturing industrializes, manufacturers, require effective strategies to help them manage their additive manufacturing workflows. Additive manufacturing execution systems (MES) use workflow software to enable greater traceability, provide insights, and help establish best practice processes. Read more.
  • Workplace Wellness: The importance of wellness benefits and a supportive and inclusive workplace: The impact of physical, mental, and financial stressors is substantial, costing American businesses billions a year in lost productivity and talent attrition. As health and wellness have increasingly become a business imperative, many companies are finding new ways to deploy resources to better support employee's physical, mental, and financial health. Read more.
The Human-Centric AI Podcast: CEOs Chat Behind the Scenes of the Smart Eye-Affectiva Acquisition
  • Smart Eye, the global leader in eye tracking and driver monitoring systems, acquired Affectiva! Thrilled to join forces, these companies will form a global AI powerhouse. By merging highly skilled teams and industry-leading technologies, they’ll bring to market unmatched AI solutions for the automotive industry, media analytics, and beyond—better and faster than any of their competitors can.
  • Customer Account Specialist, Cangrade: Cangrade is a bias-free, AI-based hiring solution revolutionizing the way that companies hire. The ideal candidate is a quick learner and a conscientious collaborator. This role will report to the Director of Customer Success, but will also work closely with our Analytics team on data management to deliver seamless and successful customer engagements. Apply now.
  • Dr. Vint Cerf, Vice President, Chief Internet Evangelist, Google, September 10th: Dr. Cerf’s long list of accolades includes co-developing the TCP/IP protocol, a founding technology of the Internet, and working with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory on Interplanetary Internet. Register here.
  • Webinar: How to Build a Data-Driven Culture, September 15th: Collecting data is one thing, but using it intelligently is another. What if you could improve problem-solving by constantly monitoring performance and making decisions based on insights and analytics? Join to learn how a data-driven culture can enhance your digital capabilities and identify paths to generate revenue. Register here.
  • InstantAgencyTools - a free toolset for agencies and professional services companies: InstantAgencyTools is a collection of completely free tools to help your company become more efficient and organized. You get instant utility, instant sharing, and a basic toolset for your company's vision, plans, meetings, and KPIs. Get started.
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