April 21, 2021
  • Kaspersky Women in Tech Report: Where Are We Now? Understanding the Evolution of Women in Technology: Encouraging more women into the IT space has been traditionally challenging in terms of achieving quick results. This is largely due to the entrenched structures and attitudes already in place, and the snowball effect that needs to occur across notions of employment, working patterns, role models, boardroom representation and education. Read more from Kapersky's report here.
  • Chief Inclusion + Diversity Officer at Progress Software: We are looking for a Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer to join us as we challenge ourselves and the businesses that we support to think about inclusion, diversity, and equality differently. In this role, you will partner strategically with our CEO leadership team, Human Capital team, and change-makers across our organization to shape inclusion strategy and practices and to help steer us to a brighter, more diverse future. Learn more and apply here.
  • Virtual Tour of Verizon's Innovation Center, April 22nd: Meet Verizon engineers and STEM experts and ask questions. This session will cover a wide range of cutting-edge technologies found at the Verizon Innovation Center in Waltham. Demonstrations during the session will feature technologies such as 5G, augmented reality, computer vision, next-gen sensors, virtual reality, drones, and robotics. Sign up here.

  • EdgarEngine Platform Tour, April 28th: Lauren Kelley, Founder, and CEO of OPEXEngine, is hosting a 30-minute online seminar, for anyone who needs public company financial data for board reports, budget meetings and strategic analysis. She will show you how to efficiently use your time analyzing the data, rather than manually downloading it from each company. Sign up here.
  • The paperback of Girl Decoded is out today! In celebration, Affectiva Co-Founder and CEO Dr. Rana el Kaliouby is giving away 3 signed copies of the book to the first 3 Mass TLC subscribers who reach out to girldecodedbook@gmail.com! This memoir has provided an intimate view into Rana's world—her journey, experiences, and struggles — as she sets on a mission to humanize technology and how we connect with one another. Read more about Girl Decoded here. 
  • Is Your Team Functioning at Its Peak?: Most leaders of startups are working to just keep things moving forward. As they grow, the team lead skillset isn't always there to make those transitions. Team coaching will set you and your team up from the beginning for success as your company grows. Reach out to schedule your informational call and if you decide to engage, take 20% off your Systemic Team Coaching program. Learn more here.

  • Looking for ways to get the word out about your products and services? Consider making a special offer or discount in MassTLC's online Member Marketplace. We will also feature your offer in this newsletter to help spread the word. Want to share your offers with us? Contact us here.