November 10, 2021
  • The Business Imperative for Addressing Impostor Syndrome: Have you ever felt like a fraud? Have you ever worried that, despite all the external evidence of your success, others will soon find out that you don’t belong in your role? If so, you know the pain of impostor syndrome. And you’re not alone. Conservative estimates suggest that roughly 70% of the population will experience impostor syndrome at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, most of us continue to believe that we’re the only ones who feel this way. Read more.

  • Three Ways Business Leaders Can Drive Change and Boost Economic Recovery: The benefits of gender diversity on the economy and businesses are well documented. The topic of supporting more women in tech comes and goes in waves. Currently, the wave is huge, and we need to ride it. Companies are desperate to hire more women, and VCs are looking to fund more women-owned businesses. So, if you are a woman, especially a woman of color like me, let’s step back and celebrate this win. Learn more.

  • The Role of Speech-Driven Call Routing in Post-Pandemic Patient Access: During the COVID-19 pandemic, patient access contact centers across the country had to condense years of healthcare industry technological development into just one year. Now that we’ve overcome the chaos we encountered at the beginning of the pandemic, we must readjust to new patient experience realities, which may include call volumes and surges in patient access needs and support. Learn more.

  • The New Technical Executive: Between CIO & CTO: There are two technical executive leadership roles in most organizations: Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Technical Officer (CTO). But there can be confusion between these two, a lot of questions when comparing CIO vs CTO, and often they might actually fuse into a single position depending on the business strategy. This confusion is natural, as expectations have transformed in recent years. Learn more.
  • Sales Development Representative, Allego, Waltham, MA: Allego is a rapidly growing SaaS technology company in the metro Boston area with a modern approach to sales enablement for today's distributed teams. In this role, you’ll play a crucial role in our sales cycle as the first point of contact for prospects. You will be integral to Allego’s success by partnering with your Account Executive on strategic account planning and engaging relevant prospects through cold calling, email outreach, and social media engagement. Apply now.
  • Meet PTC, one of this year’s honorees for Company Culture: PTC has a strong history of coming together to support those in need, and this is one of the core tenets of our culture. Our team rallied behind several important causes this year, including fundraising for organizations supporting anti-COVID-19 efforts in India, helping organizations fight against anti-Asian sentiment in the wake of violence against Asians and women, and creating employee volunteer opportunities to clean up our environment as part of our annual Earth Week celebration.Learn more.

  • Meet Phuc Labs, one of this year’s honorees for Tech to WatchPhuc Labs was started in June of 2020 when society was shut down by Covid protocol. Founder Phuc Vinh Truong wondered why we couldn’t vacuum Covid from the blood if we could see it. This led him to work on an idea that physicist James Maxwell predicted over 150 years ago in a piece called Maxwell’s Demon that says you can sort particles in liquids based on having superior information. Learn more.

  • Meet Waters, one of this year’s honorees for LeadershipWaters’ business has a narrow yet important relevance across public and private sectors dedicated to fighting COVID-19. CEO Udit Batra helped lead the company to find more ways to use its products and people to help researchers in commercial, government, and academic circles to not only end the current pandemic but also prepare for the next. Learn more.
  • THE OFFICIAL 2021 CYBER SECURITY SUMMIT SERIES - Boston, November 17th: The Cyber Security Summit has been ranked as one of the “Top 50 Must-Attend Conferences” by DigitalGuardian. By attending a full day at the Cyber Security Summit, you will receive a certificate granting you 8 CEU / CPE Credits. Register now.

  • Copyright Basics for the Generalist In-House Counsel, November 18th: Foley Hoag LLP presents a webinar offering guidance for in-house counsel regarding copyright law, including the basics of U.S. copyright protection and registration, copyright disputes, and the interplay among copyright, the internet, and emerging technologies. Register now.

  • Digital Assets: Bitcoin, Blockchain & NFTs Mark DiMichael, Citrin Cooperman Advisors, December 3rd: Digital assets are both disrupting and reshaping the world of art and finance. Bitcoin, blockchain technology, decentralized finance, and non-fungible tokens are just a few of the buzzwords we now hear on a daily basis. This event leads to an in-depth presentation and Q&A on the innovative technologies behind digital assets. Register now.
  • Free eBook: Islands of One: To retain women in tech, you need to support women in tech. Did you know: 72% of women in technology are outnumbered by men in business meetings 2:1? Learn how three companies supported and engaged women in their tech workforces. Download the eBook Islands of One to read about the results when they took action to support their women in tech. Get started.
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