August 11, 2021
  • Evolving Together: A Discussion with Heather Hartford, CPO, Acquia: We recently sat down with Heather Hartford and had a wide ranging discussion around the changes brought about by the pandemic, how those will impact organizations going forward, the opportunities and challenges presented by the new flexible approach to work, and the importance of inclusion efforts within companies. Read the Interview.

  • 20 UX Improvements for Your Website: It doesn’t matter how great your product performs or how well your content is written if people can’t find it. When it comes to your website, areas as simple as navigation and searchability can make a huge difference to the user. Learn more.

  • Low-Code/No-Code Will Grow The Developer Job Market: Low-code and no-code development tools let non-programmers build useful and powerful applications. There are those who believe that because of that, the need for well-trained developers will shrink. And as a result, the job market for them will shrink as well. On the face of it, that sounds logical. But is it true? Learn more.

  • Is All Data Security Data? When you see the words “security data,” are you talking about data that is output from one or more security products or solutions running in your organization? If you take that perspective, then perhaps you narrowly define security data solely as information created by security technologies. Learn more.

  • Three Ways to Simplify Data Architecture with a Modern Data Platform: With the overall aim being greater agility, architectural simplification is a real goal because it reduces costs, increases performance, and helps improve security. It is achievable and within every organization’s reach, and there are three ways to achieve it: multiple-model pathway, translytical data platform, and in-database machine learning. Learn more.

  • Talent Specialist, Robert Half Talent Solutions: As a Talent Specialist you will be responsible for managing all aspects of full-time permanent hiring including devising search strategies, drafting and placing advertisements, evaluating resumes, coordinating/managing telephone, video, and in office interviews, and writing MPC’sApply now.
  • Understand Bias to Unleash Potential, August 17th: Bias affects how we make decisions, engage with others, and respond to various situations and circumstances, often limiting potential. In this 60-minute complimentary webcast, we will discuss the impact of bias on behaviors, decisions and performance; the three bias traps that our brains are constantly facing; ways to face bias with courage and create a space where everyone is respected, included, and valued. Register here.

  • Better Together: Why a Solid Partnership Between Marketing and Product Can Lead to Long Term Business Growth, August 18th: It’s taken for granted that getting sales and marketing on the same page is of the utmost importance. But what about your marketing and product management teams? Crayon’s Director of Product Marketing, Erik Mansur, will discuss the three critical areas of product and marketing alignment. Register here.
  • Don't Miss This Opportunity to Capture What You Learned During the Pandemic: Now that we are starting to open up from the pandemic, when was the last time you thought about your strategic plan? With all the learnings from the last year and a half, now is the time to get your strategic plan updated. Vision to Reality Coaching provides you with a complete three-part strategic planning and accountability process. Sign up by September 1st and get a 20% discount. Learn more.
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