March 2023 Newsletter

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March 2023 Newsletter

Welcome to the MVCP newsletter! Our goal is to introduce you to a few resources that we think can help you to increase vaccine confidence in your practice.

Here at the Massachusetts Vaccine Confidence Project we are committed to increasing vaccine confidence and ensuring that all Massachusetts residents are protected against vaccine preventable diseases.

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We appreciate all that you do to help vaccinate our residents!

Resource Highlight

In this newsletter we are highlighting CDC's RISE (Routine Immunization on Schedule for Everyone). RISE is a CDC initiative providing actionable strategies, resources, and data to support getting all Americans back on-schedule with their routine immunizations to protect everyone from vaccine-preventable disease and disability.

Why we like it: During the COVID-19 pandemic routine immunization uptake decreased. The RISE Initiative offers evidence-based strategies that can be put into action immediately to improve immunization uptake in your practice:

Strategies to Increase Vaccination Rates:

Source: CDC Rise Initiative

IQIP Highlight

The Immunization Quality Improvement for Providers (IQIP) promotes and supports the implementation of provider-level strategies designed to help increase on-time vaccination of children and adolescents.

This quarter we are highlighting this IQIP Strategy:

Give a strong vaccine recommendation (including HPV if you see adolescent patients)

Why we like it: As parents’ most trusted source of vaccine information we know that health care professionals are best positioned to improve vaccine acceptance. This resource gives practical tips to accomplish this important goal.

Additional Source: Pediatrics: Sources and perceived credibility of vaccine-safety information for parents

See more information on IQIP here

Event Highlight

The 28th Annual Massachusetts Adult Immunization Conference will be held as a virtual event on Tuesday, April 4, 2023.

Why we like it: This annual conference has the most up to date information on adult vaccination, both locally and nationally.

Bonus: If you're a first time attendee you can attend for FREE!

28th Annual Massachusetts Adult Immunization Conference website

Study Highlight

Why we like it: This study highlights an evidenced-based communication strategy that can be utilized not only for recommending COVID-19 vaccination, but also for recommending all routinely recommended vaccines. It also illustrates the nuances of vaccine confidence and how varying levels of vaccine confidence need to be dealt with differently.

Source: NEJM Promoting Covid-19 Vaccination in the US

Vaccine confidence: 

The trust in the recommended vaccines, the providers who administer them, and the process that leads to vaccine licensure and recommendations.

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