Dear Friends,

St. Aidan Catholic Church will resume the public celebration of Mass, Reconciliation, and devotions beginning the weekend of May 23 rd & 24 th , following our usual schedule .

It is important to be aware that the faithful are dispensed from their Sunday Mass obligation through September 6 th . They are to make an effort to participate in (or view) the livestream (or recorded) Mass, and should spend time in prayer in honor of the Lord’s Day.

Please avail yourselves of the directives for resumption of public Masses via this link:


  • St. Aidan has the good fortune of having a large “overflow” space attached to the main church to permit social distancing guidelines.

  • Mass will start and end with the Presider in the sanctuary.

  • We will distribute Holy Communion in the hand only.

  • There may be alternative distribution stations to assist in physical distancing.

  • Singing will be minimized in the Liturgy.

  • Sunday Masses will continue to be live-streamed starting at 9:30 on 5/24 (@10am on 5/17).

  • Please consider bringing your own hand sanitizer and face protection.

  • The best way to follow the liturgy is on your own mobile device:, or apps like iMissal or iBreviary. There are missalettes stored in the baptistry coat closet. You are welcome to obtain one before Mass, take it home, and use it each week. Do not return it.
  • If able, consider offering assistance in sanitizing the building after Mass.

  • Daily Mass and devotions will take place in the main church for the present.
  • We are all new to this, and while there may be anxiety, if we work with a positive attitude and trust in the Holy Spirit we will grow comfort levels.

If you have not already, please assist us in making your donation electronically: . Also, during weekend Masses, baskets for offerings will be on the floor of the sanctuary.

Please be patient with responses to any questions this new plan may elicit. We appreciate them and will do our best to address them.


David J. Conrad
Pastoral Associate