June 2016
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Funding Opportunities

Program to Assess the Rigor and Reproducibility of Exosome-Derived Analytes for Cancer Detection (R01)


Intervening with Cancer Caregivers to Improve Patient Health Outcomes and Optimize Health Care Utilization (R01)


FY '16 Lung Cancer Research Program (LCRP)




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Medical Oncologist/Physician Scientist - Solid Tumors (F16770)


General Internal Medicine/ Physician Scientist - Health Services Researcher (F39150)

Shared Resource Spotlight
Flow Cytometry Shared Resource Core

The Flow Cytometry Shared Resource Core provides a wide range of services related to cell sorting and analysis, including everything from routine fluorescence analysis to interactive custom design of innovative analysis and sorting protocols that address the specific needs of individual investigators. Located in Molecular Medicine Research Building 4-001, the facility now offers support for protein interaction studies utilizing a Reichert Dual Channel Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) instrument. There is also 24/7 access to a BD LSRFortessa-X20 analyzer and a BD FACSCanto II analyzer. Investigators can also complete training sessions in flow cytometry in order to perform analyses and schedule instrument time using an online system.

For more information, visit the Massey website, view this PDF, or contact resource director Daniel Conrad, resource manager Julie Farnsworth or flow cytometry specialist Qingzhao Zhang.

Leaders' Update Update 
A message from Bernard Fuemmeler, associate director for cancer prevention and control

It gives me great pleasure to write this letter in my new role as the associate director for cancer prevention and control. I feel honored and fortunate to assume this leadership role and join Massey and the vibrant VCU community.

This message continues with more about cancer prevention and control research at Massey.

Research HighlightsHighlights

Novel combination therapy shows strong response in patients with advanced solid tumors

Paul Dent, Ph.D.
 Cancer Cell Signaling member
Andrew Poklepovic, M.D.
Developmental Therapeutics member

A phase 1 clinical trial testing a novel combination therapy slowed the growth of advanced solid tumors in the majority of trial participants. A phase 2 study is now open at Massey testing the same combination of the drugs sorafenib and pemetrexed in patients with recurrent or metastatic triple negative breast cancer. Physician-researcher Andrew Poklepovic leads the trial, which is based on pre-clinical research conducted by Paul Dent and a team of Massey scientists.


Geyer helps develop and lead national breast cancer studies

Charles Geyer, Jr., M.D.
Developmental Therapeutics member
Massey physician-researcher Charles Geyer, Jr., co-developed and co-led two important national breast cancer clinical trials that were recently presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology's annual meeting in Chicago. One trial, selected for the "Best of ASCO" Program, reported a joint analysis on the "ABC Trials," which tested the effectiveness of a combination therapy against standard anthracycline/taxane-based chemotherapy in patients with high-risk, HER2-negative breast cancer. The second study reported the five-year outcomes of the NSABP B-41 phase 3 clinical trial, which tested the effects of lapatinib in patients with HER2-positive breast cancer who had not yet had surgery. The results from the studies are beneficial for the advancement of personalizing cancer therapies based on individual tumors.

Center News Center1
VCU's cancer research on display at annual Research Retreat

Massey hosted the annual cancer Research Retreat on June 17. Four research program members gave presentations on scientific advancements and discoveries being made through modern cancer research. Robert Schreiber, of Washington University, delivered a keynote lecture on personalizing cancer immunotherapies. In addition, four VCU graduate students and postdoctoral fellows received Excellence in Cancer Research Awards after participating in a cancer research project poster session.

Member Showcase MemberShowcase

Fuemmeler studies the biological, behavioral and social factors that contribute to cancer risk

Bernard Fuemmeler, Ph.D.,  M.P.H.,
Cancer Prevention and Control member
Bernard Fuemmeler joined Massey as the associate director for cancer prevention and control. His primary research is on the biological, behavioral and social factors that contribute to the development of risks for cancer, such as obesity, smoking and physical inactivity. He also studies the use of digital technology to improve health behavior, and has led work aimed at improving the health of adolescent and young adult cancer survivors. Fuemmeler is a professor in the Department of Health Behavior and Policy at the VCU School of Medicine.

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